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Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Entry 001

It was my first day in PFS. My heart beat got faster and faster each second I got closer to the Grand Old Lady. I got out of dad's car and walked up to a bunch of ex-primary schoolmates of mine. I was so glad to see them as I did not like one bit the feeling of being alone. We entered the halls of the well-known school in Penang island. It was very humid in the hall as hundreds of students crammed in there for the first assembly of the year. It was long, but interesting. The principal was an interesting person as he seemed very friendly. I walked in shyly as I entered my first class which was History. It was rather amusing when the students payed so much attention to the teacher not because of her lessons but because of her figure, lol. The students went on a rampage when the bell for recess rang. There was a huge variety of local hawker food sold cheap in the school canteen. I ate to my hearts desire. During recess, there was a few seniors that persuaded my friends and I to join their scout troop. There were 3 scout groups which is 1st Georgetown South, 7th Georgetown South, and 8th Georgetown South. Apparently, 8th Georgetown South was the only sea scout troop in Penang. I grew an interest for this special scout troop. Because of that, I decided to join the 8th Georgetown South Sea Scout Group and I managed to persuade some of my friends as well. After school ended, I got up my school bus and head straight for home. I learned a new word as well, 'pak chiu cheng'. Hmm....wonder what it means.

This is the first entry reproduced from the journal of the sea scout that ran away from camp. If you have not read the prologue, you can find it here. More entries will follow soon.

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