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Show Some Love For Campnite 2006

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CTC06 Campnite has come and gone. Now's the time to show some love for this unforgetable event! Make your feelings known right here, right now! Write your comments here and don't forget to vote in the polls right above. Let's hear it for CTC06!!!

Combined Training Camp 2006 : The Final Battle

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, kittens and puppies.

Announcing....the 2006 version of 8th South's much awaited Combined Training Camp...

CTC06 : Glacius Novica

Preparation for the battle begins this Sunday, 10th December 2006 on Penang Free School grounds. This year, our mighty sea scouts will be fighting it out at the PFS field, a much forgotten battleground of yesteryears.
10th December 2006 (Sunday)
Venue: PFS field in front of Scout Den

Combined Training Camp 2006 : Selection

Combined Training Camp's (CTC) selection will be held on the 24th of November 2006 which is this week's Friday. It is where performances for the campfire night will be selected from every patrol. It will be held at Youth Park. Details of the event is as stated below.

Venue: Youth Park's pavillion

Date: 24th November 2006

Day: Friday

Attire: Sea Scouts (Full Mufti), Guides/Rangers (Second Uniform)

Time: 0800 hours - 1700 hours

Good Luck SPM & STPM Takers

08online just wanna wish all taking SPM and STPM Good Luck and All The Best. Remember come CTC after exams. Lol.

Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Entry 006

I was relieved that the EXCO was open to my suggestions. Like I said last time, I didn't know what I should do. But after a few days thinking, I found the balls to see the EXCO to tell them my suggestions. They not so fierce if you know them. Is true they won't simply scold you or angry. They are approachable and can speak anything with you but must be right time. When serious must serious. When play can joke around. This is correct way.


Heyyaz ppl, just wanna wish all the mighty sea scouts who are currently having their exams Good Luck and All The Best. Remember, never give up although times are hard as well as studies.
And remember this well.


Combined Training Camp 2006 : Combined Meeting

Finally the time has come to put our skills to the test as the mighty sea scouts of 8th Georgetown South will combine with sister guides from other schools such as Convent Green Lane, St Georges Girls School, Penang Chinese Girls High School and Methodist Girls School. This year, we will be having a total of five patrols consisting of trustworthy leaders chosen by our new batch of Executive Commitee members. The combined meeting will take place in the school grounds during the Deepa-Raya holidays. Attendance is as usual strictly compulsary for all sea scouts. Those who fail to attend must have a valid reason. Details of the combined meeting is as stated below.

Venue: School Grounds (UMP)

Time: Exco 0830 hours - 1230 hours/ members 0930 hours - 1230 hours

Day: Wednesday

Date: 25th October 2006

Attire: Full Sea Scout Uniform

Patrol On Duty: Dolphin Patrol

Viva La FREES PFS 190th Anniversary

PFS Speech Day 1992

Come this 21st October and our Alma Mater will celebrate the 190th Anniversary of Her founding. For a school with the greatest and longest tradition in this part of the world, this day is celebrated with Her annual Founders Day cum Speech Day with all the pomp and pageantry. The person who was credited with leading the idea of setting up such a school was Reverend Sparke Hutchings and the proposal was forwarded to the Governor of the then Prince of Wales Island in 1815.

Combined Training Camp 2006 : Circular Briefing

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Finally, CTC is here again so juniors get prepared for the time of your sea scouting lives. It is a time where junior scouts will learn the most about the joy of sea scouting, life, friendship, and not to mention make new friends wtih girls from other schools. The circular give out will be on the 12th of October, 2006. All CTC patrol leaders are COMPULSARY to stay back for the circular give out and briefing for the camp.

Lau Ka-Yin
Ong Kuok T'jun
Lim Teik Hong
Jordan Lee
Andrew Ng

Time: 1400 hours - 1600 hours

Date: 12th October 2006

Day: Thursday

Season Of School Functions

The month of October is here and the Penang Free School will be having several annually-held functions incoherence with the School Traditions. The notable ones are the Cocurriculum Prize Giving Day and the Speech Day. This functions are held to honour the services of the Frees whom have achievements in academic and cocurricular activities which have made the School proud and prove to the world we are still one of the nation's best school. The recipients of the School Colors, Merit Awards and Academic Awards have nonetheless serve and contributed to the upbringings of the School and made the name Penang Free School feared in the minds of others. Details are as follow.

Penang Free School's Cocurrilum Day
Date : 14th October 2006
Time : 0800hrs - 1200hrs
Venue : School Hall

Penang Free School's 190th Speech Day
Date : 20th October 2006
Time : 1300hrs - 1800hrs
Venue : School Hall

Note: This year the Speech Day will not be held on the 21st October because of the clash with the Deepavali Celebrations. All are welcome to attend this grand event.

Penang Free School
School For Scholars Sportsmen and Gentlemen

Serial Raping Of Pantai Kerachut

Pantai Kerachut Turtles
I've found my visits to Pantai Kerachut recently relatively less pleasant than the ones before and things will get worse now especially when the sanctity of our beloved home is being continually raped by commercial vultures.
A TURTLE-shaped rock in Teluk Bahang, Penang, is poised to gain prominence now that the surrounding beach will be promoted as a turtle sanctuary.

Fishermen in the area used the rock as a reference point for fishing purposes.

But now, with plans in the pipeline to promote the area as a turtle sanctuary to attract tourists, the turtle-shaped rock is poised to be a significant landmark for turtle watchers.
Will I be able to enjoy a tranquil getaway from civilisation like before? I highly doubt it. What are your thoughts on this? Full article here.


08online just wanna wish all the third formers Good Luck and All The Best in your PMR next Monday.

Note: To fifth formers, Please study hard.

'May Elune shine upon u'[Warcraft 3 quote]

Inter Patrol Competition : Drilling

Finally its a time for those junior patrols to shine as they attempt to beat the all-time winner which is none other than Venture Patrol lead by VUL Warren Loh in the annual inter patrol competition drilling that will be held this saturday on the grounds of Penang Free School. Attendance is compulsary to all members [ even though they arent in the drilling squad]. Those who fail to attend must have a reasonable reason. 08online would once again like to wish gud luck to all those who will be participating. Details of the competition is as stated below.
Venue: Penang Free School (UMP)

Time: 1500 hours- 1630 hours

Date: 30 September 2006

Attire: FSSU

Goodbye Boys

A Malaysian movie based on a scouting trip will be screened on September 22 and 23 on a limited basis while the DVD will be released nationwide on September 25. So what's your take on the movie? For context, read the article here and here. Here's an excerpt of the article:
Goodbye Boys

Updates* TV in the Canteen, Is It For Real??

