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Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Entry 006

I was relieved that the EXCO was open to my suggestions. Like I said last time, I didn't know what I should do. But after a few days thinking, I found the balls to see the EXCO to tell them my suggestions. They not so fierce if you know them. Is true they won't simply scold you or angry. They are approachable and can speak anything with you but must be right time. When serious must serious. When play can joke around. This is correct way.

That is why I am angry and disappointed with my friends who just openly criticise the EXCO instead of seeing them to tell their problems. Sometimes I see them get scold from EXCO is correct but they just don't want admit their own mistake and still continue blame others. When the EXCO ask if we have any problems or suggestions, they don't want say. Then after that they will tell everyone all the problem and criticise the EXCO. I think this is wrong.

I am not PL but still the EXCO listen to what I suggest. Maybe they know my idea is not good but still they listen to it. At least they listen. It made me feel appreciated. But my friends didn't try to speak to the EXCO they already spread to everyone all their problems. Even some conteng the notice board and website. Is stupid thing to do. Somehow will trace back to you and later will just be in bigger trouble only. If you have troubles, try find EXCO for help. They have experience and can help us. Even if you don't like one EXCO, there are other EXCO you can approach.

Isn't it better to speak to them about your problem than spread criticism to others and conteng the notice board or website?

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