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Yet Another Big Sale

After putting up t-shirts for sale, now CTC 2005 CDs are for sale and also a compilation of 8GTS photos but this time it is in DVD version~!!! The CTC CD contains videos and photos of CTC activities like Combined Meeting, Selection Day and during the camp. While the 8GTS DVD is a compilation of videos and photos from the past and also present activities.
CTC2005 CD: RM7.00
8GTS DVD: RM10.00
So wad are u waitin for?? Place ur orders ppl~!! and be quick. First Come First Serve~!!!
**pricing may change due to certain problems** ahhaahz

Lets Keep in Touch

I am back again. Well since CTC is over, I thought why dont we keep in touch. I am sure there are some scouts who has a crush or a few crushes on the guides or guides which have crushes on our fellow sea scouts like Jordan or Kelvin?? Wtf !! hahaz.. So all campers can post their email or msn contacts or telephone numbers at the comments section. So wad are u waiting for?? Spread the love.

The Results of CTC'05

Well the camp is finally over.. wheeee~~ I hope everyone goes back with sweet memories and hope it will last forever. If u miss CTC, than dun worry. Come back and join next year. Hahaz. This is the results of the camp:-

Patrol Category
Best Overall Champion: Xothique
Best Overall Patrol: Fusion
Best Tower and Gateway: Xothique
Best Gadgets: Blaze
Best Structure: Fusion (Excos Challenge Trophy)
Best Model Ancient Ship: Xothique
Best Landscape: Fusion
Best Sculpture: Xothique
Best Kitchen Unit: Sapphire
Best Drilling Squad: Zeuryx
Best Modern Cooking: Blaze
Best Dance: Blaze
Best Sketch: Zeuryx
Best Patrol Advertisement: Zeuryx
Best Banner: Blaze
Best Flag: Zeuryx
Best Comic Book: Fusion
Most Spirited Patrol: Traxex (the PL-less patrol)

Individual Category
Most Outstanding Patrol Leader: Aric Oon (at least didnt win overall but dpt best PL k)
Most Outstanding Patrol Second: Alyn Tan Chen Yong (CGL) - myeng mia gf
Most Outstanding Senior Scout: Lim Teik Hong
Most Outstanding Junior Scout: Andrew Ng
Most Outstanding Guides/Ranger: Phang Carmen (SGGS)
Best Dancer (Scout): Matthew Ng (dun cry Jordan)
Best Dancer (Guides/Ranger): Tay Seok Hwa (CDK)
Best Actor: Chuan Teik Min
Best Actress: Cassandra Tan (PCGHS)

To all Seniors or so called soon to be Venturez, gud luck in Recruitment Drive.
To all Venturez, dun play play d, next year SPM liao. Die die die.
To all outgoing Venturez which is going NS have fun in National Service.

p.s: ATL Bernard Tan still luv all of the campers of CTC 05 and me too.
p.s: TL Myeng luv alyn, ahhaz.


The following items are on sale-
CTC 2005 Participant T-RM 15
CTC 2005 EXCO T -RM 15 [for excos and ex-scouts only]
CTC 2005 Participant scarf -RM5
CTC 2005 Camp Badge -RM 2
ASSTC 2004 Participant T -RM10

For those of you all who are interested , pls inform Gajen a.s.a.p.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

HoHoHoHo, Merry Christmas!! On behalf of 8th Georgetown (South), I would like to wish a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all members, ex sea scouts, CTC campers, fellow guides and rangers and many many more and the list goes on. We would to wish u all good luck in ur future undertakings and have a very prosperous new year. Wheeee~~ Its back to school, oh no!!!

PMR Results...GOOD LUCK!!!

To all senior sea scouts (Third Formers), good luck in receiving your results tomorrow. Let's see if our members can perform as well academically as they perform during troop functions. All the best!

08cast Episode 002: Midnight Nonsense

Camp Chief ASSL Simon Loh and former mighty sea scout Dominic brings me around the CTC05 campsite to discover some midnight nonsense especially when scouts are blow. Includes earlier interview with PL Jeffrey Lee of Xothique Patrol when he's not so blow...

Listen NOW!

PL Jeffrey on
- being neck-to-neck
- modern cooking 'chenng'
- heavenly dory fish
- gateway letdown
- targets 2nd place?!?
- ship sure win
- credits his guides from CGL

PL Kelvin Lim teaches us the art of
- being scary
- being blow
- being lawak
- "taking the what small colour plastic thing?!?"
- "she get's that part correct?!?"