It has been awhile since you people are updated on the happenings in Penang Free School. Here are a few of the recent happenings.

In the recent weekly asemblies, in the speech by HM Mr Hj Ramli Bin Din, he challenged the students to an extraordinary deal. In one week, if the students are able to keep the canteen clean and up to standard, he WILL install a 29inch television equip with Astro Channels. He jokingly said students will be able to watch CNN and Bloomberg (students was boo-ing and laughing), and also be able to watch football and Akademi Fantasia (cheers and thunderous applause from the students).

PFS Canteen

He also stated that he will not speak on issues concerning problematic students anymore (what previous HM's and Senior Assistant Mr Abdul Latif had done all time during assemblies) and will start to bring the school to a higher level. He says for years the school has tried to help in many ways to assist this problematic students and it is time for this to stop, as it is slowing down the school from progressing. His proposal was to ask the individual to be transferred out from the school, rather than waiting for the school to expel him.


This might be a bit late, but as the saying goes *better late than never*. Hence, I am here to wish all Sea Scouts which is having their PMR, SPM and STPM Trials Examination, Good Luck`!! Make the Troop proud.

Annual General Meeting 2006: Results

After a harsh and exciting moment, the 8th Georgetown South's Annual General Meeting has finally come to an end. It was a moment where new leaders are appointed and probationary leaders and their assistants are promoted. Nobody was demoted in this event. 08 online would like to congratulate the new batch of leaders and hope that they will show their undying commitment to the troop and contribute effort and sacrifice time to train the juniors to be better leaders in the future. Sad to say, our fellow ex-excos will be leaving the school after this year. The troop will always recognize those who had contributed to the troop in many ways and brought the troop as it is now. The newly appointed batch of leaders will be stated as followed.

Honorary Secretary - Aric Oon Wei Sheng
Honorary Treasurer - Kelvin Lim Wei Kheng
Quartermaster - Jeffrey Lee Jiajian
Badgework Secretary - Jeffrey Lee Jiajian
Troop Logkeeper - Warren Loh Yu-Shen
Attendance Logkeeper - Moy Wei Sern
Public Duties Coordinator - Lim Teik Hong
Canoe Master - Matthew Ng
Swimming Master - Ong Kuok T'jun
Photographer - Yew Xing Hun
Assistant Photographer - Sim Kwang Yeung
First Aider - Lau Ka-Yin
Troop Webmaster - Kelvin Lim Wei Kheng

Annual General Meeting 2006

The Annual General Meeting(AGM) will be held annually in school this Saturday. During this period, Leaders on probation will be either promoted or demoted according to their performance and commitment to the troop. All in all, 08online would like to wish best of luck to all who will be promoted and to those who are not, try harder next year. It is STRICTLY COMPULSARY for ALL 8th Georgetown South Sea Scouts from form 1 to form 6. Action will be taken severely to those who fail to attend the meeting with an unacceptable reason. The date and venue is stated below.

Date: 02/09/2006 (Saturday)

Venue: Penang Free School field, 4 Harmoni

Attire: Full Sea Scout Uniform (FSSU)

Time: 0830 hours - 1330 hours

Patrol On Duty: Penguin Patrol

Merdeka Countdown

The 49th Independance Day of our country is just round the corner, to be exact you may view the countdown timer above. Under the new Principal, he has planned a Countdown Camp for selected 20 students from each uniformed body. On the 30th August Wednesday morning during school hours, there will be the marching competition and in the evening the Camp will start. Those not involve may visit the camp on the eve of the Merdeka Day for the Merdeka Countdown, sweet.

From what I had heard, there will be laser light presentation on the school's main building (whatever that means) and the Merdeka Countdown will come with fireworks when the clock strikes 12am.

I am just here to wish all the viewers of this site a Happy Independance Day and let the spirit of Merdeka burn in you. Btw, no school on Thursday. Wheee`


Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Entry 005

As I was nosing around at the scout den one afternoon after school, I heard some heated discussion inside between a few people. I paid more attention and realised they were my seniors and the topic of discussion turns out to be the indifference of us junior scouts towards scouting life now.

One of the seniors who I respect said this:
Majority of the junior sea scouts seem to show no interest in sea scouting life. Most of them say its just a waste of time whereas there are some who still think its interesting. They never seem to put much effort and take the initiative to learn knowledge or ask us questions by themselves. If we didn't push them, no progress would be made. What else can we do other than telling them the benefits of scouting and the fun of it? It is something they must learn to like on their own because we cannot force them to do or like what they don't.

1st Anniversary Quiz Challenge

Just a week ago, this website celebrated its first year of existence. Today, there's something else to celebrate about - its 100th entry! Yes, this is the 100th post in here. There has been that much crap.

To mark this double celebration, why not let someone have a chance to celebrate too! Introducing the 1st Anniversary Quiz Challenge. Email the answers to the questions below to 8thsouth+quiz[at]gmail[dot]com to participate. Only entries through email will be entertained. Answers of course can be found on this website itself. Good luck!

The Amazing Troop Leader Race Season 2

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Yes people, the time has come for the journey to continue, in an all new season live on Astro Channel 17 AXN. Aikss, sorry wrong channel, to those which are not able to attend the Annual General Meeting, u may catch the race live on 08online. The race is currently between three main conterders, the current Prob. Assistant Troop Leaders– Aric Oon and Jeffrey Lee and Prob. Venture Unit Leader Kelvin Lim. Ready, seto, go~!

Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Entry 004

The 'coffee break' was exactly how my seniors warned me before this. The EXCO Kopitiam memang very ganas. They open shop to certain people only. Not everyone is so 'lucky' to experience the kopitiam. You must get invited first. The 'coffee' they serve you can really be so hot it can force tears to come out from your eyes. Don't they have Coke or 100plus instead? The 'coffee' can be really bitter to taste. All I did was just fall asleep. Can you blame me? I was really so tired. After hiking for two hours and the hot sun hitting at us which could easily cook an egg, I just fell asleep. The leaves were just so nice to lie on. They just felt like my mattress at home compared to the beach sand which kept on getting into my underwear. Geseran lah! The shade that the trees provided and the breeze that blew on my cheeks were just like the aircond in my room compared to the scorching sun out there. I just couldn't resist it. Can you really blame me for that?

