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Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Entry 015

This was my first time canoeing. I can't wait to go back to PKSA again. I was afraid that I may fall into the sea but fortunately I have a good senior to help me. I sat in front (bow) and he controlled the stern. Of course we all had to wear life jackets but the thought of floating in the middle of the sea is just not something I enjoy thinking of.

We get to choose either a single seater or double seater canoe. For us juniors, we have no choice but to take double seater canoes so some seniors can guide us. Then we have to choose a paddle to help us move in the water. We have to choose either a left handed or right handed paddle depending on if you are left handed or right handed.

We learn how to push the canoe into the sea and put our butts in the canoe first. We learn how to synchronise our strokes and also how to turn our canoes around. There was also a mock presentation of a capsized canoe and how to rescue using the H, T, and Z methods and how to climb back into your canoes in the middle of the sea.

We also learn how to put our canoes up and that meant to raft up during emergencies to avoid strong waves or help someone in distress. Didn't know there were so many procedures for canoeing but it's a really exciting water sport. Some adventurous ventures even canoed all the way to the nearby rock island, Pulau Tikus. I hope I'll get a chance to join them soon.

My arms are still aching but I'm already looking forward to go canoeing again. Hahaha...

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