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Inter Patrol Competition : Backwoodsman

The annual Inter Patrol Competition for Backwoodsman will be held in the school grounds this Saturday. Please be prepared for it and show a great performance. Good luck to all sea scouts who are participating in the event. Attendance is compulsary to all Sea Scouts from Form1 to Form4. The time is as stated below:
Venue: UMP (usual meeting place)

Time: 0830 hours

Date: 24 June 2006

Attire: Full Mufti

Dismissal: 1230 hours

Patrol on duty: Otter Patrol

Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Entry 003

Have we reached?, I asked. Yet there was not a single soul who would respond. We took a few more steps ahead and saw a bridge. It looked like the type of bridge which appears in pirate movies due to the way it's built. On one of the steps leading to the bridge has the word 'Welcome to Pantai Kerachut' engraved on it. With every ounce of strength we raced ourselves across the bridge with wide opened smiles on our faces and landed ourselves on the smooth sand on the beach. It was 6pm in the evening.