Inter Patrol Competition : Football : Results

The gruesome football match between the 8th Georgetown (South) Venturez ™ and the 8th Georgetown (South) Juniors had finally ended. It was a match filled with spirit, courage, luck, anxiety and most of all, teamwork. The match fell into the hands of the 8th Georgetown (South) Venturez ™ when they overpowered the 8th Georgetown (South) Juniors to a final score of Venturez 4 - Juniors 0. The 8th Georgetown (South) Juniors were in a state of depression due to their loss in the big game. However, like any other 8th Georgetown (South) Sea Scout, they didnt give up and will be training for the second football match at the end of the year. VS Ong Kuok T'jun (striker) scored 3 goals while VUS Lau Ka-Yin managed to score 1 goal due to his lawak skils. Kudos to the winner of the match and a big round of applause to those who attended the meeting.

Inter Patrol Competition : Football

The football war is on as the all time champions, Penang Free School's very own 8th Georgetown (South) Venturez™ is challenged by the 8th Georgetown (South) Juniors. They claim theirselves to be -undefeatable-....BUT!!! we shall see the payoffs of prob ATL Jeffrey Lee, Prob VUS Moy Wei Sern and VS Ong Kuok T'jun's 'special' training during the past weekend. Both teams will strive their hardest to earn the 8GTS cup during this heart-pounding and exciting game. Will the juniors get past the mighty defence of Prob Vul Kelvin or will they be able to score through the ultimate wall of strength/defence of VS Matthew Ng. Everything will be revealed after the match. Tickets are going on sale with a minimal price of RM 2 per spectator(lol jkjk). Good Luck to all who will be participating.

Attire: Casual

Date: 12/08/06

Venue: Penang Free School Field (UMP)

Time: 0830 hours - 1130 hours

Happy 1st Anniversary 08online

Yes it is true, the Official Website of 8th Georgetown South is officially 1 year old. But i think many people fail to realise that, its okay guys. Wow, me my self could not believe how fast time has past. Lets play fireworks~


Here is a few info. The website here was launch on 8th August 2005 08.08.05 and today is 8th August 2006 08.08.06, i cant wait to celebrate in the 08.08.08, savvy isnt it. When this site first started, it was handled by me, daniel.lawbreaker and in the new term, it is now currently under the hands of Prob. Venture Unit Leader Kelvin Lim aka kel, and not to forget our advisor and longest serving moderator Lee Kuan Shern aka kshern (applause please). In the whole duration, 08online has gone through 3 major layout change and this new one is to commemorate the 1st Anniversary of this site I suppose (thanks once again to kshern).

Annual Sea Scout Training Camp 2006: Results

Sadly ASSTC 06 has come to an end. Hope all of u enjoyed and learned new and interesting stuff during the camp and meetings. 8GT(S) would also like to wish many thanks to all the ex-scouts who managed to visit and brighten up our camp especially to Mr.Ch'ng Geam Liang who was an ex troop leader. Congratulations to all who did their best and showed their sea scout spirit during the camp. Here are the results of the camp.
Patrol Trophies

Best Overall Champion : Beaver patrol
Best Patrol: Penguin patrol
Best Gadgets : Venture patrol
Best Grand Ball Room : Penguin patrol
Best Campnite : Otter patrol
Best Ancient Sculpture : Beaver patrol
Best Drilling : Venture patrol
Best Modern Cooking : Venture patrol
Best Flag and Flagpole : Beaver patrol
Best Logbook : Penguin patrol

Individual Trophies

Most Outstanding Patrol Leader : Adrian Chuah
Most Outstanding Patrol Second : Shukri
Most Outstanding Sea Scout (Senior) : Ong Kuok T'jun
Most Outstanding Sea Scout (Junior) : Por Kai Yann

Vicissitudes of Fate

If your tongue and eyeballs got all twisted and tied-up just by reading the title of this entry, don't worry...you are not alone. Some Eye-Mo and Vanilla Coke should just do the trick (eye-mo goes into the eyes and vanilla coke goes into the mouth and not the other way around of course). :P

If you do not know the meaning of that phrase which was chosen as the theme for ASSTC 2006, you can choose to google it up yourself or may I suggest you make a trip to the school grounds, have a visit to the camp and ask the EXCOs themselves. Maybe you can also contribute some of your old grand-scouter-in-law stories for good measure just to spice things up. ;)

Details of the camp which begins tomorrow can be found here.

Another Great Loss

I have recently received news that Mr. Ooi Boo Chuan, an Old Free which passed away yesterday evening while having a game of hockey in Ipoh. Mr Ooi is in the Board Of Governors and also one of the committee members in the Old Frees Assosiation Penang, I think he was the President of the OFA for year 2004/2005.

From what I heard, his cause of death is due to an arteriole block which cause heart failure while playing hockey. The news of his death was very unexpected as he was known as a fit and healthy guy. He was very active in sports during his schooling days and still is active in various games such as badminton and golf. He was an active scout in 7th Georgetown South and was the Troop Leader.

He is known for his endless dedication to the Grand Old Lady and it is a great loss to us Frees. His love and dedication for the school truly represents a true Free. Sorry for the inaccuracy of certain details, because as for me, I barely know him but my godfather which is an Old Free himself knows him. My condolences to his family and close friends. You may contact the Old Frees Association for further details.

He has a son and a nephew which is of course currently studying in a school, which school u ask? where else if it is not Penang Free School.

8th Georgetown (South) Term 2005/2006

Introducing 8th Georgetown (South) Term 2005/2006......

8th Georgetown (South) Troop Photo

Hey guys, this is the Troop photo of our Troop which was taken a few months ago by the Editorial Board for the yearly published The Magazine Of Penang Free School 2006 Vol.11 No.4. As you all know, following PFS tradition it will be available for sale on the 21st October which is the Speech Day.

