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Reunion Dinner for CTC 07/08/09

Sad to say but the reunion is postponed due to lack of response and the organising committee is replanning for a better one . Stay tuned

Happy Christmas and New Year 2009

CTC 2009 has just ended and Christmas is just around the corner !One event after another , isn't it a very tiring holiday ???Back to main purpose of this post On behalf of the troop of 8th Georgetown South Sea Scouts , I would like to wish everyone especially all members , ex sea scouts , CTC campers , fellow guides and rangers a very happy Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.Not forgetting the PMR candidates , good luck for your results on Christmas Eve a.k.a Christmas Present from the Education Department ^^ .

p.s : ATL I Cason Chong still miss everyone in CTC09

Combined Training Camp 2009 Results

CTC 2009 has ended. So here are the results :-

Best Overall Champion : Chaoz (2nd year in a row @.@)
Best Gadget : Chaoz
Best Flag and Flagpole : Hydrax
Best Logbook : Chaoz
Best Banner : Hydrax (The one with nipples :P)
Best Model Ancient Ship : Chaoz
Best Mascot : Hydrax
Best Tower & Gateway : Hydrax
Best Silent & Fancy Drilling : Chaoz
Best Modern Cooking : Chaoz (6 years in a row =.=)
Best Sketch : Hydrax (The Darkeness Captures The Light)
Best Dance : Hydrax
Best Cosplay : Chaoxz
Best Patrol Leader : PL Daniel Quah
Best Patrol Second : PS Megah Cheah Xin Yih (CGL)
Best Guide : Shelly (CGL) (A guide who wants to dig a hole but doesn't know a proper way)
Best Scout (Junior) : Heymen Naidu
Best Scout (Senior) : Alvin Tan

Current condition of 8 GTS

I have been in this troop for 5 years. I have never seen the troop in a condition like this before. 5 years back , the troop has 50 members. Now, only 25. This is maybe due to more and more kids playing computer and video games rather than going for co-curricular activities. But to me, the main cause of this horrific situation comes from within the troop. Discipline and Integrity are not even practiced by any of our sea scouts nowadays, not even a single bit. A scout can promise to attend certain meetings or events but fail to show up without prior notice. Our scouts now do not show any kind of respect to their seniors or even to their fellow scouts when they meet or talk to them. Recently, a CTC PL bravely demand me to help him in his competitions while I was busy with my SPM preparation , how rude. Some even show their pathetic attitude towards me and the other Form 5's. Then , comes the ''news of the century'' , 8GTS won Jota-Jota 2009. Yes , this is a great achievement but the EGO showed by some of the scouts are unbearable. Please bear in mind that you are just a champ in this local camp and not the whole state. Not even 50 % of the state's scouts or guides joined the camp especially the likes of CLHS and PCGHS. Are you guys even worthy of being a champion of the state while you guys can't even win a gathering. Why be proud of such a mediocre achievement while your own CTC 09 is in a disarray and jeopardy. I and my peers personally gave some advice to current EXCOs during their Jota-Joti meetings to organise CTC 09 to be a successful camp. But our advises are treated like the wind blowing in the air. Some EX-scouts wanted to lend a hand but the boasting of some scouts after the victory of Jota-Joti angered them.