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Mid Year Exam

Just a blink of an eye and its already end of April
Mid Year Exam is just next week ... Which is really really near ?
GOOD LUCK to all our scouts
Please score at least above average yea =)

6km and 8km Journey

6km and 8km journey is part of the usaha and maju badgework requirements. So , form 1's , 2's and 3's be prepared for this journey. It will definately be tiring but it will be fun at the same time too . Details are as follows.
Date : 30th April 2011
Time : 0830 hrs - 1330 hrs
Venue : UMP
Attire : FSSU
Attendance is compulsory for form 1-4. Actions will be taken if any scouts are unable to turn up without a valid reason.

PCGHS Campfire 2011

Yet another year has arrived . On the the 23rd of April , our troop participated the PCGHS gathering once again but this time we only managed to get the 2nd runner up trophy . It was rather disappointing to our scouts as we expected something better . We've even heard news saying that we deserved the 1st runner up ? Best performance ? Whatever it is , we shall strive harder for next year and the upcoming gatherings . I believe our scouts can do much better next time =)

To last year's post by Andrew , the results was indeed to be a pattern .
And it seems 8th South is a big fan of K-POP
From Energy to 5566 to Se7en to DBSK to Big Bang to Tae Yang to Shinee .. and we shall wait for any K-pop group to come out ? =)

Activities Coming Up

Well the year of 2011 is rather a hectic year
Pity to this year's exco as there are many many many activities coming
Tonnes of paperwork , planning and etc etc etc to come xD
All the best =)

For now , I've recieved some news about gatherings and campnights
They are : - SGGS gathering (16 April)
- PCGHS campfire(23 April)
- 50th Anniversary of our troop (28th May)
- CLHS gathering (8 June)
- CGL campfire (11 June)

p/s : Still couldnt decide which one to go and not to go . Hope to hear some advice from the senior/ex-scouts . Thank you