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Hey everyone ! There will be something new in our uniform now . Please do refer to this previous post for further details .

This badge is compulsory and have to be worn by next wednesday (27th June 2012) . You guys can get the badges in the SCOUTS HQ which is located opposite the STATE MOSQUE if you guys happen not to know .

I bet it will suit our white uniform perfectly ! So why wait ?! Get your lazy ass up and get the badge before you-know-what happens .

Sports day 2012

The 80th Annual Sports Day of Penang Free School is just this Saturday !
Will Wu Lien Teh remain as the champions after holding the trophy for the last 7 years ? Or will Sirajuddin defeat Wu Lien Teh this year ? Like how Manchester City trashed Manchester United in the Barclays Premier League . Stay tuned to find out more ! All the best to every house .

To all the scouts , there will be duties during the sports day . Those who are involved in any field event are excluded . However , marchers must change to their FSSU as soon as the marching ends .

Further details are as follows :
Date : 23rd June 2012
Time : 1400hours - 1900hours
Venue : Meet at UMP
Attire : FSSU

Raptai Sukan

To those who are not involved for sports day , please bring your mufti and scout longs tomorrow !
Meet at UMP by 7.30am sharp .