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Scout Songs


Oh, they built the ship Titanic
And they said that it was true
That it was a ship
That water never comes true
But The Lord He took a hand
And He said it would not stand
It was sad when the ship went down

Oh, it was sad, it was sad
Oh, it was sad, it was sad
It was sad when the great ship went down
Hit the bottom lordie
Husbands and wives
Little children lost their lives
It was sad when the great ship went down

As the ship began to roll
As it sank into the sea
And the band struck up
Nearer My Lord to Thee
As the lifeboats they were lowered
But not all could get aboard
It was sad when the great ship went down


Brownsea Island

From the start of Brownsea Island
Right up to the present day
We have learn our sense of scouting
From the Lord Baden-Powell's way
We are ready to help when needed
We are joyful always gay
We are proud to be a member
Of the worldwide Brotherhood

We Are Here For Fun

We are here for fun
Right from the start
Pray drop your dignity
Just laugh and sing with all your heart
And show your loyalty
For all the campfires we have gone
Let this one be the best
So join the song we sing tonight
Be merry with the rest

Jamaican Farewell

Down the way where the nights are gay
And the sun shines daily on the mountaintop
I took a trip on a sailing ship
When I reached Jamaica I made a stop

But I'm sad to say I'm on my way
Wouldn't be back for many of days
My heart is down, my heart is turning around
I had to leave a little girl in Kingston Town

Sounds of laughter everywhere
And the dancing girls swaying to and fro
I must declare my heart is there
Though I've been from Maine to Mexico


Country Roads

Almost Heaven West Virginia
Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River
Life is old there, older than the trees
Younger than the mountains
Blowing like the breeze

Country roads take me home
To the place where I belong
West Virginia Mountain Mama
Take me home country roads

All my memories gather round her
Miner's lady stranger to Blue Water
Dark and dusty painted on the sky
Misty taste of moonshine
Teardrops in my eyes


I hear her voice
In the morning hours
She called me
The radio reminds me of my home faraway
And driving down the road
I get a feeling
That I should have been home yesterday


Scouting Friendship

By the blazing council's firelight
We have met in comradeship tonight
Round about the whispering trees
Guard our golden memories
So before we close our eyes to sleep
Let us pledge each others that we will keep
Scouting friendship strong and deep
Till we meet again

Evening Taps

Day is gone
Gone the sun
From the sea
From the hills
From the sky
All is well
Safety rest
God is nigh