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Transparent Canoe-Kayak

Introducing the transparent canoe-kayak!

This kayak-canoe hybrid has a transparent polymer hull that offers paddlers an underwater vista of aquatic wildlife and waterscapes unavailable in conventional boats. Seating two people, the sturdy canoe hull is made of the same durable material found in the cockpit canopies of supersonic fighter jets. Easy to maneuver, the wide canoe displaces a greater amount of water for more surface stability, and the paddlers sit lower to the deck, resulting in better balance. Adjustable seats allow paddlers of different heights to personalise their leg room. With a lightweight anodised aluminum frame, it can be easily stored or transported to and from the water. Includes two double-headed paddles, a water bailer, and two flotation devices.

What's more, it comes with a lifetime guarantee! Pricing? You've do dig deep to get one though. It will set you back as much as US$1,600! That's about RM5,000!!! I'll probably stick to my trusty old canoes, thank you very much!