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Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Entry 019

The camp is just around the corner and there are still so many tasks to complete. We're working more hours a day, sacrificing our sleep and we look like zombies now. We work ourselves silly to the extend using a mobstick to prod us won't be enough to wake us up. Come to think of it, I believe even an earthquake is incapable of waking us from our slumber.

The 1969 Scout Soap Box Derby Report

Here's the highly anticipated report of the historic first Scout Car Grand Prix back in 1969 - the Scout Soap Box Derby at the City Stadium - as reported in the Scouting Herald of Penang Free School 1969, Volume 1 No. 3. This is part of a series of articles to debunk claims that the pedal car race organised by the Penang Turf Club in August 2007 is the first ever pedal car racing in Malaysia as claimed by them and rubber-stamped by the Malaysian Book of Records. Let's now relive what happened on that historic day.

Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Entry 018

I've stayed over at my PL's house for a few weeks now. I'm here more than in my own home. Can you believe that? I miss my bed and my blankie and my teddy.

The sculpture that I'm working on is coming along fine. It has already taken shape and we've even applied paint and the necessary decorations on it. It is coming close to resemble what we had in mind after sacrificing so many sleepless nights on it. At the moment, we're putting on the finishing touches on what I hope will be the best sculpture ever! I really hope my PL will keep his promise to let me keep the trophy if we win the competition.

CTC Selection Day 2007

Choosing the 'potential' actors/actresses from among our scouts and guides is not an easy task. Therefore we have decided to hold our annual selection day to choose the best to be presented during our campfire night. They will be able to provide you with the most enjoyable entertainment such as dance, sketch and advertisment. And to top it all, it is FREE OF CHARGE!!!! All are cordially invited to attend the event. The folliwing details :-
Date : 26th November 2007
Time :1200hrs-1800hrs
Venue :Youth Park
Attire:Full Mufti(Scouts)
2nd Uniform (Guides/Rangers)
We look forward to your presence.

CTC 2007 Camp Office Bearers

Camp Chief -Ming Yeng
Asst. Camp Chief -Andrew Ng
Secreatary -Nicholas Ong
Asst. Secreatary -Eu Kim
Treasurer -Andrew Ng
Quartermaster -Melvin Tan
Asst.Quartermaster -Yi Lin
First Aider -Andrew Ng
Asst. First Aider -Tiffany Tan & Chuah Phei Yee
Master of Ceremonies -Nicholas Ong & Tiffany
Public Duty Coordinator -Nicholas Ong
Asst. Public Duty Coordinator -Jewel,Yin Yee & Melissa
Discipline master -Andrew Ng
Discipline Mistress -Adelene,Jewel,Pi Yi,& Lim Weijing
Security master -Andrew Ng ,Nicholas Ong,Melvin Tan & Ming Yeng
Security Mistress -Regina , Xin Yee , Cheng Yee & Phei Yee
Cleanliness Officer -Melissa , Cheng Yee ,Pi Yi & Winjing
Photographer -Nicholas

Good Luck SPM & STPM 2007

Next week the Form 5 and Upper 6 sea scouts will be taking their SPM and STPM examinations respectively. Here's wishing you all...


When it's all over, remember to visit CTC and support the current sea scouts.

New Campsite for Penang Scouts

Create polls and vote for free. dPolls.com

Since Coronation Camp has been taken over by the Penang Botanical Gardens, the scouts in Penang have been without a proper area for their camping activities. Looks like the previous designated site at Teluk Bahang has been shelved and the search for a new camping ground is now back on with Seberang Prai as a new suggestion.

Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Entry 017

Look at that teacher! Is she pregnant again? How can she be pregnant again after she just gave birth to a baby boy earlier this year? I can't even remember the last time I saw her not looking like a hippo. She must have a really very active sex life with her husband. Either that or they are aiming to form a football team. They should really learn up on birth control but I heard they are not suppose to use any birth control as it is against God's will to do so. I guess she just have to bear with being a baby factory then.

Viva La FREES 21 October 2007

SCHOOL ATTENTION! And there it go again, every single year on this date we Frees honour the founding of our School, the Penang Free School. For many Old Frees, nostalgia strikes sudden and hard memories will rush back through the years to October 21st, a day mellowed with age; a timeless repetition of history; the simple ceremony at our Founders tomb in early dawn, attended by selected few; the smart parade on the field, the grand ceremony in the Great Hall, all these will have pleasantly surprised Rev. Hutchings.

