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Happy New Year

Happy New Year Sea Scouts , ex - scouts , brother scouts and sister guides !
Wish you all the best for the upcoming years and keep our scouting life alive !
May the year of 2012 be the best of all .

Hoisting a flag

In the navy , the correct time to hoist colours when in port is at 8am between March and September , and 9am between October and February , the colours lowered at sunset . When at sea , the ensign (flag) should always be flown and or getting under way after sunset it should be hoisted if there is light enough to see it .

If a ship enters a foreign port and any special celebrations are on , she may fly the ensign of that country from the masthead , wearing , of course her own ensign aft.

As a sign of national mourning the ensign should be flown at half-mast ; if it has not been hoisted previously it should first of all be hoisted close up and the lowered to half-mast , while to lower an ensign from half-mast it is first hoisted close up and then lowered .

When a national flag is hoisted upside down , it is a signal of distress and indicates that assistance is required ; while to hoist another nation's flag upside down is an insult , so care should be taken that it is always hoisted correctly !
So all scouts please do remember not to break a flag upside down !

If a ship is seen with the ensign of one country flown above that of another on the same mast , it means that the ship has been captured by the country whose ensign is on top.

That's all for now !

Merry Christmas to all Scouts !

Merry Christmas Scouts!
p/s : Congrats to those who got straight As in PMR and if not , strive harder for SPM !

A new badge for all scouts

There is a news around stating that all Malaysian Scouts are to wear the WOSM(World Organization of the Scout Movement) badge which is the size of our 50cents coin. This badge has been officially launched during the recent 12th Malaysian Jamboree which was held in the state of Terengganu. The badge must be worn above the right pocket where the Malaysia Flag badge is located and also above our name tags . The chief scout and chief patrol of PPM have placed it on their uniform too . Here is a picture of the badge .
It was informed that this badge has been worn by all scouts in the ASIA PACIFIC REGION except MALAYSIA until now . Well I guess all we have to do is wait till the circular arrives . Happy scouting !


All sea scouts are to be present in this meeting .
Time :1200hours - 1500 hours
Venue : Scout Den of Penang Free School
Attire : Top Mufti
Date : 25th November 2011 (Friday)

PBIM duty 2011

All scouts who are involved in this event .
Please meet up at PFS bus stop before 9pm if you need transport .
Attire : Full uniform
Bring along your mufti , food , torchlight and raincoat .

Penang Bridge Marathon Duty 2011

Reminder to all sea scouts who are involved in the Penang Bridge Marathon .
Here are the details of the event

Date : 20th November 2011
Time : 10pm - 11am
Venue : Main Entrance , Queensbay
Attire : FSSU

Punctuality is strictly observed

50th Anniversary Dinner

The troop is 50 years old this year !
Hooorahhh !!
Well the interesting part is that we had our grand reunion dinner last Sunday (23rd October 2011) at City Bayview Hotel . Up to 120 present and past sea scouts were present.

With their attendance and contribution , the dinner was said to be a very successful event. Everyone was happy and glad that this prestigious event was held . We shall have our Diamond Jubilee reunion dinner in the year 2021 .

8th Georgetown South Sea Scout Group . Since 1961 .
Once a sea scout , Always a sea scout !
Keep the troop flag flying high .

Signing out.

Reminder for 50th Anniversary : 2011

Its our long awaited moment !
Our 50th Anniversary 2011 will be this SUNDAY !
To the current scouts ,
Form 4s , please be at the CITY BAYVIEW HOTEL by 3.30pm and to the juniors , please be there by 4.30pm. Punctuality is strictly observed. Thats all.

Hari Kokurikulum 2011

All scouts are to be in school this wednesday (19-October-2011) . The school will be having the HARI KOKURIKULUM 2011 and all scouts are compulsory to do a march past . Punctuality is strictly observed and attendance will be taken.


