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Results Of Pantai Kerachut 2008

The 3 days 2 nights Pantai Kerachut Hike and Camp has come to an end. We were all quite tired especially the form 1's and 2's who did their best in this camp. The Form 1's showed great interest in scouting meanwhile the Form 2's showed their leadership capabilities during this camp. All patrols competed fiercely and healthily. Who won Best Recruit?? Who won Best Overall?? Check out below to find out!
Best Sandcastle : Otter Patrol
Best Campfire : Beaver Patrol
Best Patrol Leader : Malcolm Tan (Beaver)
Best Recruit : Ryan Koay (Beaver)
Best Overall : Otter Patrol
Congratulations to those who won. Those who didn't win don't be sad , try harder next time and never give up.

Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Entry 020

The camp is tomorrow and we still have so many things to settle. Many things still need to be put together since we've worked on each part separately. It's going to be another long night tonight. We've not slept for the past few days, only taking very short naps now and then so we can complete our work.

Could we have avoided this situation if we had not taken our own sweet time preparing for the camp? Would it have made any difference if there weren't so many competitions? Would the situation be any better if we had more members? The reality is, it doesn't really matter. It is really up to us to make do with what we have.

Pantai Kerachut Hike and Camp

The 8th Georgetown South Sea Scout Group will be organizing the Pantai Kerachut Hike and Camp. This camp is held specially for the new recruits of our troop. Many fun activities will be held there. This is the chance for you guys to take a closer look at the nature of our beloved Penang National Park. Attendance is compulsory for all form 1's to 4's . Details of the camp are stated below.
Date : 25 January 2008 - 27 January 2008
Venue : Pantai Kerachut , Penang National Park
(Teluk Bahang)
Time : 1500 hrs (meet at UMP[usual meeting place])
Dismissal : 1400 hrs (Penang Free School)
Attire : Top Mufti
Fees : RM25 per head (bus fare, trophies,
food for bbq , etc. )
"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships"

Cleaning of the Scout's Den

As we all know our Scout's Den is in a very messy state. The festive season is just around the corner. The Scout's Den has to be cleaned up before Chinese New Year because the school is going to give it a new look.

Yes it is going to be renovated very soon. So, all form 2's , 3's and 4's , PLEASE turn up and help us to clean the mess. Your help will be kindly appreciated. Free drinks will be provided by me ^_^
Date : yet to be confirmed
Time : 3.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. / 1500 hrs to 1800 hrs
Venue : Scout's Den
"Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved."

Patrol List 2008

All of our hard work during Recruitment Drive has finally paid off. And now its time to unleash our patrol list. We have successfully recruited a total of 16 first formers this year. Although its not a large number , we must be satisfied of what we had achieved so far. So , here is patrol list for the year 2008.
Otter Patrol
PL Cason Chong
PS Daniel Quah
Yeoh Beng Hai
Malcolm Tan
Jorawal Singh
Raaj Priti
Jason Teoh
Aaron Chew
Heymen Naidu

Beaver Patrol
PL Por Kai Yann
PS Low Ken Hoe
Alvin Tan
Khaw Jian Zen
Thor Jun Ting
Kevin Lee
Adrian Wong
Ch’ng Wei Sheng
Joshua Chan
Hee Xian

Dolphin Patrol
PL Chew Chin Quan
PS Benjamin Han
Alex Lee
Shaikh Uqhaili
Chai Cheah Tzun
Lee Zhi Hoong
Mohd. Syahir
Ryan Koay
Azaharil Azri

Senior Patrol
SPL Adrian Chuah
SPS Chong Kam Zhern
Ong Siew Chai
Chuan Teik Min
Shaun Oh
Paul Chen
Keshav Indran
Koh Cheng Huat
Tan Soon Seng
Edwin Tan
Gavin Teoh

Venture Unit
VUL Lee Jang Heng
VUS Royce Tan
VS Jonathan
VS Chan
VS Alfiq

Aftermath Of Recruitment Drive 2008

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So, after days of hardwork recruiting members which culminated with the successful Recruitment Drive 2008, it's time to reflect on the success of the troop's efforts in relations to the other uniformed bodies. It is still a little too early to predict how many recruits we will be able to add to the troop membership but we can decide now the most impressive station this year. So, cast your vote above for the most impressive station at Recruitment Drive 2008!

A Good Or A Bad Year Ahead?

We have stepped into the year 2008. We should all strive hard to produce a better future for ourselves and others. Here is an article I have came across when i was reading The Star on the 9th of Jan 08. Is it something 'Good' or 'Bad' going to happen?? . Click here to find out!!!

"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment."

Fun Time

Hello first formers! Welcome to Penang Free School. Congratulations for getting straight A’s in your UPSR examination. We are the 8th Georgetown South Sea Scout Group. We will be having a FUN TIME for all of you to enjoy yourselves. Every first former is welcomed to come. Details of the activity are stated below.
Date: 9th January 2008
Time: 1530 hrs to 1800 hrs / 3.30 p.m. to 6.00 p.m.
Venue: School Field
Attire: Casual wear (for first formers only)
Top Mufti (all scouts)
Attendance is COMPULSORY for all form 2's , 3's and 4's . Strict action will be taken against those who are absent without any reasonable excuse.

Recruitment Drive 2008

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!! Well, school has just re-opened and congratulations to all form 1 's that managed to get a spot in Free School. This means that Recruitment Drive a.k.a road show will be held again as usual. Details of the following event:-
Date :12 Jan 2008
Attire :Full Sea Scout Uniform
Venue :Penang Free School Field
Good Luck to all 8GTS members in your recruiting and keep our troop standing !