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Ship Building

Basically there are many ways to build/construct a model ancient ship. A very unique activity which I personally enjoyed it the most among all other activities organised in 8GTS.
I believe the troop no longer organise such activity so a few ex-scouts and I have decided to build a ship and took some pictures along the process so you guys could have an idea how a model ship could be constructed.

This is the way we learned from our seniors and had definitely improvised slightly.
Do PM me if you guys have any question .
Here are some pictures that I had taken.

This is one of the first few steps that you should do. Obtain a thick wood in the middle to act as the keel.
Obtain a big plank and cut them to "U" shapes or any shape you want your ship to look like. 

Next you may add the mopsticks to the keel where the mopsticks will act as the masts. Gentle reminder , traditionally the middle mast will be the tallest follow by the one behind(the last one) and then the front which is the shortest.
Ensure they are symmetrical, straight and at 90 degrees angle. 
Basic equipments and materials that are needed to this stage is :-
1. Mopsticks
2. Thick wood
3. Planks
4. Ratans
5. L-brackets

6.Glue gun
7.Glue sticks

Anyway the bow of the ship isn't shaped yet. Sorry but you guys have to wait for the next update !