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Shaolin Monks Of PFS

As you all have already known, there are some changes of rules done to our school. I am just here posting this to keep u guys updated~!! The changes of rules are aimed to improve the schools discipline and also the admin believe that with the changes our academic results will improve also claimed by Mr. Abdul Latif.

These are some changes done when school reopened.
  • There will be no more streaming done to all forms. All students are divided randomly into different classes regardless of their position in the whole form. Each class will be having an equal ratio of Chinese, Malay and Indians.
  • The name of the classes also has been. The names like Zamrud, Delima, Nilam, Kecubung, Baiduri, Jed, Topaz and Mutiara have been changed to Budiman, Harmoni, Tekun, Gigih, Pintar. The reason is that the admin wants to get rid of the thinking that Zamrud is the 1st class followed by Delima, Nilam etc. Admin says that now all classes are the same. There is no more such thing as the 1st class or last class.

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Happy Chinse New Year~!! I would like to wish all Sea Scouts, ex-scouts and jus practically everyone Happy Chinese New Year. I hope the year of the dog would be a prosperous new year for u guys and good luck in the future. Gong Xi Fa Cai~!! Dont forget to send me angpaus, hahaz. I cant believe it, after this CNY everyone in PFS must be botak d. The Shaolin Monks of Penang Free School. I think we are gonna be Malaysia's first English Educated Monks ?? We should be proud of it ?? Lolx.

Recruitment Drive

The clock is ticking~!!! Owh no!! Recruitment Drive is just round the corner, less than 1 week left. Those who are in Penang please do come and give support. Attendance is compulsory to all Sea Scouts from form1 to form5. So wad do u guys think of the outcome of the Recruitment drive gonna be?? Is 8gts gonna be succesful or will it be 7gts?? Or mayb out of nowhere comes out 1gts and win the hearts of the first formers?? Post ur comments~~!!
Date: 21st January 2006
Time: 0800hrs - 1200hrs
Venue: In front of the Technology Block
Attire: Full Sea Scout Uniform (FSSU)

Say What?!? Part 002

Say What?!? Part 002This is the second installment of the caption-making-just-for-fun-only what-you-call-it-thingy "Say What?!?". Earlier, we poke fun at our GSM Mr. Lim Ah Seng. This time, let's put some words in the newly crowned Best Scout of CTC05 Andrew. Picture provided by his kind and generous PL Kelvin Lim. Andrew, if you feel like killing someone now, you know who to find. ;)