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Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Entry 003

Have we reached?, I asked. Yet there was not a single soul who would respond. We took a few more steps ahead and saw a bridge. It looked like the type of bridge which appears in pirate movies due to the way it's built. On one of the steps leading to the bridge has the word 'Welcome to Pantai Kerachut' engraved on it. With every ounce of strength we raced ourselves across the bridge with wide opened smiles on our faces and landed ourselves on the smooth sand on the beach. It was 6pm in the evening.

Out from nowhere came two shadowy figures - one tall and one short. I call them Double-A batteries cos both their names start with A. They were seniors who reached Kerachut way before us and was waiting for our arrival for hours. All of us received some serious lecturing for taking so long to reach Kerachut. Apparently, they just took 20 minutes to arrive compared to the two long hours we took to hike all the way here. Are they for real? Did they run all the way here ah? Bluff one la. Although they are legendary sea scouts, impossible they take only 20 minutes to hike here. Superman meh? Super Sea Scout ah? After the lecture, all our smiles just vanished. All no mood already. :(

Our patrol leaders lead us to our campsites and instructed us to start building the gadgets. As it was my first camp of the year, I didn't know how to build gadgets. My senior instructed me to collect leaves in the nearby forests for the bivovac that we were about to build. A bivovac is a temporary shelter built by people to shelter themselves from rainy weathers. I was exhausted from the hike and fell asleep while I was collecting leaves in the forest. About half an hour later, my seniors discovered me and gave me a good time of a scolding....

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