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52nd JOTA- 13th JOTI 2009

We had just recently participated the 52nd Jamboree On The Air 13th Jamboree On The Internet camp . It had been several years since we last join the camp. We've achieved quite some numbers of trophies which are :-
1. Overall Champion
2. Best Gateway
3. Best Logbook
4. Best Totem Pole
5. Best Name Tag
6. Best Modern Cooking
7. Best Cultural Night (Campfire)
8. Best Dance
We had made the school and the troop itself proud !

p.s. YEAH !! ^^
p.s. Special thx to our CGL guides for their effort and cooperation

Court Of Honour 09/10

Some of the new troop office bearers for the term 2009/2010 are as follows:
Honorary Secretary - Cason Chong Kai Shen
Honorary Treasurer - Chew Chin Quan
Quartermaster - Por Kai Yan
Badgework Secretary - Por Kai Yan
The full list can be found here.

Roll Call 09/10

A new set of leaders were elected during the recent AGM and here are some of the main positions:
Troop Leader
Por Kai Yan

Assistant Troop Leader
Cason Chong
Chew Chin Quan
You can view the full list here.