Patrol Advisors

Below is the patrol advisors set up by the excos to the following patrols:

Beaver Patrol:
Prob Vus Lau Ka-Yin
Vs Ong Kuok T'jun

Dolphin Patrol:
Prob Vus Moy Wei Sern
Vs Lim Teik Hong

Otter Patrol:
Prob Vul Warren Loh
Vs Matthew Ng

Penguin Patrol:
Prob Vul Kelvin Lim
Vs Yew Xing Hun
Vs Sim Kwang Yeung

Annual Sea Scout Training Camp 2006

The 8th Georgetown South Sea Scout Group will be having its annual sea scout training camp during the end of july.This camp is held yearly for training up junior scouts and also a test to prove the new batch of probationary patrol leaders of their leadership and to forge their inner talents. Attendance is compulsary to all junior and senior sea scouts. If you are unable to attend the camp due to some important reason please inform your patrol leaders and give a letter to the excos. The details of the camp is as stated below. Good Luck and do your best.
Date: 4th August 2006 - 6th August 2006

Venue: School Field

Report In: 1500 hours (28 July 2006)

Dismissal: 1500 hours (30th July 2006)

Attire: Full Sea Scout Uniform

Camp Fees: Rm25


Inter Patrol Competition : Backwoodsman

The annual Inter Patrol Competition for Backwoodsman will be held in the school grounds this Saturday. Please be prepared for it and show a great performance. Good luck to all sea scouts who are participating in the event. Attendance is compulsary to all Sea Scouts from Form1 to Form4. The time is as stated below:
Venue: UMP (usual meeting place)

Time: 0830 hours

Date: 24 June 2006

Attire: Full Mufti

Dismissal: 1230 hours

Patrol on duty: Otter Patrol

Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Entry 003

Have we reached?, I asked. Yet there was not a single soul who would respond. We took a few more steps ahead and saw a bridge. It looked like the type of bridge which appears in pirate movies due to the way it's built. On one of the steps leading to the bridge has the word 'Welcome to Pantai Kerachut' engraved on it. With every ounce of strength we raced ourselves across the bridge with wide opened smiles on our faces and landed ourselves on the smooth sand on the beach. It was 6pm in the evening.

Another 40mins Of Horror

This is gotta be a bitter news to all students of Penang Free School. There have been a few changes done to the school and this particular change will sure affect the most out of us. It is the changes done to the timetable of every form. In the old system, an average class period is 35 minutes but in the new system, an average class period is 40 minutes. This is because the Principal (HM) Mr Hj Ramli b. Din is complying with the Education Ministry 31st December 1997 Act whereby it is stated in every school, each period must have the minimum of 40 minutes.

Farewell, Mr. Sober

I've just received news that Mr. Sober, a former teacher of Penang Free School passed away last night at the Adventist Hospital here in Penang. I remember him as a very jovial person, always smiling and laughing. However, make no mistake, he did have a temper and you wouldn't want to be anywhere near him when someone stepped on his tail. You can always depend on him to enliven things up when events were a bore. He would cheer up any room with his mere presence.

74th Annual Sports Day Photos

Hey guys, I finally found sometime to edit and upload the photos on the 74th Annual Sports Day which was held recently last month. So, this is just a little notification to inform you all that we have new pictures in the photo gallery, about nearly 60 of them.

You can view all photos related to Sports Day 2006 here.

ps: holiday coming guys~
happy holidays and enjoy~!!

Welcome FormSix Peepx~

On 15th May 2006, it is the first day of school for all Lower Six students around Malaysia. Penang Free School is one of the schools which provide Form Six education in the country. So on this very day in the PFS Hall, there was the Form Six Orientation which was conducted by the school admin. This means u can see many of our students taking a chance to pass the school hall to *scope* for _____ (u know wad I mean guys).

Congratulations to those selected to be in PFS. As I was browsing through Friendster Bulletin Board a few days ago, I found this interesting song lyric dedicated to all form6 students going to PFS. If you had heard of the song You Are Beautiful by James Blunt, u might find this funny, so enjoy guys~!!

TTO 2006 Photos

Didn't realise that the webmaster had uploaded photos of the recent Troop Take Over 2006. So, this is just a little notification to inform you all that we have new pictures in the photo gallery...close to 50 of them!!! Good job!

You can view all photos related to TTO 2006 here.

2007: One World One Promise

One World One Promise
On 1 August 1907, Scouting Founder Robert Baden-Powell blew his kudu horn on Brownsea Island at 08:00 to open the world's first Scout camp. Soon thereafter, Scouting began to quickly spread around the world and now exists in 216 countries and territories.

2007, the 100th Anniversary of Scouting is an opportunity for us to demonstrate the unique value of Scouting to the world and to celebrate the achievements of 100 years of Scouting. The single theme for all events and activities for the Centenary of Scouting and the 21st World Scout Jamboree is 2007: One World One Promise.

However, the 100th Anniversary must provide a platform for the development of Scouting and not only celebrate the past 100 years. 2007 is the dawn of a new century of Scouting. We should celebrate the future of Scouting and look to how we can improve it to meet the needs of even more young people, their families and communities and offer better and bigger Scouting worldwide. We must seize this moment and prepare well in advance to share our successes and achievements.

Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Entry 002

After a week being in the troop, I passed my tenderfoot test and learnt up stuff such as drilling(in other words marching), axemanship, first aid, and knots. It was very interesting when I found out how useful these things will be in the future. In the mids of February, the seniors announced that we will be having our first camp of the year which is Pantai Kerachut hike and camp at the end of February. My heart leaped with excitement as the days passed by, getting closer and closer to the day of our camp. Many preparations were made for this camp. Every patrol was told to build a torch as part of the competitions. I hardly got any sleep the night before the camp as I was too excited to do so. I kept asking myself, "how would the camp be like?", and curiously wondered on. The day of the camp finally approached. We all gathered at our UMP( usual meeting place) and got on the bus that drove us to the other side of Penang Island which was also known as, 'The End of the World. We sang some scout songs and made some jokes on the way. It was really fun. After a while, we reached 'The End of the World' and brought all of our stuff out of the bus. 'The End of the World' was a kampung area filled with fishing boats. A ranks was called and we were told to move in a straight line. It was about 400 metres from the bus stop to the start of the hike and another 2800 metres to hike up to Pantai Kerachut. It was hard and tiring hike as we crossed over two mountains to get to our destination. After two long hours, we were still making our way through the vast jungle. It was very dark in there because it is hidden from the sunlight. We forced ourselves to move on eventhough our legs were tired out from hiking while carrying our bags which weight a ton. I realized my body couldnt take it any longer. I was about to drop out when I suddenly saw a light.......