In such a long period, the Free School has achieved many remarkable things that not many other schools have done; rich in tradition, our Alma Mater's legacy of academic and cocurricular excellence is reputably and arguably one of the nation's best. Some say we have become complacent, the past is what we have been always proud off but we should focus on the present and the future as well. The Penang Free School stands on the threshold of a new era, the Frees of the day should continue their predecessors domination and majestic reign and the legacy of the Grand Old Lady with a sense of pride. Here's a short momento to the Grand Old Lady:

Happy 191st Anniversary Free School

*certain phrases are excerpts taken from
Viva La FREES PFS 190th Anniversary

The RM2 Million Jamboree

A hundred years of scouting in Malaysia and RM2 million for a National Jamboree in 2008.
A RM2mil jamboree in the works

THE Scout Association of Malaysia has announced plans to organise a National Jamboree next year to celebrate the centenary of the movement in Malaysia.

The jamboree at Universiti Putra Malaysia, is estimated to cost RM2mil and would cater to about 6,000 participants. [...]

PL & PS Meeting

There will be a PL & PS meeting this coming Wednesday. In this meeting, we will be meeting our fellow sister guides/rangers from CGL, SGGS, CLS & PCGHS and circular for CTC 2007 will be given. This meeting is compulsory for all Patrol Leaders only. Details of the following activity:-
Venue :Penang Free School
Date :10 October 2007
Time :1500-1630hrs
Attire:Top Mufti

Combined Training Camp 2007 Patrol List

Here you are...the patrols that will be competing in this year's Combined Training Camp.

PL Adrain Adrian Chuah
Paul Chen
Ken Ho
Kar Yenn
Alvin Tan
Wei Jim

PL Ong Siew Chai
Chong Kam Zhern
Khan Jian Zhen
Chai Cheah Tzun

PL Teik Min
Tan Soon Seng
Shaun Oh
Cheng Huat
Jun Ting
Ching Quan

VUL Lee Jang Heng
Daniel Quah

Results of the 1969 Soap Box Derby

Previously, we promised the next installment in this series to debunk claims that the pedal car race organised by the Penang Turf Club in August 2007 is the first ever pedal car racing in Malaysia as claimed by them and rubber-stamped by the Malaysian Book of Records, is to be the report of the first Scout Car Grand Prix back in 1969. Before we get to that, wouldn't it be interesting to know the results of the race first? Here's the list of winners for the Scout Soap Box Derby of 1969.

Good Luck for PMR!

Wishing all those sitting for the PMR exam next week a huge...


May all that Parameswara, symbiosis, y=mx+c, topografi, Mat Kilau crap not fail you when you most need them.

Soccer Training Equipment

As you might have heard, the biggest soccer news this week is that of Jose Mourinho leaving Chelsea. It doesn't matter if he left on his own free will or he was sacked, the main thing is he is gone and Manchester United will be first in line to take advantage of a disarrayed Chelsea team when they travel to Old Trafford this Sunday. ;)

Our troop is not short of footballing talents of its own. David Beckham wannabes, idols of Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo, ardent fans of Kaka and Thierry Henry, the list goes on and on. Once a year, these footballing starlets come out to show their skills in the Inter Patrol Football Competition and challenge for honours and ultimate football glory.

Sure the Juniors were thrashed 4-0 by the Ventures but it makes you wonder if the outcome of the match would have been any different if the Juniors had proper equipment to train before the match. Like everything else, practice makes perfect and Soccer Goals can lend a helping hand.

With a wide variety of soccer equipment like goalmouths and rebounders, and proper training, the Juniors may have given the Ventures a run for their money! The site is quite informative but a little sluggish and non-responsive but overall, it's not too bad. Hopefully with this paid review, more soccer superstars will be produced from within our troop.

Visit to the Little Sisters of the Poor

As CTC 2007 is approaching , we will be having another activity this coming Wednesday which is a community service.All Form 1, 2 & 4 are compulsory to attend this meeting. This activity is to instill a sense of social awareness in our youth .Details of the following activity :-
Venue :Little Sisters of the Poor,Batu Lanchang
Attire :Full Mufti
Time :1530-1730hrs
Date :19th September 2007

Participants of the 1992 PFS Scout Car Grand Prix

In recent weeks, we highlighted some foreword messages found in the 1992 PFS Scout Car Grand Prix souvenir magazine and published a brief history of the PFS Scout Car Grand Prix to debunk claims that the pedal car race organised by the Penang Turf Club in August 2007 is the first ever pedal car racing in Malaysia as claimed by them and rubber-stamped by the Malaysian Book of Records.

