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PCGHS Campfire

PCGHS campfire was held on the 26 April 08. 15 senior and venture scouts attended the campfire. They went there with high hopes to win the best overall trophy. They gave their best performance for the year. The items that was performed are an advertisement , a sketch , 3 dances and 2 for singing , which comes to a total of 7 items. The most items came from our troop that night. The performance was good enough to grab the overall. Unfortunately, they only manage to get 3rd placing. Frustration and anger was clearly shown through all their faces. As some said that the result was 'unfair' and 'biased' , but nothing that they have said would change the result. TL Andrew Ng performed exceptionally well that night. He himself was left devastated and disappointed after the result was announced. They went there with the hunger for the best overall trophy but ended up far from their expectations. In their hearts , they knew they were champions , but they weren't rewarded so.

How To Make Fire Without Matches Or Lighter

Don't you think that's a really interesting concept? However, I don't think we'll be seeing this method being used by our sea scouts in any camps or Backwoodsman Cooking anytime soon. :P

Think You're Good With Chicken Wire?

Well, think again! Meet the master of chicken wires and his work of art.

Dame Edna Chicken Wire Sculpture by Ivan Lovatt
Dame Edna

Albert Einstein Chicken Wire Sculpture by Ivan Lovatt
Albert Einstein

Amazing isn't it that he's making a living out of molding chicken wires. Any scout thinking of walking down the same path as him? :P

How To Tie The Ultimate Impossible Knot

Do you guys recognise the knots used in the video? It's none other than the Fisherman's knot.

The Fisherman's knot is a bend knot that can be almost impossible to untie. An even stronger knot than that is the double Fisherman's knot. So if you have a friend that's always pulling pranks on you, tie their shoelaces together with this knot. If you're really planning to go overboard with the prank, you may even consider the triple Fisherman's knot! :P

Say What?!? Part 005

Say What?!? Part 005

After being convincingly beaten by Daniel Phoon in the "most popular search query to land in 08online" match-up, former ATL Bernard Tan is making a comeback with this photo. In this fifth installment of the caption-making-just-for-fun-only what-you-call-it-thingy, put the words into this entau-wannabe.

Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Events Before The Camp

Before we continue to follow the misadventures of our favourite (some say imaginary) sea scout, let's recap on the events that have transpired since the last round-up.

We have realised by now that the surprise camp he attended which was the Leadership Training Camp (LTC) was not the camp that he ran away from. In Entry 012, he had just come back from the camp which was followed by Troop Takeover (TTO) and was all tired out. It was a camp that was totally not what he thought it was to be. Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Member Blogs

Attention all former and current sea scouts!

With increasing adoption of blogs and the new media by the masses, it is only natural that our members will take up blogging too. For a matter of fact, we have many members who have embraced blogging. However, we have no official records of such member blogs except if they have left their blog URL in the small talk or comment section of this blog.

Of course, there would be those who still do not have blogs of their own. So, to encourage those who have not started their own blogs to start one and also to support those who already have their own to continue updating theirs, we are compiling the blogs of all our mighty sea scouts, both current and former.

If you would like your blog to be included in the list, just leave a comment of your name and your blog URL. It would be nice if you could link back to this blog although that is not a prerequisite for your blog to be listed. If you know of any member blogs yet to be included in the list, you can also leave a comment on behalf of them.

Remember, the main idea is to list as many member blogs as possible. It doesn't matter if it's hosted on Blogger, Wordpress, Xanga, Friendster or your own server, as long as you are or were a mighty sea scout of Penang Free School and have a blog of your own, we want to know about it.

Sggs Gathering

Attention all brothers of the sea scout group. There will be a gathering organised and held at St. George's Girls School. Details are as follows
Date : 12 April 2008
Time : 1000 hours to 1400 hours
Venue : St. George's Girls School
Attire : Full Sea Scout Uniform
Fee : RM15 (lunch and participation fee)
So , fellow first and second formers , please attend this gathering not because it is held annually but it is also a first time valuable experience for some of you especially the form 1's. This is a chance not to be missed. After this gathering , we will head back to school for our sports day D-formation (if you have no idea what this is , you will know soon). It will end at around 6. ATTENDANCE IS STRICTLY COMPULSORY FOR ALL FORM 1's , 2's, 3's and 4's. SEVERE ACTIONS WILL BE TAKEN IF ONE IS NOT TO ATTEND WITHOUT ANY CONSENT FROM THE TROOP LEADER.

Penang Free School Scouts In Peril

It is a horrible time to be a scout in Penang Free School. If what is reported in a recent top-level meeting between the school administrators is to be believed, the scouts in Penang Free School may as well just close shop and join the Boys Brigade or some other sissy organisation. Scouting in Penang Free School as we know it will cease to exist.