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Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Entry 018

I've stayed over at my PL's house for a few weeks now. I'm here more than in my own home. Can you believe that? I miss my bed and my blankie and my teddy.

The sculpture that I'm working on is coming along fine. It has already taken shape and we've even applied paint and the necessary decorations on it. It is coming close to resemble what we had in mind after sacrificing so many sleepless nights on it. At the moment, we're putting on the finishing touches on what I hope will be the best sculpture ever! I really hope my PL will keep his promise to let me keep the trophy if we win the competition.

My PL's mom seems to be a very nice person. She will always prepare snacks and drinks for us sometimes even in the middle of the night! Most parents would be grumbling from morning to night for transforming their house into a workshop but his parents are very supportive of us. In fact, they even sponsored many things to help ensure we have a better chance of winning the competitions!

However, I also learned something not so good about my PL. He can be quite blow during the night but since he's the PL, no one says anything to him. If it's any of us members, he'll come over to us and fart into our face to keep us awake! So teruk I tell you. What's more is his fart is the worst I've ever smelled in my whole life! So toxic like the Britney Spears song. :(

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