Ujian Pertengahan Tahun 2006

Heys everybody~ ujian pertengahan tahun is around the corner so just wanna wish all of u all the best and study hard. Make your family and all of our brothers sea scouts in our troop proud. Prove to the world that 8gts Sea Scouts are strong physically and mentally. As they say, a great scout is a smart scout.Good Luck!!!!!!!!

Scouting - Dead or Alive?

One question usually pops up during conversations among former scouts - "Is scouting still alive?" The sustainability of scouting is not a problem faced by the scouting movement in PFS only. Other scouting movements are feeling the heat too. So, is scouting still alive? I've to admit, there were times when I conceed scouting was as dead as a doornail...until I saw these pictures of the flagpole used during Troop Takeover 2006 sent to me recently. If you want to have a larger view, you can browse each of them here.

Guess who replaced Mr Loh??

The new appointment of the Senior Assistant of Administration has been announced. The person that will continue the former PK1 Mr Loh Hua Sin is none other than Mr Goh Teng Keang. Yes its him. Some of u all might know him as your Physics teacher, the teacher which won quite a lot of awards in Physics competition, the strict disipline teacher which some u all have a grudge against and the thing some people always tease him about is his white hair which is not due to old age but in the genes i suppose. His appointment is due to certain factors and the HM Mr Hj Ramli bin Din trust him to do his duties well as a Senior Assistant.

I feel Mr Goh is suitable for this post (who else besides him is suitable??). Maybe he will give a revamp to the current administration to provide better service etc etc to the school which will lead to the improvement of Penang Free School.

So here, 8th Georgetown (South) would like to wish Mr Goh Teng Keang good luck in his future undertakings as the Senior Assistant of Admin and hope all students will give him a chance to perform his duties and cooperate with him

Troop Take Over 2006

TTO has come to an end.Lets congratulate those who have gotten their new posts and give them the support and help they need.The posts are as stated below.

Prob. ATL:Jeffrey Lee Jiajian,
Aric Oon Wei Sheng

Prob. VUL:Kelvin Lim Wei Kheng,
Warren Loh Yu-Shen

Prob. VUS:Moy Wei-Sern,
Lau Ka-Yin

Prob. PL :Adrian Chuah(Beaver Patrol),
Keshav Indran(Dolphin Patrol),
Chong Kam Zhern(Otter Patrol),
Shaun Oh Thean Wei(Penguin Patrol)

Prob. PS : Ong Siew Chai(Beaver Patrol),
Shukri(Dolphin Patrol),
Chuan Teik Min(Otter Patrol),
Pavithren(Penguin Patrol)

Best Scout Term 2005/2006:Adrian Chuah

Best Patrol Term 2005/2006:Beaver Patrol

Once again congratulations to those who got their new post. Make the troop a better place in the present and the future. The new updated Troop Roll Call of Honour can be viewed here.

Troop Take Over

Troop Take Over or in short known as TTO is finally here. This is where leaders will be elected for a probationary period to hold a post in the Troop. Than if they are found to be a good one, they shall be promoted to the permanent post during the Annual General Meeting, AGM. TTO is one of the important meetings for our Troop. So what do u people think? Who will elected to be entrusted to guide and lead the Troop to a better state and also to glory and fame for this probationary period?? Who will be elected as Prob ATL, Prob VUL, Prob VUS, Prob PL, Prob PS?? Lastly who will be Best Scout for Term 2005/2006?? All ur unanswered questions will be answered soon. Patience u must have.
Date: 5th May 2006
Time: 1230hrs to 1430hrs
Venue: Usual Meeting Place (UMP)
Attire: Full Sea Scout Uniform
Flag Duty: Dolphin Patrol
Attendance is compulsory to all Sea Scouts from form1 to form6. Serious action will be taken to those which fail attend the TTO and will be dealt with severely.

*With Great Powers Comes Great Responsibility*

PFS 74th Annual Sports Day Report

Penang Free School 74th Annual Sports Day has been a success thanks to the teachers and students which organise or help directly or indirectly. As early as 7am we could see students and house teachers at the school field decorating their tents. The tent which i find most attractive was Pinhorn and Cheeseman (thanks the scouting skills and camp banners). Even the form6 students which was having their Muet exam on the same day was down there helping out.

Lets Talk

Ahoy mates, there will be a General Meeting held this Saturday before the Sports Day. The meeting is aimed to discuss certain matters and resolve problems concerning the Troop. Furthermore, it is meant to improve the condition of the Troop. This are some of the topics that will be discuss. Topics such as the survival of the Troop, future plannings and upcoming activities, discuss ways to improve the condition of the Troop, fix the image of the Troop to the public, changing the mindset on how scouting is now to the mindset on the real path of scouting which is gaining knowledge and learn to socialise and make new friends, etc etc.
Date: 29th April 2006
Time: 1000hrs to 1300hrs
Venue: Scout Den
Attire: Full Sea Scout Uniform (FSSU)
Attendance is compulsory to all Sea Scouts from Form1 to Form4. Serious action will be taken to those which fail to attend this meeting and will be dealt with severely.
Those Ex Sea Scouts interested are invited to attend.
Any suggestions can be mailed to me here, or u may post ur comments.

PFS Sports Day

One of the most important event in the Penang Free School calendar has arrived, *the most important is of course the Speech Day aka Founders Day which falls on the 21st October*. Its none other than the Sports Day. It seems like Pinhorn is going to win the Overall Champion this year as they seem unstopable, unless something unexpected happens of course.
Venue: Penang Free School Field
Date: 29th April 2006
Time: 1400hrs - 1800hrs
All are welcome to visit the Sports Day. Attendance is compulsory for all students, got free Milo`!! As the PFS saying goes:

*Penang Free School, School For Scholars, Sportsmen and Gentlemen*

Leadership Training Camp 2006

Heyyas~as you all know, LTC (leadership training camp) is held yearly for junior sea scouts (Form2 and 3) to train up their leadership qualities and bring out the true sea scout in them. Circular briefing will be given out on Monday, 24th of April 2006.
Date:29th April 2006
Venue:Penang Free School Field
Time:1300 hours(29th April)-1300 hours(30th April)
Attire:Full Sea Scout Uniform
Attendance for Form 2's and 3's are strictly COMPULSORY.

