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Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Entry 019

The camp is just around the corner and there are still so many tasks to complete. We're working more hours a day, sacrificing our sleep and we look like zombies now. We work ourselves silly to the extend using a mobstick to prod us won't be enough to wake us up. Come to think of it, I believe even an earthquake is incapable of waking us from our slumber.

I've learned a few things about working at night. It's very peaceful at night and time seems to fly during the night. Before you know it, it's already dawn. Your senses are somewhat heightened at night too. Maybe it's because there are fewer distractions at night. Every sound seems louder and clearer at night. Every image seems more focused and defined. It's definitely way cooler than working in the day. All in all, it seems you are able to accomplish more at night compared to during the day only IF you don't doze off. :P

Everyone is sleeping like pigs at the moment. I better get back to my work before my PL sees me messing around with his computer. ;)

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