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Heyyaz ppl, just wanna wish all the mighty sea scouts who are currently having their exams Good Luck and All The Best. Remember, never give up although times are hard as well as studies.
And remember this well.


Combined Training Camp 2006 : Combined Meeting

Finally the time has come to put our skills to the test as the mighty sea scouts of 8th Georgetown South will combine with sister guides from other schools such as Convent Green Lane, St Georges Girls School, Penang Chinese Girls High School and Methodist Girls School. This year, we will be having a total of five patrols consisting of trustworthy leaders chosen by our new batch of Executive Commitee members. The combined meeting will take place in the school grounds during the Deepa-Raya holidays. Attendance is as usual strictly compulsary for all sea scouts. Those who fail to attend must have a valid reason. Details of the combined meeting is as stated below.

Venue: School Grounds (UMP)

Time: Exco 0830 hours - 1230 hours/ members 0930 hours - 1230 hours

Day: Wednesday

Date: 25th October 2006

Attire: Full Sea Scout Uniform

Patrol On Duty: Dolphin Patrol

Viva La FREES PFS 190th Anniversary

PFS Speech Day 1992

Come this 21st October and our Alma Mater will celebrate the 190th Anniversary of Her founding. For a school with the greatest and longest tradition in this part of the world, this day is celebrated with Her annual Founders Day cum Speech Day with all the pomp and pageantry. The person who was credited with leading the idea of setting up such a school was Reverend Sparke Hutchings and the proposal was forwarded to the Governor of the then Prince of Wales Island in 1815.

Combined Training Camp 2006 : Circular Briefing

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Finally, CTC is here again so juniors get prepared for the time of your sea scouting lives. It is a time where junior scouts will learn the most about the joy of sea scouting, life, friendship, and not to mention make new friends wtih girls from other schools. The circular give out will be on the 12th of October, 2006. All CTC patrol leaders are COMPULSARY to stay back for the circular give out and briefing for the camp.

Lau Ka-Yin
Ong Kuok T'jun
Lim Teik Hong
Jordan Lee
Andrew Ng

Time: 1400 hours - 1600 hours

Date: 12th October 2006

Day: Thursday

Season Of School Functions

The month of October is here and the Penang Free School will be having several annually-held functions incoherence with the School Traditions. The notable ones are the Cocurriculum Prize Giving Day and the Speech Day. This functions are held to honour the services of the Frees whom have achievements in academic and cocurricular activities which have made the School proud and prove to the world we are still one of the nation's best school. The recipients of the School Colors, Merit Awards and Academic Awards have nonetheless serve and contributed to the upbringings of the School and made the name Penang Free School feared in the minds of others. Details are as follow.

Penang Free School's Cocurrilum Day
Date : 14th October 2006
Time : 0800hrs - 1200hrs
Venue : School Hall

Penang Free School's 190th Speech Day
Date : 20th October 2006
Time : 1300hrs - 1800hrs
Venue : School Hall

Note: This year the Speech Day will not be held on the 21st October because of the clash with the Deepavali Celebrations. All are welcome to attend this grand event.

Penang Free School
School For Scholars Sportsmen and Gentlemen

Serial Raping Of Pantai Kerachut

Pantai Kerachut Turtles
I've found my visits to Pantai Kerachut recently relatively less pleasant than the ones before and things will get worse now especially when the sanctity of our beloved home is being continually raped by commercial vultures.
A TURTLE-shaped rock in Teluk Bahang, Penang, is poised to gain prominence now that the surrounding beach will be promoted as a turtle sanctuary.

Fishermen in the area used the rock as a reference point for fishing purposes.

But now, with plans in the pipeline to promote the area as a turtle sanctuary to attract tourists, the turtle-shaped rock is poised to be a significant landmark for turtle watchers.
Will I be able to enjoy a tranquil getaway from civilisation like before? I highly doubt it. What are your thoughts on this? Full article here.