"A herd of sheep being led by a lion is better than a pride of lions being led by a sheep"

6 Kilometre & 8 Kilometre Journey

As some of u all noticed, the 6km and 8km journey is a bit late this year, but as the saying goes *better late than never*. So the Juniors better be prepared to face the challenges in the asignments as your journery is about to begin. If any of u all see our Men In White this Saturday roaming around Penang Island, they gotta be from 8th Georgetown South, so stay away from them as they have the License to Kill, oopz, jus jokin~
Date: 15th April 2006
Starts: 0830hrs (UMP)
Dismissal: 1400hrs (UMP)
Attire: Full Sea Scout Uniform (FSSU)
Flag Duty: Beaver
Please behave well during the journey as u all are wearing your Full Sea Scout Uniform, so be proud of it and show a good image to the public as we are sea scouts from 8th Georgetown South and we are part of the scouting movement in Penang Free School. I would like to wish best of luck to the Juniors and have fun during the journey and to the Prob Ventures, be sure to ensure the safety of our juniors.

*Journey Of A Thousand Miles Starts With A Single Step*

Kerachut 06

The 3 day 2 night Pantai Kerachut Hike And Camp has finally come to an end.We would like to thank all those that attented and visited the camp.The results are as followed.
Best Sandcastle: Dolphin Patrol
Best Patrol: Manta Patrol
Best Campsite: Dolphin Patrol
Best Recruit: Cason Chong
Best Overall: Beaver Patrol
For those who tried their best gud job.For those who didn't , buck up and try harder because nothing is impossible.

The Fall of One Empire Leads to The Rise Of The New Empire

Huh?? Whats does the title means?? Its just a title just to catch ur attention thats all. Just writing this to inform u guys on the new Principal of Penang Free School. Woohoo~ Lets celebrate, new HM at last. The outgoing HM, Mr Haji Mohd Yusof bin Omar has been transfered to SMK Sg Acheh after serving in PFS for about 1 year 7 months only. This is some information i have obtained from his farewell speech. Penang Free School is the 12th school he has served in total of 27 years of teaching. He claims he has visited over 200 schools in Malaysia, which is a great big deal for him. When he first stepped into PFS, in his opening speech, he said he will be in this school for not long and its true, as he has left already. Every school he has been, he said he has always stressed that self discipline is very important.

Penang Scouts Association To Form Special Task Force

Story taken from The Star:
Scouts to form task force

THE Penang Scouts Association will form a special task force and scout affairs committee by the end of the year to provide voluntary service and promote scouting.

It will comprise about 200 selected scouts who will be trained to respond immediately to emergency situations.

Penang State Scout Commissioner Haji Zulkafli Kamaruddin said the association was in the midst of improving its administration and the task force and committee were its first step to achieving the aim.

The number of scouts in the state had dropped badly and scouts were not active as before, he said.

Results of the Cross Country 2006

The morning started of badly. When i arrived in school, it was drizzling and i thought the cross country was canceled (which was wad everyone was hoping for). But of course Miss Coco Lee said we as Frees shall not be afraid of the rain and the race shall go on. We went and line up in our respective houses and this years event was a little bit different. It started of with the Aerobic Exercise/ Dance and the students as well as the teachers had loads of fun. Than the cross country started of with the girls, followed by class 3, class 2 and then class 1. The rain of course didnt dampened the spirit of Frees as students *ran* or u can call it walk. Lolx. Later after that was the prize giving ceremony. Guess who came up top this year in the cross country??
1. Pinhorn
2. Wu Lien Teh
3. Hargreaves
4. Hamilton
5. Cheeseman
6. Tunku Putra

Troop Office Bearers 2006

The new troop office bearers of year 2006 have been announced. Below are some of the positions filled by the new Prob. Ventures:
Honorary Secretary: Prob.VS Aric Oon Wei Sheng
Honorary Treasurer: Prob. VS Kelvin Lim Wei Kheng
Quartermaster: Prob. VS Jeffrey Lee Jiajian
Badgework Secretary: Prob. VS Warren Loh Yu-Shen
The full list can be found here.


Cross Country

The Penang Free School Cross Country is here~!! Wooohoo. This is the time where PFS students represent their respective sport houses to earn points for the Overall Throphy for sports. Now the house which is leading is Pinhorn, followed by Wu Lien Teh and Hargreaves, then Cheeseman and Hamilton, and surprisingly the last place this year is Tunku Putra. The marks were collected from the Additional Sports which was held 2 days ago. Details of the cross counrty are as follow:
Date: 24th of March 2006
Time: 0730hrs - 1200hrs
Start: Penang Free School Field
Ends: Penang Free School Field
*Attendance is compulsory. Those who fail to attend or is absent without a reasonable reason shall face the Senior Assistant of Cocuriculum Coco Lee Ewe Lim, she shall pulas ur ear~!! Lolx.*

Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Entry 001

It was my first day in PFS. My heart beat got faster and faster each second I got closer to the Grand Old Lady. I got out of dad's car and walked up to a bunch of ex-primary schoolmates of mine. I was so glad to see them as I did not like one bit the feeling of being alone. We entered the halls of the well-known school in Penang island. It was very humid in the hall as hundreds of students crammed in there for the first assembly of the year. It was long, but interesting. The principal was an interesting person as he seemed very friendly. I walked in shyly as I entered my first class which was History. It was rather amusing when the students payed so much attention to the teacher not because of her lessons but because of her figure, lol. The students went on a rampage when the bell for recess rang. There was a huge variety of local hawker food sold cheap in the school canteen. I ate to my hearts desire. During recess, there was a few seniors that persuaded my friends and I to join their scout troop. There were 3 scout groups which is 1st Georgetown South, 7th Georgetown South, and 8th Georgetown South. Apparently, 8th Georgetown South was the only sea scout troop in Penang. I grew an interest for this special scout troop. Because of that, I decided to join the 8th Georgetown South Sea Scout Group and I managed to persuade some of my friends as well. After school ended, I got up my school bus and head straight for home. I learned a new word as well, 'pak chiu cheng'. Hmm....wonder what it means.

This is the first entry reproduced from the journal of the sea scout that ran away from camp. If you have not read the prologue, you can find it here. More entries will follow soon.

