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IPC Backwoodsman Late Cancelation

This event was canceled because it is reported that many scouts could not make it , especially the PL's. For those who did not know that it was canceled , sorry for the inconvenience caused.

IPC Knots Chart

After one year hiatus, Inter Patrol Competition is back on our schedule. This week, we will have the Knots Chart Competition. This is the time where scouts from each patrol show their talent and express their knowledge in knots. So, fellow scouts, be ready to witness the competitive event of the IPC 2008. Details of the event are as follows :
Date : 16th August 2008
Time : 0800 hrs - 1200 hrs
Venue : Usual Meeting Place (UMP)
Attire : Full Sea Scout Uniform
Patrol on Duty : Dolphin
Attendance is compulsory for all competing patrols. Please be prepared. No knots are to be prepared before hand.

Post AGM 2008

As the AGM 2008 draws to a close, the outgoing Executive Committee of the troop elected the next batch of leaders to carry the troop on their shoulders. After the next troop office bearers are announced, it was finally the time to announce the new group of leaders. It was an intensifying moment as the junior Patrol Leaders and Patrol Seconds are announced. Then , TL Andrew Ng chooses to voice out the new Troop Leader for the term 08/09 first. It was a awkward moment because the new TL is usually announced at the very last. Newly elected TL , Adrian Chuah gave his speech and then it was time for the ATL's to be chosen. First was Prob. ATL Ong Siew Chai. He too gave his long awaited speech. Finally it was time for the second ATL to be chosen. It was a moment of mixed emotions when Prob. VUL Chuan Teik Min was elected as the VUL for this term. It was a shocking and awful moment as he gave his speech. Right after that , Prob. VUL Chong Kam Zhern was announced as the second ATL . He too was in mixed emotions as he began his speech. He gave his sympathies to the one that should have deserved the post more than he did. The event was inevitable as it an emotional moment for some scouts in the troop. But whatever happens, the troop will stand strong and these scouts will always be united and their bonds will never be broken.

AGM 2008

The long awaited event has arrived , the Annual General Meeting 2008. On this auspicious day, the probationary leaders will be either promoted or demoted depending on their performance during ASSTC 2008. All scouts are to be present during AGM 2008. Those who fail to attend will be given warning or dismissal letters. Attendance is COMPULSORY for all scouts from Form 1 to 6. Details of the event are as follows :
Date : 9th of August 2008 (Saturday)
Time : 1300 hrs - 1530hrs / 1.00 p.m. to 3.30 p.m.
Venue : Be at the UMP at 1300 hrs. Then we proceed to the Lecture Hall
Attire : Full Sea Scout Uniform
Patrol on duty : Beaver
All scouts are to be at the UMP by 12.50 p.m.

ASSTC 2008 Results

ASSTC 2008 has drawn to a close. To those who won please strive harder and to those who didn't win , strive even harder next time around. It was also a hard earn experienced for the newcomers.
Here are the new winners for this year.
Best Overall Champion : Dolphin
Best Drilling : Otter
Best Iron Chef : Venture
Best Mascot : Dolphin
Best Miniature Gadget : Dolphin
Best Flag and Flagpole : Beaver
Best Logbook : Dolphin
Best Campnite : Venture
Most Spirited Patrol : Beaver
Most Outstanding Patrol Leader : Malcolm Tan
Most Outstanding Patrol Second : Alex Lee
Most Outstanding Sea Scout (Junior) : Nachiappan
Most Outstanding Sea Scout (Senior) : Paul Chen
Here are the camp photos.

If you would like to view them in larger resolution, you can find them here. Have fun viewing them.