For those who are involved in the UNESCO WORLD STAGE HERITAGE CITY SITE TRAIL 2011 please hand in your permission slip and RM15 (fee) as soon as possible to VUL Arthur Yeow Eng Lip .

Details of the events are as follow :
Date : 17th September 2011
Day : Saturday
Time : 0800 hours - 1300 hours
Venue : St Xaviers Institution
Attire : FSSU
Fees : RM15

If there is any problem , please contact any of your venture scouts . Thank you .
P/s : Punctuality is strictly observed .

50th Anniversary : 2011

Date : 23 Oct 2011 (Sunday)
Venue : City Bayview Hotel
Time : 6.30pm - 11.00pm (subject to change)
Price : RM40 for current scouts/students.
RM80 for ex scouts.
Those who wish to contribute more than RM80 will be welcomed.

This event will be open to parents of the current scouts and also the partners of our ex-scouts.

Payment via Maybank :
Account User : Ang Teng Chye
Account Number : 107013489623

After you guys pay up please send us a message and the receipt number if possible to angtengchye@yahoo.com

See You All Soon

p/s : Current Scouts , please hand in your money and permission slip . Thanks.

Monthly Exam and SPM trials

Good luck to all sea scouts for your monthly exam especially to the Form 6s who are sitting for their STPM trials tomorrow =] Score with flying colors ! So that you wont have problem with your parents to allow you to attend more activities coming up . Again , GOOD LUCK !


Its 8/8/2011 !
Wondering what day isit ? Let me answer this for you ~ Its the 7th Anniversary of the 08online blog !
Yes its 7 years old already and its still alive . I know alot of you guys doesn't know about this but dont worry . You're here to learn !

Here's a little bit about the 7 year old blog .
It was first launched on the 8th August 2005 . It was first handed by Gajendran(2005) then to Daniel Phoon (2005) then to Kelvin Lim (2006) then to Andrew (2007) then to Chong Kam Zhern (2008-2010) and then to the current one Jason Teoh (2011) . Not forgetting our moderater Lee Kuan Shern aka Kshern . Super duper thanks to him for his effort and commitment to this blog especially the AWESOME layout we have here .
Lets do a party =] Make some noice in the CHATBOX

Lastly , our troop is having its 50TH ANNIVERSARY TOO . I believe everyone is looking forward to it =]

AGM 2011 results

The long awaited AGM has finally passed
Here are the results :

Roll Call

Group Scout Master
Mr. Ooi Hooi Seng

Assistant Senior Scout Leader
Por Kai Yann

Assistant Scout Master
Chew Chin Quan
Yeoh Beng Hai

Troop Leader
Jason Teoh

Assistant Troop Leader
Nachiappan Thanneemalai
Heymen Naidu

Venture Unit Leader
Lee Zhi Hoong (Gyrados)
Arthur Yeow Eng Lip (Chimera)

Venture Unit Second
Ryan Koay Teng Loon (Gyrados)
Ch'ng Wei Sheng (Chimera)

Senior Patrol Leader
Ivan Khoo Kien Jie

Senior Patrol Second
Roshvinder Singh

Patrol Leader
Sheikh Hanif (Otter)
Lim Boon Yeong (Dolphin)
Chew Chin Chai (Beaver)

Patrol Second
Quak Tien Choong (Otter)
Erik Arthur Mitchel (Dolphin)
Shashivarma (Beaver)


Honorary Secretary : Jason Teoh
Honorary Treasurer : Nachiappan Thanneemalai
Quartermaster : Heymen Naidu
Badgework Secretary : Arthur Yeow Eng Lip
Troop Logkeeper : Lee Zhi Hoong
Attendance logkeeper : Lim Boon Leong
Public Duty Coordinator : Chan Kok Seng
Canoe Master : Ch'ng Wei Sheng
Swimming Master : Joshua Chan Wai Kit
Photographer : Khoo Boo Yen
Assistant Photographer : Benson Teoh
First Aider : Ryan Koay Teng Loon
Webmaster : Jason Teoh


AGM 2011

The month of August who everyone has been waiting for is just around the corner ! Its time for our Annual General Meeting .
And I believe , all of you can't wait for it since you guys have just so called "pia-ed" in your recent ASSTC . However , bare in mind that some of the probationary leaders might be promoted or might be demoted too . So , I wish everyone the best of luck !

