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The Eighth Georgetown (South) Sea Scout Group, based in Penang Free School, a symbol of national distinction in Malaysia is the one and only wholly sea scout troop on the Island of Penang. Recognised as one of the best scout troops in the state and one of the few remaining sea scout troops in the country, it is indeed a great honour to be one of her members.

Troop PhotoThe Troop is run under the patrol system common to all the other scout troops in the country. The Troop is headed by the Troop Leader (TL) and assisted by a few Assistant Troop Leaders (ATL). They are considered the Executive Committee or EXCO members of the troop and are advised by the Group Scout Master (GSM), Senior Scout Leader (SSL), Assistant Senior Scout Leader (ASSL), Scout Masters (SM) and Assistant Scout Masters (ASM). The advisory board is comprised of teachers in the school as well as Sixth Form members who have held responsible positions while in Fifth Form before. The TL and ATLs are normally Fourth Formers who hold their term until the middle of their Fifth Form. They are the actual administrative body of the Troop.

The other Fourth Formers are divided into Venture Units and they are referred to as Venture Scouts or simply Ventures. They are highly respected in the troop and considered to be the elder brothers of the Junior Scouts. The Venture Unit Leader (VUL) is assisted by a Venture Unit Second (VUS) in all matters concerning the Unit. Next down the line are the Senior Scouts. Comprising of Third Formers, these Senior Patrols are usually only active for the first half of the year as preparations for their Penilaian Menegah Rendah (PMR) examinations will be underway by the middle of the year. The end of the Annual Sea Scout Training Camp (ASSTC) usually symbolises the beginning of the Senior Scouts' ‘hibernation’. Senior Patrols are led by Senior Patrol Leaders (SPL) and assisted by Senior Patrol Seconds (SPS). Last but not least are the Junior Patrols. Its members being made up of Second Form scouts and First Form recruits, these patrols are the lowest in the hierarchy. These Patrols are led by their respective Patrol Leaders (PL) and Patrol Seconds (PS). The names of the Junior Patrols ranges animals such as Beaver, Dolphin, Otter, Manta and Penguin. All the positions above are referred to as the Troop Roll Call of Honour.

Troop TakeoverNext, there is the Troop Court of Honor (COH). This is the functioning committee of the Troop and there are COH members at troop level as well as at the patrol level. There is the Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Quartermaster, Logkeeper, Attendance Logkeeper, Badgework Secretary, Public Relations Officer and Public Duties Coordinator. The Honorary Secretary is in charge of all paperwork and carries out the normal duties of a secretary. The Honorary Treasurer takes charge of the Troop accounts and also supervises the income and expenditure of the Troop. The Quartermaster has authority over all the equipment of the Troop and is also put in charge of the Troop Room in the Scout Den. The Logkeeper is responsible for writing reports on any activity participated by the Troop and maintaining the Troop Log while the Attendance Logkeeper keeps the attendance of all the members during these activities. The Badgework Secretary hold badgework camps and sessions for the scouts and is given the task of making sure the Troop’s badgework is up to standard. The Public Relations Officer is the contact person of the troop and maintains close ties with the other scouting, guiding and rangering movements in and out of the school. The Public Duties Coordinator oversees the duties given to scouts such as Speech Day duties, Sport Day duties, Butterfly Farm Camp duties, Batu Lanchang Primary School camp duties and other such duties. He ensures that sufficient number of scouts and leaders turn up for each and every duty and the duties run smoothly.

The troop is maintained and brought to greater heights by strict discipline and effective administration and each and every component of the troop as mentioned above is vital and essential to the well being of the troop.