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53rd Jamboree On The Air/ 14th Jamboree On The Internet

What's up ?

I will just make this short . I was updated that the troop participated in JOTA last week ,combining with PCGHS (Thank God you guys combined with the right school) and here are the following results :-

Best Modern Cooking

3rd Place in Totem Pole

I know some of you expected better results but just be satisfied with what you got after all , you guys know you were the ones to beat in that camp .It isn't easy defending the JOTA Overall Crown but please bare in mind you guys did a great job .

Now , go and study for your finals as you wouldn't want to screw your future up =)Best of luck !

Here a picture of the troop's totem pole.Please IGNORE THE CHICKS.Look at the totem pole on the right . That troop's scouts surely OTAK SQUARE .LOL.

Combined Meeting 2010

Combined Meeting 2010 has finally arrived. This is the time whereby scouts get to meet our sister guides/rangers for Combined Training Camp 2010 . Attendance is strictly compulsory for all Form 1 , 2 , 3 ,4 and 6s. PL & PS Meeting will be held during Combined Meeting. Details of the events are as follows :-
Combined Meeting
Date : 17 October 2010
Time : 1500hrs - 1800 hrs
Venue : Meet at UMP
Attire : Full Uniform for both scouts and guides
Patrol on duty : Patrol 2

-Combined Training Camp-