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Another 40mins Of Horror

This is gotta be a bitter news to all students of Penang Free School. There have been a few changes done to the school and this particular change will sure affect the most out of us. It is the changes done to the timetable of every form. In the old system, an average class period is 35 minutes but in the new system, an average class period is 40 minutes. This is because the Principal (HM) Mr Hj Ramli b. Din is complying with the Education Ministry 31st December 1997 Act whereby it is stated in every school, each period must have the minimum of 40 minutes.

Farewell, Mr. Sober

I've just received news that Mr. Sober, a former teacher of Penang Free School passed away last night at the Adventist Hospital here in Penang. I remember him as a very jovial person, always smiling and laughing. However, make no mistake, he did have a temper and you wouldn't want to be anywhere near him when someone stepped on his tail. You can always depend on him to enliven things up when events were a bore. He would cheer up any room with his mere presence.

74th Annual Sports Day Photos

Hey guys, I finally found sometime to edit and upload the photos on the 74th Annual Sports Day which was held recently last month. So, this is just a little notification to inform you all that we have new pictures in the photo gallery, about nearly 60 of them.

You can view all photos related to Sports Day 2006 here.

ps: holiday coming guys~
happy holidays and enjoy~!!

Welcome FormSix Peepx~

On 15th May 2006, it is the first day of school for all Lower Six students around Malaysia. Penang Free School is one of the schools which provide Form Six education in the country. So on this very day in the PFS Hall, there was the Form Six Orientation which was conducted by the school admin. This means u can see many of our students taking a chance to pass the school hall to *scope* for _____ (u know wad I mean guys).

Congratulations to those selected to be in PFS. As I was browsing through Friendster Bulletin Board a few days ago, I found this interesting song lyric dedicated to all form6 students going to PFS. If you had heard of the song You Are Beautiful by James Blunt, u might find this funny, so enjoy guys~!!

TTO 2006 Photos

Didn't realise that the webmaster had uploaded photos of the recent Troop Take Over 2006. So, this is just a little notification to inform you all that we have new pictures in the photo gallery...close to 50 of them!!! Good job!

You can view all photos related to TTO 2006 here.

2007: One World One Promise

One World One Promise
On 1 August 1907, Scouting Founder Robert Baden-Powell blew his kudu horn on Brownsea Island at 08:00 to open the world's first Scout camp. Soon thereafter, Scouting began to quickly spread around the world and now exists in 216 countries and territories.

2007, the 100th Anniversary of Scouting is an opportunity for us to demonstrate the unique value of Scouting to the world and to celebrate the achievements of 100 years of Scouting. The single theme for all events and activities for the Centenary of Scouting and the 21st World Scout Jamboree is 2007: One World One Promise.

However, the 100th Anniversary must provide a platform for the development of Scouting and not only celebrate the past 100 years. 2007 is the dawn of a new century of Scouting. We should celebrate the future of Scouting and look to how we can improve it to meet the needs of even more young people, their families and communities and offer better and bigger Scouting worldwide. We must seize this moment and prepare well in advance to share our successes and achievements.

Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Entry 002

After a week being in the troop, I passed my tenderfoot test and learnt up stuff such as drilling(in other words marching), axemanship, first aid, and knots. It was very interesting when I found out how useful these things will be in the future. In the mids of February, the seniors announced that we will be having our first camp of the year which is Pantai Kerachut hike and camp at the end of February. My heart leaped with excitement as the days passed by, getting closer and closer to the day of our camp. Many preparations were made for this camp. Every patrol was told to build a torch as part of the competitions. I hardly got any sleep the night before the camp as I was too excited to do so. I kept asking myself, "how would the camp be like?", and curiously wondered on. The day of the camp finally approached. We all gathered at our UMP( usual meeting place) and got on the bus that drove us to the other side of Penang Island which was also known as, 'The End of the World. We sang some scout songs and made some jokes on the way. It was really fun. After a while, we reached 'The End of the World' and brought all of our stuff out of the bus. 'The End of the World' was a kampung area filled with fishing boats. A ranks was called and we were told to move in a straight line. It was about 400 metres from the bus stop to the start of the hike and another 2800 metres to hike up to Pantai Kerachut. It was hard and tiring hike as we crossed over two mountains to get to our destination. After two long hours, we were still making our way through the vast jungle. It was very dark in there because it is hidden from the sunlight. We forced ourselves to move on eventhough our legs were tired out from hiking while carrying our bags which weight a ton. I realized my body couldnt take it any longer. I was about to drop out when I suddenly saw a light.......