SS Jordan Lee
- wants it up his ass (voice recorder)
- confirms PL Kelvin Lim is damn blow

PL Aric Oon shares his thoughts on
- being happy only patrol to be awake
- already confirmed best overall?
- 80% confident of winning
- PL Jeffrey can smell fart
- world domination
- his impressive tower
- shares his secret on keeping his members awake
- (Simon Loh hits his head on gateway)
- competitions he will win

PL Kelvin Lim explains to us about
- 'or kooi' on his leg
- his 'lampah' very pain...'geseran'
- menstruation
- bodek scout and his Ritz biscuits

PL Daniel Phoon
- knows how to enjoy life during camp
- runs a secret refugee camp
- gives up hope
- (Simon tries to burn his ass)
- trying to gain more 'maruah'
- receives motivation
- (Simon tries to understand marking scheme)
- feeling fire in his belly

PL Kelvin Lim revisited...AGAIN!!!
- sleeping sitting up
- recharge battery?
- robot scouts?!?
- sorry, no roti canai sold in CTC
- SS Andrew recharges his PL
- falling behind the PL-less patrol

PL-less patrol
- PL down with dengue
- PL seen online
- quite impressive
- flag confusion

Finding PL Jeffrey Lee
- digger scout wakes up to footsteps
- jackpot! scout hideout found!
- PL Jeffrey found!!!
- being blow
- not giving up yet

Music courtesy of David Yoong.

HMS Vortex

This is my pick for Best Ship for CTC 05. Here are some photos of the ship. Check out the details. The ship even has a chapel!

You can see the pics in their full glory here.

08cast Episode 001: Interview With GSM Mr Lim Ah Seng

Our GSM has some shocking news. Listen to this short interview which includes Camp Chief ASSL Simon Loh and myself to find out more...recorded live from CTC05 at Coronation Camp.

Listen NOW!

- wearing sea scout uniform
- Mr. Lim's shocking announcement
- introducing new GSM for 8gts
- who is OBS?
- Mr. Lim remains part of 8gts family
- the En. Hairol factor
- Simon Loh owes OBS money!
- troop funds
- 45th anniversary vs 90th anniversary
- Mr. Lim shirks his responsibility!

Music courtesy of David Yoong.

Let The Games Begin...

Haven't you heard?!? CTC05 is here!!! This year's Combined Training Camp has begun with earnest at Coronation Camp despite the heavy downpour. No amount of rain or shine will be able to dampen the spirits of the mighty sea scouts of 8gts and everyone involved in this camp is trying their very best to put up a good show. After a day of precamp, a first for many of the campers since they had been so used to the three days of precamp in recent years, the competition is getting really intense. I was informed that competition between the patrols are quite healthy and still very much alive although two patrols have taken an early lead. There are a few patrols trailing behind but they don't seem to be bothered much by their progress, or lack of it. They seem to be confident in putting up a strong enough challenge and give the two leading patrols a run for their money.

Eye-catching ships, mind-boggling landscapes, incomprehensible structures, beautiful floats, creative logbooks, colourful banners and the like can be seen at the camp with some very exceptional and magnificient work done on a couple of our trademark ships. A touch of creativity is evident in the gadgetry although in such an early stage and one wonders how grand they will be once they are completed.

Campfire Nite, the summit of CTC05 and the most anticipated event of the year (even more than King Kong and Chronicles of Narnia?!?) will be on Sunday (18/12/2005) at 2000hrs. Go early as it is expected to be jam-packed with people despite the rain. Seats are limited and if this year's Campfire Nite is anything like last year's (with ~500 visitors) you would want to be early. With exotic dances and the most lawak sketches promised for this year's Campfire Nite, how can you forgive yourself for missing this event? I know Camp Chief ASSL Simon Loh will definitely not forgive you! (News is he might be the MC again this year...)

All these are waiting for you at this year's Combined Training Camp. The best thing is, this year's Combined Training Camp falls on a weekend! So what are you waiting for? Take a trip to Coronation Camp and see the splendor of CTC05 now! A word of caution though, bring along an umbrella and mind your step. Be prepared for a muddy experience. :P

Rest assued, we will try to bring coverage of CTC05 to those of you who are outstation/overseas and not able to visit the camp through photos, audio and video files. Check back here regularly for updates.

How To Tie Knots...

Learn how to tie some knots at this useful and interesting website - I Will Knot. Information at the site includes simple description of the knots, tying instructions including short 'videos' and the image of the knots.

The Clock's Ticking...

CTC 2005 is drawing closer every minute. How are the patrols faring? Has anyone taken an early lead? Is it turning out to be a close fight? Who will eventually be crowned overall champions? Just a dozen days to go before the camp starts. Yet another chapter will be written in 8gts history and that chapter begins in 12 days 9 hours 1 min 25 sec....I mean 23 sec....I mean 20 sec....oh screw it...you look at the counter yourself!

Blaze... Fusion... Sapphire... Traxex... Xothique... Zeuryx... make us proud!!!

GOOD LUCK to you all and may it be a memorable camp!