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Merdeka Countdown

The 49th Independance Day of our country is just round the corner, to be exact you may view the countdown timer above. Under the new Principal, he has planned a Countdown Camp for selected 20 students from each uniformed body. On the 30th August Wednesday morning during school hours, there will be the marching competition and in the evening the Camp will start. Those not involve may visit the camp on the eve of the Merdeka Day for the Merdeka Countdown, sweet.

From what I had heard, there will be laser light presentation on the school's main building (whatever that means) and the Merdeka Countdown will come with fireworks when the clock strikes 12am.

I am just here to wish all the viewers of this site a Happy Independance Day and let the spirit of Merdeka burn in you. Btw, no school on Thursday. Wheee`


Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Entry 005

As I was nosing around at the scout den one afternoon after school, I heard some heated discussion inside between a few people. I paid more attention and realised they were my seniors and the topic of discussion turns out to be the indifference of us junior scouts towards scouting life now.

One of the seniors who I respect said this:
Majority of the junior sea scouts seem to show no interest in sea scouting life. Most of them say its just a waste of time whereas there are some who still think its interesting. They never seem to put much effort and take the initiative to learn knowledge or ask us questions by themselves. If we didn't push them, no progress would be made. What else can we do other than telling them the benefits of scouting and the fun of it? It is something they must learn to like on their own because we cannot force them to do or like what they don't.

1st Anniversary Quiz Challenge

Just a week ago, this website celebrated its first year of existence. Today, there's something else to celebrate about - its 100th entry! Yes, this is the 100th post in here. There has been that much crap.

To mark this double celebration, why not let someone have a chance to celebrate too! Introducing the 1st Anniversary Quiz Challenge. Email the answers to the questions below to 8thsouth+quiz[at]gmail[dot]com to participate. Only entries through email will be entertained. Answers of course can be found on this website itself. Good luck!

The Amazing Troop Leader Race Season 2

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Yes people, the time has come for the journey to continue, in an all new season live on Astro Channel 17 AXN. Aikss, sorry wrong channel, to those which are not able to attend the Annual General Meeting, u may catch the race live on 08online. The race is currently between three main conterders, the current Prob. Assistant Troop Leaders– Aric Oon and Jeffrey Lee and Prob. Venture Unit Leader Kelvin Lim. Ready, seto, go~!

Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Entry 004

The 'coffee break' was exactly how my seniors warned me before this. The EXCO Kopitiam memang very ganas. They open shop to certain people only. Not everyone is so 'lucky' to experience the kopitiam. You must get invited first. The 'coffee' they serve you can really be so hot it can force tears to come out from your eyes. Don't they have Coke or 100plus instead? The 'coffee' can be really bitter to taste. All I did was just fall asleep. Can you blame me? I was really so tired. After hiking for two hours and the hot sun hitting at us which could easily cook an egg, I just fell asleep. The leaves were just so nice to lie on. They just felt like my mattress at home compared to the beach sand which kept on getting into my underwear. Geseran lah! The shade that the trees provided and the breeze that blew on my cheeks were just like the aircond in my room compared to the scorching sun out there. I just couldn't resist it. Can you really blame me for that?

Inter Patrol Competition : Football : Results

The gruesome football match between the 8th Georgetown (South) Venturez ™ and the 8th Georgetown (South) Juniors had finally ended. It was a match filled with spirit, courage, luck, anxiety and most of all, teamwork. The match fell into the hands of the 8th Georgetown (South) Venturez ™ when they overpowered the 8th Georgetown (South) Juniors to a final score of Venturez 4 - Juniors 0. The 8th Georgetown (South) Juniors were in a state of depression due to their loss in the big game. However, like any other 8th Georgetown (South) Sea Scout, they didnt give up and will be training for the second football match at the end of the year. VS Ong Kuok T'jun (striker) scored 3 goals while VUS Lau Ka-Yin managed to score 1 goal due to his lawak skils. Kudos to the winner of the match and a big round of applause to those who attended the meeting.

Inter Patrol Competition : Football

The football war is on as the all time champions, Penang Free School's very own 8th Georgetown (South) Venturez™ is challenged by the 8th Georgetown (South) Juniors. They claim theirselves to be -undefeatable-....BUT!!! we shall see the payoffs of prob ATL Jeffrey Lee, Prob VUS Moy Wei Sern and VS Ong Kuok T'jun's 'special' training during the past weekend. Both teams will strive their hardest to earn the 8GTS cup during this heart-pounding and exciting game. Will the juniors get past the mighty defence of Prob Vul Kelvin or will they be able to score through the ultimate wall of strength/defence of VS Matthew Ng. Everything will be revealed after the match. Tickets are going on sale with a minimal price of RM 2 per spectator(lol jkjk). Good Luck to all who will be participating.

Attire: Casual

Date: 12/08/06

Venue: Penang Free School Field (UMP)

Time: 0830 hours - 1130 hours

Happy 1st Anniversary 08online

Yes it is true, the Official Website of 8th Georgetown South is officially 1 year old. But i think many people fail to realise that, its okay guys. Wow, me my self could not believe how fast time has past. Lets play fireworks~


Here is a few info. The website here was launch on 8th August 2005 08.08.05 and today is 8th August 2006 08.08.06, i cant wait to celebrate in the 08.08.08, savvy isnt it. When this site first started, it was handled by me, daniel.lawbreaker and in the new term, it is now currently under the hands of Prob. Venture Unit Leader Kelvin Lim aka kel, and not to forget our advisor and longest serving moderator Lee Kuan Shern aka kshern (applause please). In the whole duration, 08online has gone through 3 major layout change and this new one is to commemorate the 1st Anniversary of this site I suppose (thanks once again to kshern).

Annual Sea Scout Training Camp 2006: Results

Sadly ASSTC 06 has come to an end. Hope all of u enjoyed and learned new and interesting stuff during the camp and meetings. 8GT(S) would also like to wish many thanks to all the ex-scouts who managed to visit and brighten up our camp especially to Mr.Ch'ng Geam Liang who was an ex troop leader. Congratulations to all who did their best and showed their sea scout spirit during the camp. Here are the results of the camp.
Patrol Trophies

Best Overall Champion : Beaver patrol
Best Patrol: Penguin patrol
Best Gadgets : Venture patrol
Best Grand Ball Room : Penguin patrol
Best Campnite : Otter patrol
Best Ancient Sculpture : Beaver patrol
Best Drilling : Venture patrol
Best Modern Cooking : Venture patrol
Best Flag and Flagpole : Beaver patrol
Best Logbook : Penguin patrol

Individual Trophies

Most Outstanding Patrol Leader : Adrian Chuah
Most Outstanding Patrol Second : Shukri
Most Outstanding Sea Scout (Senior) : Ong Kuok T'jun
Most Outstanding Sea Scout (Junior) : Por Kai Yann

Vicissitudes of Fate

If your tongue and eyeballs got all twisted and tied-up just by reading the title of this entry, don't worry...you are not alone. Some Eye-Mo and Vanilla Coke should just do the trick (eye-mo goes into the eyes and vanilla coke goes into the mouth and not the other way around of course). :P

If you do not know the meaning of that phrase which was chosen as the theme for ASSTC 2006, you can choose to google it up yourself or may I suggest you make a trip to the school grounds, have a visit to the camp and ask the EXCOs themselves. Maybe you can also contribute some of your old grand-scouter-in-law stories for good measure just to spice things up. ;)

Details of the camp which begins tomorrow can be found here.