Full attendance are expected , to those who failed to turn up will be given a sacking or a warning letter .

Details of the event are as follows :

Date : 6th August 2011

Time : 1200 hrs - 1500 hrs

Venue : Class 3A (Meet at UMP)

Attire : FSSU

Patrol On Duty : Chimera

That's all for this post =] Adios !

ASSTC 2011 : Results

Well the ASSTC 2011 has just ended and here are the results .
But before that , to those who had lost please work harder next time . Dont give up !
To those who have won , congratulations ! You have won the battle but not the war !
Last but not least , learn from your mistakes SEA SCOUTS !

Best Overall Champion (Senior) : Chimera
Best Overall Champion (Junior) : Beaver
Most Spirited Patrol : Dolphin
Best Gadgets : Chimera
Best Mascot : Beaver
Best Logbook : Gyrados
Best Iron Chef : Otter
Best Backwoodsman : Gyrados
Best Flag and Flagpole : Gyrados
Best Welcome Banner : Chimera
Most Outstanding Patrol Leader : Lim Boon Yeong (Otter)
Most Outstanding Patrol Second : Sheikh Hanif (Beaver)
Most Outstanding Sea Scout (Junior) : Richard Ho Wei Xuan (Beaver)
Most Outstanding Sea Scout (Senior) : Arthur Yeow Eng Lip (Gyrados)

p/s : The best drilling and the best campnight trophy has been pulled out due to the poor performance of the scouts . I hope this problem will not repeat again .

CGL gathering and campfire

Well , our troop have just participated for CGL's gathering and campfire .
Their gathering was held in the afternoon and the campfire was held at night on the day itself .
For the gathering , we manage to grab the Best Backwoodsman trophy .
Just FYI , it was only the first time we tried backwoodsman and we won !
Maybe it was only beginners luck ?
For the campfire night , we did not only got the Best Traditional Dance trophy but also the BEST CAMPFIRE NIGHT !
Thats it for this post
Here are the pictures of the dancers

A picture worth a thousand words.

The modern dancers
The traditional dancers
Had a hard time explaining to the EXCO

Some sick beats

I never asked you guys to be Jabbawockeez wannabees but they have some sick beats for dances you might want to use in performances instead of sticking to those KPOP crap all the time.Trust me on this .

Beats can be downloaded here



Ahoy SEA scouts !
Penang is having their KOMTAR TOWER RUN 2011 and the PENANG SCOUT COUNCIL needs helper .
The details are as followed

Venue : Komtar (meet at MAYBANK)
Date : 12th June (one day after CGL)
Day : Sunday
Time : 0615 hours - 1100hours
Attire : FSSU

Scouts from FORM 1 to FORM 4 are compulsory to attend . Thank you .
Those who really cant make it please inform your respective prob. PL.

p/s : Prob.PLs please make sure everything is done by FRIDAY

ASSTC patrol list 2011

The time for ANNUAL SEA SCOUT TRAINING CAMP (ASSTC) is back here
So here goes the patrol list

-prob PL Lim Boon Yeong
-prob PS Erik Arthur
-Chen Yu Xiang
-Syed Ahmad Amri
-Sean Tye

-prob PL Shashivarma
-prob PS Quak Tien Choong
-Joel Lim Chia Liang
-Fathi Hilmi
-Lim Chin Hai

-prob PL Chew Chin Chai
-prob PS Sheikh Hanif
-Richard Ho Wei Xuan
-Muhsin Kaamil

Senior patrol
-prob SPL Ivan Khoo Kien Jie
-prob SPS Roshvinder Singh
-Jonathan Kow

