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Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Entry 020

The camp is tomorrow and we still have so many things to settle. Many things still need to be put together since we've worked on each part separately. It's going to be another long night tonight. We've not slept for the past few days, only taking very short naps now and then so we can complete our work.

Could we have avoided this situation if we had not taken our own sweet time preparing for the camp? Would it have made any difference if there weren't so many competitions? Would the situation be any better if we had more members? The reality is, it doesn't really matter. It is really up to us to make do with what we have.

Even if we had completed things much earlier, we will consider our work to be below par and we will keep on working on it to make it even better with all kinds of modifications if not starting all over from scratch. Sure, less competitions will give us more time for each competition but the spare time we gain would have been wasted on us procrastinating and not doing anything anyway. More members would mean more manpower but what's the use if all they are good for is to sit around and talk crap? Alright, at least they are good for entertainment value but do we need monkeys and clowns in our troop?

I think we've done a good job with the small number of scouts we have. Our troop has thrived with the few quality scouts it has all these while and I see no different now. In fact, I'm proud with the things we accomplish with the limited resources we have. I may still be new to the troop but I've seen and heard enough to know what a great troop it is, and I'm proud to be a part of it. Can't wait for tomorrow to begin! I've been waiting for this moment for far too long...

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