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Ahoy SEA scouts !
Penang is having their KOMTAR TOWER RUN 2011 and the PENANG SCOUT COUNCIL needs helper .
The details are as followed

Venue : Komtar (meet at MAYBANK)
Date : 12th June (one day after CGL)
Day : Sunday
Time : 0615 hours - 1100hours
Attire : FSSU

Scouts from FORM 1 to FORM 4 are compulsory to attend . Thank you .
Those who really cant make it please inform your respective prob. PL.

p/s : Prob.PLs please make sure everything is done by FRIDAY

ASSTC patrol list 2011

The time for ANNUAL SEA SCOUT TRAINING CAMP (ASSTC) is back here
So here goes the patrol list

-prob PL Lim Boon Yeong
-prob PS Erik Arthur
-Chen Yu Xiang
-Syed Ahmad Amri
-Sean Tye

-prob PL Shashivarma
-prob PS Quak Tien Choong
-Joel Lim Chia Liang
-Fathi Hilmi
-Lim Chin Hai

-prob PL Chew Chin Chai
-prob PS Sheikh Hanif
-Richard Ho Wei Xuan
-Muhsin Kaamil

Senior patrol
-prob SPL Ivan Khoo Kien Jie
-prob SPS Roshvinder Singh
-Jonathan Kow

Venture : Gyrados
-prob VUL Lee Zhi Hoong
-prob VUS Ryan Koay
-Joshua Chan
-Khoo Boo Yen
-Arthur Yeow

Venture : Chimera
-prob VUL Heymen Naidu
-prob VUS Ch'ng Wei Sheng
-Lim Boon Leong
-Chan Kok Seng
-Ho Hee Xian


Members of the 8th Georgetown South Sea Scouts Group
There will be a urgent meeting
The details are as followed

Date : 31st of May
Day : Tuesday
Time : 1400 hours - 1700 hours
Venue : UMP
Attire : Casual and appropriate

TTO 2011's result

I believe what we have announced during TTO is not really clear
So , I think I shall post the results up again

Prob ASM
:Por Kai Yann
:Chew Chin Quan

Prob ATL
: Jason Teoh
: Nachiappan Thanneemalai

Prob VUL
: Heymen Naidu
: Lee Zhi Hoong

Prob VUS
: Ryan Koay
: Ch'ng Wei Sheng

Prob SPL
: Ivan Khoo Kien Jie

Prob SPS
: Roshvinder Singh

Prob PL
: Chew Chin Chai (BEAVER)
: Lim Boon Yeong (OTTER)
: Shashivarma (DOLPHIN)

Prob PS
: Sheikh Hanif (BEAVER)
: Erik Arthur (OTTER)
: Quak Tien Choong (DOLPHIN)

BEST JUNIOR SCOUT of the term 2010/2011
: Chew Chin Chai

BEST SENIOR SCOUT of the term 2010/2011
: Lim Boon Leong

To those newly elected probationary leaders , congratulations but please do not have that "over confident attitude in you guys" , you have just officially provoked those unelected ones
To those who are not elected , strive hard !

"Whatever you are , be a good one"

TTO 2011

Troop Take Over or in short known as TTO is finally here. This is where leaders will be elected for a probationary period to hold a post in the Troop. Than if they are found to be a good one, they shall be promoted to the permanent post during the Annual General Meeting, AGM. Those elected probationary leaders will be observed during ASSTC. Their perfomance leads them to where they will be standing . So what do u people think? Who will elected to be entrusted to guide and lead the Troop to a better state after a great fall last year and also to glory and fame for this probationary period?? Who will be elected as Prob ATL, Prob VUL, Prob VUS, Prob PL, Prob PS?? Lastly who will be Best Scout for Term 2010/2011?? All ur unanswered questions will be answered soon. Patience u must have.

Date: 27th May 2011
Time: 1230hrs to 1430hrs
Venue: Usual Meeting Place (UMP)
Attire: Full Sea Scout Uniform
Patrol On Duty: Otter Patrol

Attendance is compulsory to all Sea Scouts from form1 to form6.
Serious action will be taken to those which fail attend the TTO and will be dealt with severely.

*With Great Powers Comes Great Responsibility*