As promised, in this instalment we will publish the list of participating schools and scout cars for the 1992 PFS Scout Car Grand Prix.

Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Entry 016

We had our 6km and 8km journeys recently. It was really fun. Walking around in our full sea scout uniform (FSSU) and everyone looking at us. Makes me feel so proud to wear my white uniform.

We had to draw maps of the routes we used. Sometimes we have to take pictures of certain landmarks and sometimes we have to take signatures or chops from certain places like hospitals, police stations or schools as proof of our journey. Then we have to put it all in a logbook.

Saluting Under The Flag

I chanced upon this article by a former sea scout recently and thought it apt for today's occasion (well, he did write it for Merdeka 2 years or so ago). Gives a lot of meaning and context to the stuff we usually regard as mundane and stupid. Here's a snippet of the article.

A Brief History of PFS Scout Car Grand Prix

Previously, we highlighted some foreword messages found in the 1992 PFS Scout Car Grand Prix souvenir magazine to debunk claims that the pedal car race organised by the Penang Turf Club in August 2007 is the first ever pedal car racing in Malaysia as claimed by them and rubber-stamped by the Malaysian Book of Records.

Here, we would like to publish in verbatim the introduction from that same souvenir magazine which gives us a great look at the history of the PFS Scout Car Grand Prix.

Congratulations New Leaders

And the Troop Leader for 2007/2008 is....

Andrew Ng Wei Qin

We also have a new ATL in Melvin Tan Kee Tat. Not many changes from the other positions, just a few minor tweaks. For more information, refer to the new Troop Roll Call and Court of Honour.

Goodbye Boys on Astro Kirana

If you missed Wednesday night's screening of Goodbye Boys on Astro Kirana, fret not. You'll have another chance of viewing the movie this Sunday, 26th August 2007 at 3pm. Astro Kirana is on channel 23 for your information. The movie will last about two hours so you would want to keep 3-5pm this Sunday free if you're interested in watching the movie.

Additional screenings will also be available in September on the 1st, 11th, 23rd and 28th. Screening times are unavailable at the moment.

Annual General Meeting 2007

The time has come for the Annual General Meeting to convene once more. Details as follows:
Date: 24th August 207
Time: 0830hrs
Venue: Lecture Theatre School Canteen
Attire: FSSU
All sea scouts are to meet at the UMP first. Attendance is compulsory for all.

AGM is always associated with the appointment of the new TL but we all know it is more than that. Oh, screw it, who are we fooling here? We want to know who will succeed TL Jeffrey Lee after tomorrow! So who do you think it will be? Will it be between Prob. ATLs Andrew Ng and Nicholas Ong? Or maybe Prob. VUL Melvin or Prob. VUS Lee Jang Heng?

Will this year's race be any more interesting than the Amazing Troop Leader Race 2005 and Amazing Troop Leader Race 2006? Will there finally be an upset? Stay tuned to find out.

The 1992 Revival of PFS Scout Car Grand Prix

There are many meanings when it comes to "The 1st Malaysian Pedal Car Race". It could mean that this is the first of many to be organised by a particular organisation (ie. Organisation A's "1st Penang Treasure Hunt", although obviously it is definitely not the first ever treasure hunt to be organised in Penang). It could also mean you are really the very first, the pioneers to organise the event (ie. "1st Malaysian Horticulture Exhibition" that has never been organised by anyone ever before).

Debunking So-Called Malaysia's First Pedal Car Race

Time and again, they rubbed salt in our wounds and throw dirt at our face. I really don't see why it should be any different this time around.

It's not enough that they ridiculously claimed to organise the FIRST pedal car race in Malaysia. It's not enough that they foolishly claimed to have INTRODUCED the "new" sport to Malaysians. It's not enough that they absurdly RIDICULED the Scout Car Grand Prix, which existed way before they knew anything about pedal car racing, as a "past-time sport". Now they went one step further by getting the Malaysian Book of Records to rubber-stamp them as the "First Pedal Car Race" in Malaysia. All this when the Scout Car Grand Prix (formerly known as the Scout Soap Box Derby) existed way back in 1969.

Penang State Campfire

The Penang Scout Council is organising the State Campfire on Aug 25 at Sekolah Menengah Haji Zainul Abidin, Jalan Hamilton, Penang, in conjunction with the 100th year of scouting.

Call Yeoh Peng Hong at 012-4278844.

