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Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Entry 002

After a week being in the troop, I passed my tenderfoot test and learnt up stuff such as drilling(in other words marching), axemanship, first aid, and knots. It was very interesting when I found out how useful these things will be in the future. In the mids of February, the seniors announced that we will be having our first camp of the year which is Pantai Kerachut hike and camp at the end of February. My heart leaped with excitement as the days passed by, getting closer and closer to the day of our camp. Many preparations were made for this camp. Every patrol was told to build a torch as part of the competitions. I hardly got any sleep the night before the camp as I was too excited to do so. I kept asking myself, "how would the camp be like?", and curiously wondered on. The day of the camp finally approached. We all gathered at our UMP( usual meeting place) and got on the bus that drove us to the other side of Penang Island which was also known as, 'The End of the World. We sang some scout songs and made some jokes on the way. It was really fun. After a while, we reached 'The End of the World' and brought all of our stuff out of the bus. 'The End of the World' was a kampung area filled with fishing boats. A ranks was called and we were told to move in a straight line. It was about 400 metres from the bus stop to the start of the hike and another 2800 metres to hike up to Pantai Kerachut. It was hard and tiring hike as we crossed over two mountains to get to our destination. After two long hours, we were still making our way through the vast jungle. It was very dark in there because it is hidden from the sunlight. We forced ourselves to move on eventhough our legs were tired out from hiking while carrying our bags which weight a ton. I realized my body couldnt take it any longer. I was about to drop out when I suddenly saw a light.......

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