Venture : Gyrados
-prob VUL Lee Zhi Hoong
-prob VUS Ryan Koay
-Joshua Chan
-Khoo Boo Yen
-Arthur Yeow

Venture : Chimera
-prob VUL Heymen Naidu
-prob VUS Ch'ng Wei Sheng
-Lim Boon Leong
-Chan Kok Seng
-Ho Hee Xian


Members of the 8th Georgetown South Sea Scouts Group
There will be a urgent meeting
The details are as followed

Date : 31st of May
Day : Tuesday
Time : 1400 hours - 1700 hours
Venue : UMP
Attire : Casual and appropriate

TTO 2011's result

I believe what we have announced during TTO is not really clear
So , I think I shall post the results up again

Prob ASM
:Por Kai Yann
:Chew Chin Quan

Prob ATL
: Jason Teoh
: Nachiappan Thanneemalai

Prob VUL
: Heymen Naidu
: Lee Zhi Hoong

Prob VUS
: Ryan Koay
: Ch'ng Wei Sheng

Prob SPL
: Ivan Khoo Kien Jie

Prob SPS
: Roshvinder Singh

Prob PL
: Chew Chin Chai (BEAVER)
: Lim Boon Yeong (OTTER)
: Shashivarma (DOLPHIN)

Prob PS
: Sheikh Hanif (BEAVER)
: Erik Arthur (OTTER)
: Quak Tien Choong (DOLPHIN)

BEST JUNIOR SCOUT of the term 2010/2011
: Chew Chin Chai

BEST SENIOR SCOUT of the term 2010/2011
: Lim Boon Leong

To those newly elected probationary leaders , congratulations but please do not have that "over confident attitude in you guys" , you have just officially provoked those unelected ones
To those who are not elected , strive hard !

"Whatever you are , be a good one"

TTO 2011

Troop Take Over or in short known as TTO is finally here. This is where leaders will be elected for a probationary period to hold a post in the Troop. Than if they are found to be a good one, they shall be promoted to the permanent post during the Annual General Meeting, AGM. Those elected probationary leaders will be observed during ASSTC. Their perfomance leads them to where they will be standing . So what do u people think? Who will elected to be entrusted to guide and lead the Troop to a better state after a great fall last year and also to glory and fame for this probationary period?? Who will be elected as Prob ATL, Prob VUL, Prob VUS, Prob PL, Prob PS?? Lastly who will be Best Scout for Term 2010/2011?? All ur unanswered questions will be answered soon. Patience u must have.

Date: 27th May 2011
Time: 1230hrs to 1430hrs
Venue: Usual Meeting Place (UMP)
Attire: Full Sea Scout Uniform
Patrol On Duty: Otter Patrol

Attendance is compulsory to all Sea Scouts from form1 to form6.
Serious action will be taken to those which fail attend the TTO and will be dealt with severely.

*With Great Powers Comes Great Responsibility*

Mid Year Exam

Just a blink of an eye and its already end of April
Mid Year Exam is just next week ... Which is really really near ?
GOOD LUCK to all our scouts
Please score at least above average yea =)

6km and 8km Journey

6km and 8km journey is part of the usaha and maju badgework requirements. So , form 1's , 2's and 3's be prepared for this journey. It will definately be tiring but it will be fun at the same time too . Details are as follows.
Date : 30th April 2011
Time : 0830 hrs - 1330 hrs
Venue : UMP
Attire : FSSU
Attendance is compulsory for form 1-4. Actions will be taken if any scouts are unable to turn up without a valid reason.