Ujian Pertengahan Tahun 2006

Heys everybody~ ujian pertengahan tahun is around the corner so just wanna wish all of u all the best and study hard. Make your family and all of our brothers sea scouts in our troop proud. Prove to the world that 8gts Sea Scouts are strong physically and mentally. As they say, a great scout is a smart scout.Good Luck!!!!!!!!

Scouting - Dead or Alive?

One question usually pops up during conversations among former scouts - "Is scouting still alive?" The sustainability of scouting is not a problem faced by the scouting movement in PFS only. Other scouting movements are feeling the heat too. So, is scouting still alive? I've to admit, there were times when I conceed scouting was as dead as a doornail...until I saw these pictures of the flagpole used during Troop Takeover 2006 sent to me recently. If you want to have a larger view, you can browse each of them here.

Guess who replaced Mr Loh??

The new appointment of the Senior Assistant of Administration has been announced. The person that will continue the former PK1 Mr Loh Hua Sin is none other than Mr Goh Teng Keang. Yes its him. Some of u all might know him as your Physics teacher, the teacher which won quite a lot of awards in Physics competition, the strict disipline teacher which some u all have a grudge against and the thing some people always tease him about is his white hair which is not due to old age but in the genes i suppose. His appointment is due to certain factors and the HM Mr Hj Ramli bin Din trust him to do his duties well as a Senior Assistant.

I feel Mr Goh is suitable for this post (who else besides him is suitable??). Maybe he will give a revamp to the current administration to provide better service etc etc to the school which will lead to the improvement of Penang Free School.

So here, 8th Georgetown (South) would like to wish Mr Goh Teng Keang good luck in his future undertakings as the Senior Assistant of Admin and hope all students will give him a chance to perform his duties and cooperate with him

Troop Take Over 2006

TTO has come to an end.Lets congratulate those who have gotten their new posts and give them the support and help they need.The posts are as stated below.

Prob. ATL:Jeffrey Lee Jiajian,
Aric Oon Wei Sheng

Prob. VUL:Kelvin Lim Wei Kheng,
Warren Loh Yu-Shen

Prob. VUS:Moy Wei-Sern,
Lau Ka-Yin

Prob. PL :Adrian Chuah(Beaver Patrol),
Keshav Indran(Dolphin Patrol),
Chong Kam Zhern(Otter Patrol),
Shaun Oh Thean Wei(Penguin Patrol)

Prob. PS : Ong Siew Chai(Beaver Patrol),
Shukri(Dolphin Patrol),
Chuan Teik Min(Otter Patrol),
Pavithren(Penguin Patrol)

Best Scout Term 2005/2006:Adrian Chuah

Best Patrol Term 2005/2006:Beaver Patrol

Once again congratulations to those who got their new post. Make the troop a better place in the present and the future. The new updated Troop Roll Call of Honour can be viewed here.

Troop Take Over

Troop Take Over or in short known as TTO is finally here. This is where leaders will be elected for a probationary period to hold a post in the Troop. Than if they are found to be a good one, they shall be promoted to the permanent post during the Annual General Meeting, AGM. TTO is one of the important meetings for our Troop. So what do u people think? Who will elected to be entrusted to guide and lead the Troop to a better state and also to glory and fame for this probationary period?? Who will be elected as Prob ATL, Prob VUL, Prob VUS, Prob PL, Prob PS?? Lastly who will be Best Scout for Term 2005/2006?? All ur unanswered questions will be answered soon. Patience u must have.
Date: 5th May 2006
Time: 1230hrs to 1430hrs
Venue: Usual Meeting Place (UMP)
Attire: Full Sea Scout Uniform
Flag Duty: Dolphin Patrol
Attendance is compulsory to all Sea Scouts from form1 to form6. Serious action will be taken to those which fail attend the TTO and will be dealt with severely.

*With Great Powers Comes Great Responsibility*