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Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Entry 007

Some of my friends have decided to quit the troop. Some of them were involved in smearing the Troop's name with lies and responsible for the vandalism to the Troop website and notice board. They even threatened not to be my friends anymore if I do not quit with them. They even suggested that it was me who informed the EXCO's that they were the ones behind the smear campaign. I wish I had told the leaders so the damage wouldn't have been so great but the fact is I didn't tell on them. I'm very sad it has come to this.

I remember the days when we did practically everything together. There was nothing we wouldn't do together. We enjoyed ourselves as if there was no tomorrow. Any challenges that came our way, we would tackle them together. We were the envy of our seniors as they've never seen such comradeship during their own time. How is it that this time it is so different? Just a few differences in opinion and now we are no longer close. Do they really think what they've done is right?

Now I'm alone in the troop. My friends have joined another uniformed body. I'm not close to the other members since I've always mixed with my group only most of the time. Should I quit the troop too and join my friends in the other uniformed body? I would have back my friends. I would be part of the group again. That uniformed body is also not that challenging and demanding compared to scouting but I still love scouting. What should I do? Should I quit or should I stay? Can somebody guide me and show me the way?

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