PCGHS Campfire 2011

Yet another year has arrived . On the the 23rd of April , our troop participated the PCGHS gathering once again but this time we only managed to get the 2nd runner up trophy . It was rather disappointing to our scouts as we expected something better . We've even heard news saying that we deserved the 1st runner up ? Best performance ? Whatever it is , we shall strive harder for next year and the upcoming gatherings . I believe our scouts can do much better next time =)

To last year's post by Andrew , the results was indeed to be a pattern .
And it seems 8th South is a big fan of K-POP
From Energy to 5566 to Se7en to DBSK to Big Bang to Tae Yang to Shinee .. and we shall wait for any K-pop group to come out ? =)

Activities Coming Up

Well the year of 2011 is rather a hectic year
Pity to this year's exco as there are many many many activities coming
Tonnes of paperwork , planning and etc etc etc to come xD
All the best =)

For now , I've recieved some news about gatherings and campnights
They are : - SGGS gathering (16 April)
- PCGHS campfire(23 April)
- 50th Anniversary of our troop (28th May)
- CLHS gathering (8 June)
- CGL campfire (11 June)

p/s : Still couldnt decide which one to go and not to go . Hope to hear some advice from the senior/ex-scouts . Thank you

A service to the St Nicholas

To those who are going to the St Nicholas home this Sunday
This activity is to teach us how to handle kids with autism so that we will not face any problem handling our own kids next time . I hope those who have submitted their names do not pull out last minute
Here are the details for the activity :

Venue : St Nicholas
Time : 0800 hours - 1000 hours
Date : 27 March 2011
Attire : CTC2010 camp-tee

*pictures to be uploaded if there are any pictures to be taken*

Pantai Kerachut Hike and Camp results

The Pantai Kerachut Hike and Camp has come to an end. Well , most of the members enjoyed the camp though , the attendance were poor . Anyway here are the results :
Best Sandcastle : Junior patrol
Best Recruit : Syed Ahmad Amri
Best Patrol Second : Lim Boon Yeong
Best Patrol Leader : Ivan Khoo
Best Patrol : Senior patrol

Congratulations to those who won. Those who didn't win don't be sad , try harder next time and never give up.

Re : Pantai Kerachut Hike and Camp 2011

Due to the postpone of previous plan of PANTAI KERACHUT HIKE and CAMP 2011 (PKHC) , now we are organising another one to make it up . The details of the camp are stated below.

Date : 16 March 2011 - 17 March 2011
Venue : Pantai Kerachut , Penang National Park (Teluk Bahang)
Time : 0700 hrs (meet at UMP[usual meeting place])
Dismissal : 1730 hrs (Penang Free School)
Attire : Full Sea Scout Uniform
Fees : RM20 per head (bus fare, trophies,food for bbq , etc. )

Attendance is strictly compulsory to Form 1s to Form 4s

Interesting Badge

Found this over the internet .
Its for sale but the price is totally unreasonable .
So I rather not post it up =)

Something’s going on at the Botanic Gardens

Eco-stream or eco-tampering? (The view looking towards Coronation Camp)

In case you are wondering what’s going on at the Penang Botanic Gardens, the pictures above show the “Eco-Stream Walk” under construction.

The is one of four new “attractions” in the pipeline, the others being a bambusetum (a bamboo park), a garden mall and a water garden.

The “Eco-Stream Walk” will be 300 metres long, following the stream from the nursery in the Gardens to a parking area near Waterfall Road.

They are also building a ‘Tourist Pavilion’ opposite the Horticulture Centre – gallery, souvenir shops and information booths. (More concrete in the gardens?) Wouldn’t one information booth be enough?

In a future phase, a bamboo village will be added.

Why not, when you have RM7 million funding from the Tourism Ministryunder the Ninth Malaysia Plan? Let’s build some “attractions”. After all, we can’t stand seeing open green recreational spaces around. We must “develop” them.

He said he didn’t know what was so “eco” about it when they are clearing the vegetation from the banks of the stream, raising the level of the banks and putting in some kind of matting for the pedestrian walkway.

Maybe they think they can improve on Nature?

He pointed out that the original plan for the walkway was so much simpler.

However a blogger added :

And they evacuated the scouts out of the Coronation camp!

I also didn’t notice this project until I asked my sons, “Eh, you scouts never go camping anymore?”