Off To National Service

Have you checked your selection status for the National Service for the year 2008? Here are a few methods you can check:

NS (space) <> and send to 33995 (RM0.40 / SMS)
[ eg. NS <900808085555> ]

03-2681 3446/ 2687 3423/ 2687 3410/ 2687 3434
So who are the lucky ones selected for next year's session?

Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Entry 015

This was my first time canoeing. I can't wait to go back to PKSA again. I was afraid that I may fall into the sea but fortunately I have a good senior to help me. I sat in front (bow) and he controlled the stern. Of course we all had to wear life jackets but the thought of floating in the middle of the sea is just not something I enjoy thinking of.

We get to choose either a single seater or double seater canoe. For us juniors, we have no choice but to take double seater canoes so some seniors can guide us. Then we have to choose a paddle to help us move in the water. We have to choose either a left handed or right handed paddle depending on if you are left handed or right handed.

Once A Scout, Always A Scout

The Star article highlighting the reunion of 8th Georgetown South's pioneer batch of sea scouts.
Much may have changed over 50 years but not the strong bond among a bunch of former scouts from the Penang Free School.

Reunited after half a century, the old boys – now fathers and grandfathers – renewed the Scout's promises and enjoyed a fun weekend in Penang.

We Are Two


Happy 2nd Anniversary 08online....

Xaverian B-P Guild to Hold Fellowship Dinner

The Xaverian B-P Guild will be organising a fellowship dinner to celebrate 100 Years of World Scouting and 50 Years of Merdeka at Bayview Hotel, Georgetown, Penang on August 11 at 8pm. All scouts are invited.

For details, call Khoo Heng San at 04-2280386 or fax 2260386, Ong at 012-4939681 or Patrick Chin at 012-2352028.

Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Entry 014

Who is this fella? What is he doing at the camp so late at night? Is he an ex-sea scout? Is he a camper's brother who came to see him? Who is he?

Bach Flower Remedies

I'm sure you all have heard of aromatherapy and the wonders it can do for you in certain situations. Most likely, only your mothers and/or wives are using aromatherapy and usually for common practices like relieving stress and flu (or maybe even as an aphrodisiac) although essential oils have a wide range of uses.

Alternative medicine may not be as widely practised yet compared to modern medical practices but it is definitely gaining in prominence. Let me now introduce you to another alternative medicine branch called back flower remedy. Bach flower remedies are dilutions of flower essences developed by a certain Edward Bach. The remedies are used primarily for emotional and spiritual conditions, including but not limited to depression, anxiety, insomnia and stress.

For example, Mimulus Bach Flower Remedy can be used to overcome fears such as public speaking. It also helps for those who have a problem with stammering. If you're a workaholic, you may want to look into Oak Bach Flower Remedy. Also for multi-purpose and/or emergency situations, there's the Rescue Remedy Spray which consists of a blend of bach flower essences designed for situations of stress, shock and injury which is great for children and pets.

Maybe it will still be too early to find alternative medicine supplies in the Troop first aid kid but maybe in the near future, it could be a possibility. With this paid review, it is hoped that you now have a better understanding of bach flower remedies.

Pioneer Sea Scouts Reunion

The sea scouts of 8th Georgetown South who were in Penang Free School during the years under Scout Master Ch'ng Eng Kee (1958-1963) and assistant scout masters will hold their reunion from August 4th to 6th at Hydro Majestic Hotel, Batu Ferrighi, Penang. This will be their first big reunion after having left the Sea Scout troop for over 40 years.

For details, call Ang Teng Chye at 04-2266558 or 017-4789378.

Say What?!? Part 004

Say What?!? Part 004

Former TL and ASSL Simon Loh is very well known for his crazy nature and would most definitely be a suitable candidate for a Say What?!? segment. Here, you see him in one of his wacky moods, making a fool of himself, all for the sake of others having a good laugh. In this fourth installment of the caption-making-just-for-fun-only what-you-call-it-thingy, put the words into this 'siao lang' we all know as Simon Loh.

Usaha Training Camp

The George Town (North) & (South) Local Association of Scouts is organising an Usaha Training Camp from Friday to Sunday at Sekolah Menengah Haji Zainul Abidin, Penang. The camp is open to all boy scouts from secondary schools. For details, call Min Han at 012-42597017 or Thean Yu at 012-4708093.

TTO 2007

The troop recently held the 2007 Troop Takeover. First, the awards for the term 2006/2007.
Best PL
Chong Kam Zhern

Best PS
Chuan Teik Min

Best Scout
Cason Chong

Best Patrol
Beaver (PL Adrian Chuah)
Next, the new leaders for the term 2007/2008!
Probationary Assistant Troop Leader
Andrew Ng Wei Qin
Nicholas Ong
Congrats to all. To see other appointments, check the updated Troop Roll Call of Honour.

Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Entry 013

I've never missed my bed so much in my life. Not even when I went for a week long holiday with my family. Now I know how's it like to be physically and mentally drained. It feels like torture although it was just slightly more than 12 hours. I thought Leadership Training Camp was about harnessing your leadership qualities and how to be a better leader. I guess I couldn't be farther from the truth. But I did learn a lot of things from that experience.

University Admissions Results Coming Up

Good luck on getting admitted!
Admission list for public universities out next week

Students will know by the middle of next week which public university (IPTAs) they will enter Higher Education Minister Datuk Mustapa Mohamed said.

This was because they have to register at their university for the 2007/2008 intake on July 1.

"We expect to offer about the same number of places as last year," he told reporters after flagging off a convoy of superbikers in conjunction with the 32nd sports championship for staff in public universities.

A total of 40,016 students were accepted for the academic year in 2006, a slight increase over the previous year's figure of 39,976.

Starting this year, the Education Ministry will be responsible for the calculation of points for those applying to IPTAs, based on a 90:10 ratio in terms of weightage given to academic results and co-curricular activities.

Currently, admission is based on examination results, with co-curricular performance being used as the tie-breaker in cases where two students have the same cumulative grade point average. [...]
All the best in taking your next step in life.

Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Entry 012

Wow! It definitely wasn't what I expected it to be. It was really an eye-opener. I'm so physically tired and mentally drained. Who thought so many things could happen in slightly over 12 hours. That was seriously one hardcore camp. Who knew a Leadership Training Camp would be something like that? I seriously don't feel like being special anymore. I wished I wasn't selected for the camp. But it was a good experience nonetheless.

I have to go rest now. Can hardly keep my eyes open. Ouch! My arms feel like falling apart. Will write more about the camp and TTO later.


Bargains At Borders

I found some interesting books at bargain prices when I was at Borders the other day that may interest the current sea scouts and maybe old salts as well.

The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Knots & Ropework

The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Knots & Ropework
by Geoffrey Budworth

I first saw this book in Singapore and again in Kuala Lumpur. They weren't exactly cheap then but the Borders outlet at Queensbay Mall is now offering it at a very special price (can't really recall how much but probably below RM30?) and also part of the "3 for 2" offer. Not sure if it's a mistake or not but that's pretty cheap for a hard cover book which retails for USD39. The book is very informative with pictures, descriptions, history, uses and of course how to tie each knot.

Fishing: Everything You Need to Catch the Big One

Fishing: Everything You Need to Catch the Big One
by Ronnie Garrison

This book is for fishing enthusiasts or those who are learning how to fish. The book does not have lots of pictures but contains a lot of information provided by the author who's an authority in fishing and other outdoor activities. The book is also very affordable at less than RM30.

Sorry, I can't remember exactly how much the books cost but I know they are very affordable for such books. So those interested may want to drop by at Borders these few days.

Memoirs of a Sea Scout: The Story So Far

We've published 11 entries so far from the journal of a sea scout that ran away from a camp. Before we proceed further with this series, let's recap the events that have transpired so far.

In Introduction, we were thrown straight into the life of a scout that was running away from a camp. An enthusiastic scout that loved camping. He loved camping so much, he even packed his bags one week before the camp. The very same scout that decided to jump into a chasm instead of facing his pursuers.

Kinta Scouts' 5-Storeys High Tower

Kinta Scout Tower
Tower of bamboo, firewood and rope

IMAGINE a tower five storeys high built out of nothing but bamboo, firewood and rope.

Forty members of the 219th Kinta Scout Shiang Yang Open Troop took five days to create the 21.3-metre high structure at SMK Bercham in Ipoh.

Its scoutmaster Leong Siew Chuan, 25, said they used 300 pieces of wood, 100 bamboo poles and 50kg of rope.

With nine platforms and 13 sets of stairs, the structure is solid enough to hold up to 70 Scouts at one time. Two people could squeeze onto the top of the tower, he said.
Read more about it here.

Say What?!? Part 003

Say What?!? Part 003

With the recent revelation that our former webmaster Daniel Phoon is the most stalked after 8gts celebrity on 08online, it is only appropriate to honour him with his very own Say What?!? In this third installment of the caption-making-just-for-fun-only what-you-call-it-thingy, put the words into these two fella's mouths.