-Gathering Meeting 2006-

As we all know, Convent Green Lane gathering is just around the corner. The meeting is held at venture scout Jeffrey Lee's house . Firstly, attendance is strictly COMPULSORY for all sea scouts from form 2 to form 4. Those who are unable to attend the meeting MUST inform one of the form 4's and give a reasonable reason why u are unable to attend. Those who did not attend the meeting without giving a reason will be severely dealt with. Form 1's who are interested to learn new things and delve deeper into the scouting world please inform us if you are willing to come and contribute to the troop. Those who have no transport please find someone who can provide transport for you or use public transportation such as buses. If you find any difficulties in attending the meeting please inform one of the venture scouts. If you dont know where the meeting place is or what time to go you may contact us. Our numbers are as stated below. We would like to see better attendance and cooperation during meetings and more dedication to the troop in the future.


VS Jeffrey Lee: 012-5131628
VS Aric Oon: 017-4031518
VS Kelvin Lim: 012-4318561
VS Warren Loh: 012-5396069
VS Moy Wei Sern: 016-4566496
VS Lau Ka-Yin: 012-4929210

SPM and STPM Results Out This Week

Here's wishing all those who will be collecting their results this week, a huge GOOD LUCK!!! All the best in your future undertakings. :)

Come on guys~ Rock Da House~!!

After the relaunch of 08online Version2 with the theme Simplicity, i realise how come so quiet??? Hmmmz, i would like to stress that having our official website is not because 1st and 7th Georgetown (South) has one but its aimed not just to keep former and present sea scouts updated but for the former and present sea scouts communicate and interact with each other. I am sure there are some present sea scouts would like to enquire on certain stuff bout the troop in the past and is willing to learn more knowledge and would like to know wad kind of scouting actvities which was organize in the past. There are sure some sea scouts which are wanting to share their personal sea scouting experience aka ur memoirs, lolx. We would also wan ur point of view and suggestion on the website and the welfare of the troop. So wad are u guys waiting for?? Come on and rock 08online~!!

*Dont Just Ride The Waves, Create The Waves, Tsunami~!!*
*08online - Be The First To Know*

-Upcoming Activities 2006-

Well, just to keep ya guys updated on the coming activites which are gonna be organised or participated by 8th Georgetown (South) in the weeks to come. It's gonna be a hectic schedule indeed. Among them are:
Convent Greenlane Gathering - 8th April 2006
Convent Lights Street Gathering - 15th April 2006
Penang Chinese Girls High School Campfire - 22nd April 2006
Leadership Training Camp*
Troop Take Over*

*date yet to be confirmed
Will keep you guys updated on the latest developments...

-Pantai Kerachut Hike and Camp 2006-

The 8th Georgetown South Sea Scout Group is organizing the 'Pantai Kerachut Hike and Camp' which is held annually for all junior recruits. In the year 2006, we are having our PKHC during the end of March. Finally its time to take a break and retreat to our so-called second home which is in Pantai Kerachut. There will be lots of fun activities that will be held throughout the camp. For the juniors, it is a time to test out your newly learnt scouting skills and your leadership qualities. Attendance is compulsary for all Sea Scouts from form 1 to form 4. Remember, its the experience that counts. The time and venue is as stated below.
Date: 31st March - 2nd April 2006
Venue: Muka Head National Park
Attire: Top Mufti
Time: 1500 hours(Meet at Usual Meeting Place [UMP])
Dismissal: 1500hours(Penang Free School)
Fees: RM15 per head(Bus fare and other expenses)
Ex-Scouts are welcomed to come along.


Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Introduction

It's way past midnight and I'm still wide awake. What am I doing awake at this ungodly hour in the middle of nowhere? Where am I going? I do not know the answer to that but this I know - I must keep on running. I can hear my own panting, magnified through the eerie stillness of the night. Exhaustion is overwhelming my legs but I must keep on running. The events of the past two days have drained all the energy from my body but I must keep on running. I can already hear the footsteps of the chasing pack right behind me. I've come so far, I must not give up now. I must keep on running. I'm running from the Annual Training Camp.

Commemorative Wallpapers

08online Wallpapers 08online Wallpapers

In conjuction with the relaunch of 08online, we have commemorative wallpapers available for download. It represents the new theme that 08online would like to project - SIMPLICITY. You can choose from two flavours (white and black) and they are available in four of the most common screen resolutions used to view 08online since its launch some seven months ago. Follow this link to download them.

So What Else Is New?

Apart from the minor facelift for 08online, there are also some new features and content that we would like to introduce. This is part of our ongoing efforts to improve this website to serve you better. As you can see, the navigational links are now properly organised on the right sidebar, divided into various categories. You can also browse through our archives now and find that old post you've always been looking for. The download section will also be updated with new content for you to download now and then.

As you will have come to realise, we have a new content called "Memoirs of a Sea Scout". It's a totally fictional series with entries written by various contributors describing the journey and scouting experience of one particular sea scout. Please remember it is fictional and for entertainment purposes only and shoul not be taken as the truth or whatsoever. The introduction entry might seem a solemn one but future entries will be promisingly on the lighter side. If you are interested in contributing an entry of your own, even if it is only one, send it to 8thsouth+memoirs[at]gmail[dot]com.

We are also working on integrating 08online with the Troop's Yahoo! Groups for notification of updates on this site. Through the integration, anyone on the mailing list of the 8thsouth Yahoo! Groups will receive an email notification whenever this site is updated. Of course, the best way to keep track of this website is still through RSS subscriptions.

Hope you like the minor changes to 08online.

Introducing 08online.v2 - Simplicity

In conjuction with the appointment of our new webmaster - Kelvin Lim, we've decided to relaunch 08online and give it a slight makeover. We would now like to present to you a neater and cleaner look for 08online surrounding the theme - SIMPLICITY. From the funky retro look of the first 08online, we've come to a more organised and zen look that is hopefully more appealing to a broader group of people. The new 08online might seem leaner but the new webmaster has some plans up his sleeves to make it a meaner website than before. Kelvin was part of the development team when 08online was created, so we know we are in good hands here. Hope you'll enjoy your new experience on 08online with our new webmaster. Best wishes to him for the year ahead.

Thank You, Daniel Phoon!

Daniel Phoon Daniel Phoon Daniel Phoon

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the outgoing webmaster Daniel Phoon for doing a good job in maintaining the Troop website and keeping former and present sea scouts updated with the happenings in the Troop as well as the school. We hope the new webmaster will be as dedicated if not more than him in performing his duties.

Farewell Guys, Adiios, Sayonara~!!