He said, “The camp is gone-lah!”



Probationary Court Of Honour (COH)

Honorary Secretary – Jason Teoh
Honorary Treasurer – Nachiappan Thaneemalai
Quartermaster – Heymen Naidu
Badgework Secretary – Jason Teoh
Troop Logkeeper – Lim Boon Leong
Attendance Logkeeper – Lee Zhi Hoong
Public Duty Coordinator - Arthur Yeow
Canoe Master – Ch’ng Wei Sheng
Swimming Master – Chan Kok Seng
Photographer – Khoo Boo Yen
First Aider – Ryan Koay
Troop Webmaster – Jason Teoh


Would like to inform all sea-scouts that KERACHUT HIKE and CAMP will be postponed to the March Holidays . Stay Tuned !

Patrol List 2011

Finally we got our full name list . However we only managed to get 12 form 1s this year but its okay . Its not the quantity that matters , Its the QUALITY ! So , here is the patrol list for 2011

Senior Patrol
SPL Jason Teoh
SPS Nachiappan
Heymen Naidu
Lee Zhi Hoong
Ryan Koay
Ch'ng Wei Sheng
Lim Boon Leong
Arthur Yeow
Chan Kok Seng
Khoo Boo Yen
Joshua Chan
Ho Hee Xian

Dolphin Patrol
PL Jonathan Kow Eng Tatt
PS Sharmindran
Jason Ng
Lim Boon Yeong
Erik Arthur Mitchell
Lim Khai Hoong
Sheikh Hanif
Joel Lim
Shawn Tye
Muhamad Zulkarnian
Muhamad Haziq

Otter Patrol
PL Ivan Khoo
PS Roshvinder Singh
Chew Chin Chai
Quak Tien Choong
Chen Yu Xiang
Lim Chin Hai
Richard Ho
Syed Ahman Amin

Pantai Kerachut Hike and Camp 2011

The 8th Georgetown South Sea Scout Group will be organizing the Pantai Kerachut Hike and Camp again. This camp is held specially for the new recruits of our troop. Many fun activities will be held there. This is the chance for you guys to take a closer look at the nature of our beloved Penang National Park. Attendance is compulsory for all form 1's to 4's . Details of the camp are stated below.

Date : 12 February 2011 - 13 February 2011
Venue : Pantai Kerachut , Penang National Park (Teluk Bahang)
Time : 0700 hrs (meet at UMP[usual meeting place])
Dismissal : 1730 hrs (Penang Free School)
Attire : Full Sea Scout Uniform
Fees : RM20 per head (bus fare, trophies,food for bbq , etc. )

*ex-scouts are invited*
"TEAM = Together Everyone Achieve More"

Happy Chinese New Year 2011

The Chinese New Year for the year 2011 is just in few days time. Its the year of the rabbit ! However , on the behalf of the 8th Georgetown South Sea Scouts Group I would like to wish you all sea scouts , ex-scouts and not forgetting the sister guides a very Happy Chinese New Year. Wishing you a prosperous and healthy Chinese New Year. Dont forget send us some angpaus ! The troop needs money now !

zwani.com myspace graphic comments
Free Myspace Comments

Yours sincerely,
8th GT(S)
Sea Scout Group


Thaipusam 2011

Thaipusam has passed and Sorry for this late post but
I would like to wish HAPPY THAIPUSAM to all our INDIAN friends and Happy Holidays to others
Anyway , my brother went to witness the Thaipusam parade and guess who he saw??
It was one of our Senior Scout , Nachiappan Thaneemalai
these are his picture

Recruitment Drive 2011

Welcome to all form 1 's that managed to get a spot in Free School. However , this means that our annual Recruitment Drive / road show will be held again as usual. Details of the following event:-

Date : 8th Jan 2011
Attire :Full Sea Scout Uniform
Venue :Penang Free School Field

I wish all of us Good Luck to all 8GTS members in your recruiting our little form 1s this year and keep our troop flag flying high!