Some Weird And Interesting Search Queries

Here's a list of some weird and interesting search queries that found its way to 08online...
"ship began to roll" song [Titanic?]
penang free school gay [!!!]
convent green lane motto [huh?]
pak-chiu-cheng blog [WTF]
how can i get waves in my hair [?!?]
Even teachers get searched online...
"lim ah seng"
goh teng keang
"khoo poh kheng"

Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Entry 011

I just got selected for a special camp. For me, I think it is special cos only selected people can go for the camp. So means I am special. Hehehe. Also, no one knew there was going to be a camp just before Troop Takeover. Everyone thought next meeting will be TTO but they just announce last minute will have camp just before that. The camp is called Leadership Training Camp (LTC).

Ten Schools To Participate In Scout Car Clone

Penang Free School will be among ten schools to participate in the so-called "inaugural" Pedal Car Race.
Race gets good response

[...] Ten schools will be participating in the one-day event. They are Penang Free School, St Xavier's Institution, SMK Hutchings, SMK Haji Zainal Abidin, SMK Sungai Ara, Sacred Heart Secondary School, Chung Ling Private, Chung Ling High School, Han Chiang High School and SMK Chung Hwa Confucian.

"Our objective is to encourage Malaysians especially school children to love the environment and we hope it can also help to promote tourism in Malaysia, particularly in Penang, during Visit Malaysia 2007," said Penang Turf Club (PTC) committee member Alex Rodgers.

Rodgers also hoped that the participating schools would encourage their students to build their own pedal cars for next year's event. [...]
Sponsors are asked to pay five thousand for a car. With that amount of money, we could easily produce five scout cars of better quality than just the metal frames they are offering. Maybe we've to factor in inflation and the increase of metal prices since the last time we constructed a scout car, so let's say RM5k will be enough for three cars instead. Is the troop willing to take up the challenge of building a scout car to participate in next year's race and teach them a lesson for belittling the Scout Car Grand Prix?

Bunch Of Greetings


...to all Lower Sixes


...for the mid-year exams
may god have mercy on us all


it's party time!!!

Round Penang Island Canoe Expedition

Former 1997/98 Troop Leader Alvin Foong Ther Hoei participated in the recent round Penang island canoe expedition. He shares some of his experiences and pictures with us here.
It all started evening of 22 March 2007 at PKSA (Penang Water Sports Recreation Centre). We had our first briefing on the expedition by the Secretary of Penang Canoeing Association and even the President of PCA Mr Khoo himself.

We were expecting about 70++ people during the whole 3 days 2 nights expedition. These included personnel from the navy, marine police and PKSA staff. Ms. Girlie from PKSA announced that we had participants from all over Malaysia including 2 female participants from Singapore. They are to represent Singapore to create a new record of being the first Singaporean ladies to canoe round Penang island.

We set off around 0830hrs on 23 March 2007 with 33 double seater kayaks. Everyone were in high spirits and determination! We had our first stop over at Pantai Kerachut, a place which is no stranger to me since PFS days. Lunch was great and without much delay, we continued our journey to Biro Tata Negara, which served as our base for the first night.

We had our wakey-wakey at 0600hrs on 24 March 2007. Today will be the toughest day among the 3 days of the expedition. We were expected to complete at least 12 hours of non stop journey which covers about 30km from Biro Tata Negara to Pantai Jerejak. We reached Pantai Jerejak about 1730hrs. All the participants were exhausted and tired as well. We quickly set up our tents and some Penangites decided to go back home a night.

Wakey-wakey was at 0700hrs on the third and final day of the expedition. Everyone were tired but our spirit and determination were high. Everyone were looking forward to PKSA again because that is where lunch will be served.

The first kayak that reached PKSA was at about 1300hrs and the last in the group was 1400hrs. It was undoubtedly an unforgettable experience.
You can view individual photos of the canoe expedition here.

Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Entry 010

Troop Takeover is just around the corner. It will be my first experience of this ceremony. Seniors tell me it is an important time in the troop when the outgoing leaders will appoint new leaders to take over the troop. I guess that's why it's called Troop Takeover or TTO.

Scout Car Grand Prix - A Past Time Sport?

First, they claimed it to be the FIRST pedal car racing in Malaysia. Then, they claimed they INTRODUCED the "new" sport to Malaysia. As if there was never any event like it organised in Penang before, now they claim that pedal car racing is making a DEBUT in Penang through their efforts while the scout car was being ridiculed as a "past-time sport".
Pedal car racing to debut in Penang

MALAYSIANS will soon be able to watch a new sports novelty – pedal car racing.

