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Good Luck for PMR!

Wishing all those sitting for the PMR exam next week a huge...


May all that Parameswara, symbiosis, y=mx+c, topografi, Mat Kilau crap not fail you when you most need them.

Soccer Training Equipment

As you might have heard, the biggest soccer news this week is that of Jose Mourinho leaving Chelsea. It doesn't matter if he left on his own free will or he was sacked, the main thing is he is gone and Manchester United will be first in line to take advantage of a disarrayed Chelsea team when they travel to Old Trafford this Sunday. ;)

Our troop is not short of footballing talents of its own. David Beckham wannabes, idols of Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo, ardent fans of Kaka and Thierry Henry, the list goes on and on. Once a year, these footballing starlets come out to show their skills in the Inter Patrol Football Competition and challenge for honours and ultimate football glory.

Sure the Juniors were thrashed 4-0 by the Ventures but it makes you wonder if the outcome of the match would have been any different if the Juniors had proper equipment to train before the match. Like everything else, practice makes perfect and Soccer Goals can lend a helping hand.

With a wide variety of soccer equipment like goalmouths and rebounders, and proper training, the Juniors may have given the Ventures a run for their money! The site is quite informative but a little sluggish and non-responsive but overall, it's not too bad. Hopefully with this paid review, more soccer superstars will be produced from within our troop.

Visit to the Little Sisters of the Poor

As CTC 2007 is approaching , we will be having another activity this coming Wednesday which is a community service.All Form 1, 2 & 4 are compulsory to attend this meeting. This activity is to instill a sense of social awareness in our youth .Details of the following activity :-
Venue :Little Sisters of the Poor,Batu Lanchang
Attire :Full Mufti
Time :1530-1730hrs
Date :19th September 2007

Participants of the 1992 PFS Scout Car Grand Prix

In recent weeks, we highlighted some foreword messages found in the 1992 PFS Scout Car Grand Prix souvenir magazine and published a brief history of the PFS Scout Car Grand Prix to debunk claims that the pedal car race organised by the Penang Turf Club in August 2007 is the first ever pedal car racing in Malaysia as claimed by them and rubber-stamped by the Malaysian Book of Records.

As promised, in this instalment we will publish the list of participating schools and scout cars for the 1992 PFS Scout Car Grand Prix.

Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Entry 016

We had our 6km and 8km journeys recently. It was really fun. Walking around in our full sea scout uniform (FSSU) and everyone looking at us. Makes me feel so proud to wear my white uniform.

We had to draw maps of the routes we used. Sometimes we have to take pictures of certain landmarks and sometimes we have to take signatures or chops from certain places like hospitals, police stations or schools as proof of our journey. Then we have to put it all in a logbook.