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Saluting Under The Flag

I chanced upon this article by a former sea scout recently and thought it apt for today's occasion (well, he did write it for Merdeka 2 years or so ago). Gives a lot of meaning and context to the stuff we usually regard as mundane and stupid. Here's a snippet of the article.

A Brief History of PFS Scout Car Grand Prix

Previously, we highlighted some foreword messages found in the 1992 PFS Scout Car Grand Prix souvenir magazine to debunk claims that the pedal car race organised by the Penang Turf Club in August 2007 is the first ever pedal car racing in Malaysia as claimed by them and rubber-stamped by the Malaysian Book of Records.

Here, we would like to publish in verbatim the introduction from that same souvenir magazine which gives us a great look at the history of the PFS Scout Car Grand Prix.

Congratulations New Leaders

And the Troop Leader for 2007/2008 is....

Andrew Ng Wei Qin

We also have a new ATL in Melvin Tan Kee Tat. Not many changes from the other positions, just a few minor tweaks. For more information, refer to the new Troop Roll Call and Court of Honour.

Goodbye Boys on Astro Kirana

If you missed Wednesday night's screening of Goodbye Boys on Astro Kirana, fret not. You'll have another chance of viewing the movie this Sunday, 26th August 2007 at 3pm. Astro Kirana is on channel 23 for your information. The movie will last about two hours so you would want to keep 3-5pm this Sunday free if you're interested in watching the movie.

Additional screenings will also be available in September on the 1st, 11th, 23rd and 28th. Screening times are unavailable at the moment.

Annual General Meeting 2007

The time has come for the Annual General Meeting to convene once more. Details as follows:
Date: 24th August 207
Time: 0830hrs
Venue: Lecture Theatre School Canteen
Attire: FSSU
All sea scouts are to meet at the UMP first. Attendance is compulsory for all.

AGM is always associated with the appointment of the new TL but we all know it is more than that. Oh, screw it, who are we fooling here? We want to know who will succeed TL Jeffrey Lee after tomorrow! So who do you think it will be? Will it be between Prob. ATLs Andrew Ng and Nicholas Ong? Or maybe Prob. VUL Melvin or Prob. VUS Lee Jang Heng?

Will this year's race be any more interesting than the Amazing Troop Leader Race 2005 and Amazing Troop Leader Race 2006? Will there finally be an upset? Stay tuned to find out.

The 1992 Revival of PFS Scout Car Grand Prix

There are many meanings when it comes to "The 1st Malaysian Pedal Car Race". It could mean that this is the first of many to be organised by a particular organisation (ie. Organisation A's "1st Penang Treasure Hunt", although obviously it is definitely not the first ever treasure hunt to be organised in Penang). It could also mean you are really the very first, the pioneers to organise the event (ie. "1st Malaysian Horticulture Exhibition" that has never been organised by anyone ever before).

Debunking So-Called Malaysia's First Pedal Car Race

Time and again, they rubbed salt in our wounds and throw dirt at our face. I really don't see why it should be any different this time around.

It's not enough that they ridiculously claimed to organise the FIRST pedal car race in Malaysia. It's not enough that they foolishly claimed to have INTRODUCED the "new" sport to Malaysians. It's not enough that they absurdly RIDICULED the Scout Car Grand Prix, which existed way before they knew anything about pedal car racing, as a "past-time sport". Now they went one step further by getting the Malaysian Book of Records to rubber-stamp them as the "First Pedal Car Race" in Malaysia. All this when the Scout Car Grand Prix (formerly known as the Scout Soap Box Derby) existed way back in 1969.

Penang State Campfire

The Penang Scout Council is organising the State Campfire on Aug 25 at Sekolah Menengah Haji Zainul Abidin, Jalan Hamilton, Penang, in conjunction with the 100th year of scouting.

Call Yeoh Peng Hong at 012-4278844.

Off To National Service

Have you checked your selection status for the National Service for the year 2008? Here are a few methods you can check:

NS (space) <> and send to 33995 (RM0.40 / SMS)
[ eg. NS <900808085555> ]

03-2681 3446/ 2687 3423/ 2687 3410/ 2687 3434
So who are the lucky ones selected for next year's session?

Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Entry 015

This was my first time canoeing. I can't wait to go back to PKSA again. I was afraid that I may fall into the sea but fortunately I have a good senior to help me. I sat in front (bow) and he controlled the stern. Of course we all had to wear life jackets but the thought of floating in the middle of the sea is just not something I enjoy thinking of.

We get to choose either a single seater or double seater canoe. For us juniors, we have no choice but to take double seater canoes so some seniors can guide us. Then we have to choose a paddle to help us move in the water. We have to choose either a left handed or right handed paddle depending on if you are left handed or right handed.

Once A Scout, Always A Scout

The Star article highlighting the reunion of 8th Georgetown South's pioneer batch of sea scouts.
Much may have changed over 50 years but not the strong bond among a bunch of former scouts from the Penang Free School.

Reunited after half a century, the old boys – now fathers and grandfathers – renewed the Scout's promises and enjoyed a fun weekend in Penang.

We Are Two


Happy 2nd Anniversary 08online....

Xaverian B-P Guild to Hold Fellowship Dinner

The Xaverian B-P Guild will be organising a fellowship dinner to celebrate 100 Years of World Scouting and 50 Years of Merdeka at Bayview Hotel, Georgetown, Penang on August 11 at 8pm. All scouts are invited.

For details, call Khoo Heng San at 04-2280386 or fax 2260386, Ong at 012-4939681 or Patrick Chin at 012-2352028.