The 1st Malaysian Pedal Car Race, organised by the Penang Turf Club (PTC) in conjunction with Visit Malaysia Year 2007, will be held at the Esplanade, Penang, on Aug 19.

According to motor sport racing enthusiast Kayes Choo, who is also organising chairman, the inaugural race is the first competitive event at national level.

"In the past, pedal car activities were mostly organised by scouts as a past-time sport. Old bicycles were to put together to make these cars then.

"It is different now. We’ve engaged a local engineer to manufacture a more professional vehicle based on British specifications. Penang Motor Sport Club officials will officiate this one-day competition," said Choo. [...]
Those who were heavily involved in building the scout cars would tell you that the Scout Car Grand Prix was no "past-time sport" and I dare say the quality of scout cars in the last few years were very, very good, if not great. The cars didn't need "a local engineer" to manufacture "a more professional vehicle". The scout cars, produced by scouts who had no knowledge of engineering except for those learned in school, books and the internet, were definitely top notch.

It may have started as a project to utilise scrap metal and old bicycle parts in making a scout car but as the years progressed, those "discarded" components were replaced by newly acquired parts. Looking at the photos of their pedal cars, they look more like the scout cars in the 1980's and early 1990's. A look at our Vital Statistix alone and we'll know which one the tourists will flock to. Not to be mistaken as mere eye-candy, Vital Statistix has ruled the last few Scout Car Grand Prix and had even repeatedly beaten 7th South's legendary Jody, rumoured to be manufactured by "a local engineer".

Since the organisers of the so-called "1st Malaysian Pedal Car" making it's so-called "debut" in Penang seems to downplay the scout cars as being "unprofessional vehicles" made from "old bicycle parts" only for a "part-time sport", would their cars stand up to the challenge of the scout cars, assembled only by schoolboys? Now, that will be really interesting to watch!

Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Entry 009

It's gathering season. All the gatherings are coming thick and fast. It was a great gathering just now although we didn't win the best overall trophy. Everyone thought we should have won but we didn't. It happens sometimes. Like Forrest Gump's momma likes to say, "Life's like a box of chocolates. You'll never know what you'll get." Even when you are clearly the best in every category, you still end up losing to some lame group all because one of their leader is very involved with the chairperson of the gathering. Dumb girl. She doesn't know she'll get dumped soon after the gathering!

Scout Car Idea Turned Tourist Attraction

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Our lose, somebody else's gain. The stalled Scout Car Grand Prix (can't even recall when was the last one) could very well have made the same headlines like this article here but like always, many lacked the foresight to see its potential.
Club to introduce new sport to M'sians

IN conjunction with Visit Malaysia 2007, the Penang Turf Club (PTC) will be introducing pedal car racing in Malaysia and the inaugural event is set to take place in Penang on August 19.

Themed 1st Malaysian Pedal Car Race, the PTC hopes that the introduction of this environmental-friendly sport will instil in Malaysians, especially schoolchildren, love and concern for the environment. [...]

For this inaugural event, the PTC has commissioned a local engineer to build 12 professional cars based on British specifications.

The PTC Penang Pedal Car Race 2007 is an eight-lap relay team competition with 10 cars on the grid and two cars acting as back-up in the event of an accident.

Each team will have four crew members and each member will have to pedal for two laps.

Each lap will cover about 1.1km and the route of the competition will see participants passing by several landmarks in Penang like St George’s Church, Fort Cornwallis and the Jubilee Clock Tower at the Downing Street/Light Street roundabout, the Esplanade, King Edward Place and Beach Street. The race will start and end at the state legislative assembly building in Light Street.

A pole position in the Penang Pedal Car Race 2007 is vital and in this case, each rider will have to do battle in the practice session before the main race to secure a good position. [...]
Those who saw its potential were labeled ludicrous and the idea outlandish by the very people who were too lazy and nonchalant to entertain the idea. Our scouts today has become complacent and contented with whatever small 'achievements' and 'standards' they've achieved. Hardly anymore breaking down barriers, reaching new highs, challenging greater obstacles. Always seeking the easy way out. That's the problem with our scouts today. They've become accommodative to mistakes and weaknesses. They've become receptive to mediocrity. They've become the pansies Red Crescent Society.

It could have been a cash cow and good PR exercise for the three scouting groups of PFS but now it will end up as somebody else's. At the very least, we all know the Scout Car Grand Prix existed way before the "1st Malaysian Pedal Car Race". Working race cars built by boy scouts, not engineers and we have pictures as documentation. That they can't take away from us.

