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TTO 2007

The troop recently held the 2007 Troop Takeover. First, the awards for the term 2006/2007.
Best PL
Chong Kam Zhern

Best PS
Chuan Teik Min

Best Scout
Cason Chong

Best Patrol
Beaver (PL Adrian Chuah)
Next, the new leaders for the term 2007/2008!
Probationary Assistant Troop Leader
Andrew Ng Wei Qin
Nicholas Ong
Congrats to all. To see other appointments, check the updated Troop Roll Call of Honour.

Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Entry 013

I've never missed my bed so much in my life. Not even when I went for a week long holiday with my family. Now I know how's it like to be physically and mentally drained. It feels like torture although it was just slightly more than 12 hours. I thought Leadership Training Camp was about harnessing your leadership qualities and how to be a better leader. I guess I couldn't be farther from the truth. But I did learn a lot of things from that experience.

University Admissions Results Coming Up

Good luck on getting admitted!
Admission list for public universities out next week

Students will know by the middle of next week which public university (IPTAs) they will enter Higher Education Minister Datuk Mustapa Mohamed said.

This was because they have to register at their university for the 2007/2008 intake on July 1.

"We expect to offer about the same number of places as last year," he told reporters after flagging off a convoy of superbikers in conjunction with the 32nd sports championship for staff in public universities.

A total of 40,016 students were accepted for the academic year in 2006, a slight increase over the previous year's figure of 39,976.

Starting this year, the Education Ministry will be responsible for the calculation of points for those applying to IPTAs, based on a 90:10 ratio in terms of weightage given to academic results and co-curricular activities.

Currently, admission is based on examination results, with co-curricular performance being used as the tie-breaker in cases where two students have the same cumulative grade point average. [...]
All the best in taking your next step in life.

Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Entry 012

Wow! It definitely wasn't what I expected it to be. It was really an eye-opener. I'm so physically tired and mentally drained. Who thought so many things could happen in slightly over 12 hours. That was seriously one hardcore camp. Who knew a Leadership Training Camp would be something like that? I seriously don't feel like being special anymore. I wished I wasn't selected for the camp. But it was a good experience nonetheless.

I have to go rest now. Can hardly keep my eyes open. Ouch! My arms feel like falling apart. Will write more about the camp and TTO later.


Bargains At Borders

I found some interesting books at bargain prices when I was at Borders the other day that may interest the current sea scouts and maybe old salts as well.

The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Knots & Ropework

The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Knots & Ropework
by Geoffrey Budworth

I first saw this book in Singapore and again in Kuala Lumpur. They weren't exactly cheap then but the Borders outlet at Queensbay Mall is now offering it at a very special price (can't really recall how much but probably below RM30?) and also part of the "3 for 2" offer. Not sure if it's a mistake or not but that's pretty cheap for a hard cover book which retails for USD39. The book is very informative with pictures, descriptions, history, uses and of course how to tie each knot.

Fishing: Everything You Need to Catch the Big One

Fishing: Everything You Need to Catch the Big One
by Ronnie Garrison

This book is for fishing enthusiasts or those who are learning how to fish. The book does not have lots of pictures but contains a lot of information provided by the author who's an authority in fishing and other outdoor activities. The book is also very affordable at less than RM30.

Sorry, I can't remember exactly how much the books cost but I know they are very affordable for such books. So those interested may want to drop by at Borders these few days.

Memoirs of a Sea Scout: The Story So Far

We've published 11 entries so far from the journal of a sea scout that ran away from a camp. Before we proceed further with this series, let's recap the events that have transpired so far.

In Introduction, we were thrown straight into the life of a scout that was running away from a camp. An enthusiastic scout that loved camping. He loved camping so much, he even packed his bags one week before the camp. The very same scout that decided to jump into a chasm instead of facing his pursuers.

Kinta Scouts' 5-Storeys High Tower

Kinta Scout Tower
Tower of bamboo, firewood and rope

IMAGINE a tower five storeys high built out of nothing but bamboo, firewood and rope.

Forty members of the 219th Kinta Scout Shiang Yang Open Troop took five days to create the 21.3-metre high structure at SMK Bercham in Ipoh.

Its scoutmaster Leong Siew Chuan, 25, said they used 300 pieces of wood, 100 bamboo poles and 50kg of rope.

With nine platforms and 13 sets of stairs, the structure is solid enough to hold up to 70 Scouts at one time. Two people could squeeze onto the top of the tower, he said.
Read more about it here.

Say What?!? Part 003

Say What?!? Part 003

With the recent revelation that our former webmaster Daniel Phoon is the most stalked after 8gts celebrity on 08online, it is only appropriate to honour him with his very own Say What?!? In this third installment of the caption-making-just-for-fun-only what-you-call-it-thingy, put the words into these two fella's mouths.

Some Weird And Interesting Search Queries

Here's a list of some weird and interesting search queries that found its way to 08online...
"ship began to roll" song [Titanic?]
penang free school gay [!!!]
convent green lane motto [huh?]
pak-chiu-cheng blog [WTF]
how can i get waves in my hair [?!?]
Even teachers get searched online...
"lim ah seng"
goh teng keang
"khoo poh kheng"