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08cast Episode 002: Midnight Nonsense

Camp Chief ASSL Simon Loh and former mighty sea scout Dominic brings me around the CTC05 campsite to discover some midnight nonsense especially when scouts are blow. Includes earlier interview with PL Jeffrey Lee of Xothique Patrol when he's not so blow...

Listen NOW!

PL Jeffrey on
- being neck-to-neck
- modern cooking 'chenng'
- heavenly dory fish
- gateway letdown
- targets 2nd place?!?
- ship sure win
- credits his guides from CGL

PL Kelvin Lim teaches us the art of
- being scary
- being blow
- being lawak
- "taking the what small colour plastic thing?!?"
- "she get's that part correct?!?"

SS Jordan Lee
- wants it up his ass (voice recorder)
- confirms PL Kelvin Lim is damn blow

PL Aric Oon shares his thoughts on
- being happy only patrol to be awake
- already confirmed best overall?
- 80% confident of winning
- PL Jeffrey can smell fart
- world domination
- his impressive tower
- shares his secret on keeping his members awake
- (Simon Loh hits his head on gateway)
- competitions he will win

PL Kelvin Lim explains to us about
- 'or kooi' on his leg
- his 'lampah' very pain...'geseran'
- menstruation
- bodek scout and his Ritz biscuits

PL Daniel Phoon
- knows how to enjoy life during camp
- runs a secret refugee camp
- gives up hope
- (Simon tries to burn his ass)
- trying to gain more 'maruah'
- receives motivation
- (Simon tries to understand marking scheme)
- feeling fire in his belly

PL Kelvin Lim revisited...AGAIN!!!
- sleeping sitting up
- recharge battery?
- robot scouts?!?
- sorry, no roti canai sold in CTC
- SS Andrew recharges his PL
- falling behind the PL-less patrol

PL-less patrol
- PL down with dengue
- PL seen online
- quite impressive
- flag confusion

Finding PL Jeffrey Lee
- digger scout wakes up to footsteps
- jackpot! scout hideout found!
- PL Jeffrey found!!!
- being blow
- not giving up yet

Music courtesy of David Yoong.

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