Canoe Expedition

Penang Canoe Association is organising a Round Penang Island Canoe Expedition for the public from tomorrow to Sunday. The association will also be conducting trials for those interested in representing Penang in canoeing in Sukma 2008. Participants must be below 21 years and training will be provided. School children 16 years and above are encouraged to apply for long-term training. For details, call Girlie at 012-4991141 or call at the Penang Water Sports Recreation Centre, Tanjung Bungah.

Exceptional Scout Despite Disabilities

Just puts to shame some of the panzies that complains about the "hardship" of scouting through the years. If someone with disabilities aspires to be more involved, I don't see why able-bodied scouts should walk towards the other direction.
Disability no barrier for this brave scout

Disabled Scout

After having been an active member of the scout movement at home and winning honours, Bukhori Ali, 18, has now set his sights on the World Scout Jamboree in London starting on July 27.

Bukhori, who was born with deformed hands and legs, is worried that he may not be able to make it as his father, who works as a farmer, cannot afford to finance his trip.

The Form Six student, who has been active in the scout movement since his primary school days, said he hoped to get a sponsor to enable him to join the jamboree as his father, Ali Salleh, 50, only earns about RM400 a month.
What's your take on this?


...a bountiful Year of the Boar for all
...the monthly test didn't result in any casualties
...desirable results for those receiving SPM results tomorrow
...acceptable outcome for those awaiting STPM results on Thursday

Happy school holidays.

Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Entry 008

I've decided to stay. It wasn't an easy choice. On one hand, I could possibly lose my best friends. On the other hand, I could lose something I'm really proud to be part of. In the end, I chose to stick with the troop.

Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Entry 007

Some of my friends have decided to quit the troop. Some of them were involved in smearing the Troop's name with lies and responsible for the vandalism to the Troop website and notice board. They even threatened not to be my friends anymore if I do not quit with them. They even suggested that it was me who informed the EXCO's that they were the ones behind the smear campaign. I wish I had told the leaders so the damage wouldn't have been so great but the fact is I didn't tell on them. I'm very sad it has come to this.

Treatment For Jellyfish Sting

We've heard of the 'well-known treatment' of jellyfish stings with one's urine. As a first aider, I've employed this 'remedy' before (not my urine though) on the sea scouts under my care when vinegar was not available, and it worked.

However, research has come to show that your pee may actually cause more pain to the victim rather than make it better. Instead of aiming your 'little brother' on the victim, washing the stung area with saltwater (NOT freshwater) is recommended to deactivate the nematocysts (the agent that is pumping all that juice that's causing all that discomfort) from releasing more venom.

After all the nematocysts have been deactivated, the attached bits of tentacle can be removed by coating them with wet beach sand followed by shaving off with your MyKad.

So, the next time you feel like dropping your pants during a jellyfish sting incident, do think twice. Exposing your 'water hose' may cause more than nightmares to the victim. Unless of course he is someone you totally despise.

Recruitment Drive 2007

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Recruitment Drive 2007 will be this Saturday 13th of January 2007, while the preparation will start Friday of this current week. The allocated spot for our troop's layout will be in the school tennis court, behind the pavillion (astaka).

Attendance is compulsory for all members to help out and ensure that the amount of members in the troop will grow during the recruitment drive. The details of the event are as stated below.

Time: 1300 hours (Friday) - 1300 hours (Saturday)

Day: Friday and Saturday

Date: 12th - 13th January 2007

Venue: School tennis court, behind pavillion (astaka).

Attire: FSSU

P.S: PL's please make sure your members overnight on the 12th to prepare the layout for recruitment drive. + + i will be there....

Welcome First Formers of PFS

A big congratulations on your success in being selected to join this prestigious school. Welcome to the family. You must be scratching your heads when it comes to selecting one out of about 20 uniformed bodies to join. Let's make the process easier for you. Just be a mighty sea scout of Penang Free School. Join 8gts. Seriously!

Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and we have tonnes of pictures for you here. Not convinced yet? Take a look at this short music video. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth at least a million, no? Still don't get us? Read on about our organisation, our history, our crest and our uniform. How about reading about the first day experience of a sea scout?

What better way to mark your entrance to the oldest and grandest English school in Southeast Asia than to be part of the unique family of 8th Georgetown (South) Sea Scout Group? Be different, be special, be the best! Be a sea scout!

Here's wishing all others a productive 2007! Give it up for the Form Ones!