Farewell? Wads happening?? Hahahazz. Well, i guess this will be my last official post, i will still be posting but not that frequent, the guy which is gonna succeed me will be Prob Venture Scout Kelvin Lim or some of u all know him as otak square aka unknownbreaker, oopzz, jus jk Kel.

Well, being the webmaster made me realise there are still people who are already out from school but are still devoted to the troop by contributing in many ways. This is one of the reasons this website is so important and useful, to get the information about the troop out to them however far they are from us and the website also keeps former and present sea scouts updated on the matters and upcoming activities concerning the Grand Old Lady.

First Assessment Test

The First Assessment Test or commonly known as the Ujian Prestasi 1 is just round the corner. It will be from the 6th till 8th of March for the form1, form2 and form3 while for the form4 and form5 will be on the 6th till 9th of March and for the form6 will be on the 6th and 7th of March. So all Sea Scouts better dont playplay already, go study~!! After the exam, there is gonna be a 1week break. Hooorayy~!!

Wishing good luck to all Sea Scouts taking their test and make the troop proud.

A reminder to all Juniors, Be Prepared for the Pantai Kerachut Hike and Camp.

Founders Day

The 22nd of February in the scouting calender is known as the Founders Day. For those who doesnt know, Founders Day means the day the founder of scouting movement, Lord Robert Baden Powell was born. Without him, there will be no scouting movement and the 8th Georgetown (South) will never exist today. Founders Days was formed to remember BP as he passed away on 8th of January 1941 and was burried at the Kenyan Hills. BP's death was a great loss to the scouting movement worldwide.

Links related to BP:
Wikipedia-Baden Powell
His Last Msg to Scouts

This years Founders Day falls on a Wednesday. As part of the scouting movement in PFS, all Sea Scouts will be wearing Full Sea Scout Uniform (FSSU) in school as a sign of respect on the Founders Day.

Be Prepared


The Back to Sea activity aka canoeing has been postponed. The activity will be organised this year but there will be a delay.

*Sorry for the late update as i was just informed*

Back to Sea

Well, last year there was no canoeing activity due to the tsunami, so this year its back~!! We are going back to the sea. Yahoo~!! Attendance is compulsory to all Form 1, 2, 3 and 4.
Date: 18th February 2006
Time: 0830hrs - 1400hrs
Venue: Penang Water Sports Centre
Attire: Top Mufti
*Meet at Usual Meeting Place(UMP)*
Wanna know weather our fellow Sea Scouts will float or sink??? All are invited to come~!!

Morse Code Made Easy

Visit this site to play around with some Morse Code translation from code to text and vice-versa. If you do not know what Morse Code is, for goodness sake please read this!

Now try to decrypt the following:

.. / -.- -. --- .-- / .-- .... --- / - .... . / -. . -..- - / - .-.. / .. ... .-.-.-

.. - .----. ... / .--- --- .-. -.. .- -.

.- .-. . / -.-- --- ..- / .- ..-. .-. .- .. -.. / -.-- . - ..--..

-... . / ...- . .-. -.-- / .- ..-. .-. .- .. -.. .-.-.- .-.-.- .-.-.-

P/S Sorry if you can't copy and paste....find a copy in the comments section!

Tribute To A Lil Man

Well today was the last day of working for one the most dedicated teacher i have ever seen in my time, he has been in Penang Free School for about 31 years and 9months or roughly almost 32years. Indeed 32years is a very long time serving in PFS and is so happens that PFS was the 1st school he taught and the only school he have ever been in since being a teacher. Have u all guess who is he?? He is none other than Mr. Loh Hua Sin, our Senior Assistant of Administration. Some of u might recognize him through his shinning bald head. Lol.

To celebrate his retirement, there was a special assembly for him. Mr. Latif gave his speech, followed by the student representative Head Boy Yeoh Jit Wei and than the teachers representative Mrs. Ruby Mangalam Janet. From the assembly, I learned a few things about Mr. Loh.

Shaolin Monks Of PFS

As you all have already known, there are some changes of rules done to our school. I am just here posting this to keep u guys updated~!! The changes of rules are aimed to improve the schools discipline and also the admin believe that with the changes our academic results will improve also claimed by Mr. Abdul Latif.

These are some changes done when school reopened.
  • There will be no more streaming done to all forms. All students are divided randomly into different classes regardless of their position in the whole form. Each class will be having an equal ratio of Chinese, Malay and Indians.
  • The name of the classes also has been. The names like Zamrud, Delima, Nilam, Kecubung, Baiduri, Jed, Topaz and Mutiara have been changed to Budiman, Harmoni, Tekun, Gigih, Pintar. The reason is that the admin wants to get rid of the thinking that Zamrud is the 1st class followed by Delima, Nilam etc. Admin says that now all classes are the same. There is no more such thing as the 1st class or last class.

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Happy Chinse New Year~!! I would like to wish all Sea Scouts, ex-scouts and jus practically everyone Happy Chinese New Year. I hope the year of the dog would be a prosperous new year for u guys and good luck in the future. Gong Xi Fa Cai~!! Dont forget to send me angpaus, hahaz. I cant believe it, after this CNY everyone in PFS must be botak d. The Shaolin Monks of Penang Free School. I think we are gonna be Malaysia's first English Educated Monks ?? We should be proud of it ?? Lolx.

Recruitment Drive

The clock is ticking~!!! Owh no!! Recruitment Drive is just round the corner, less than 1 week left. Those who are in Penang please do come and give support. Attendance is compulsory to all Sea Scouts from form1 to form5. So wad do u guys think of the outcome of the Recruitment drive gonna be?? Is 8gts gonna be succesful or will it be 7gts?? Or mayb out of nowhere comes out 1gts and win the hearts of the first formers?? Post ur comments~~!!
Date: 21st January 2006
Time: 0800hrs - 1200hrs
Venue: In front of the Technology Block
Attire: Full Sea Scout Uniform (FSSU)

Say What?!? Part 002

Say What?!? Part 002This is the second installment of the caption-making-just-for-fun-only what-you-call-it-thingy "Say What?!?". Earlier, we poke fun at our GSM Mr. Lim Ah Seng. This time, let's put some words in the newly crowned Best Scout of CTC05 Andrew. Picture provided by his kind and generous PL Kelvin Lim. Andrew, if you feel like killing someone now, you know who to find. ;)