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Shuffle Your Way To CTC08

Here are some of the Campnite performances from the recently concluded CTC08 for your viewing pleasure.

Combined Training Camp 2008 Results

CTC 2008 has ended. So here are the results :-

Best Overall Champion : Infekted (The scout-less patrol)
Best Patrol : Quixotic
Best Gadget : Morpheus
Best Flag & Flagpole : Novelty
Best Logbook : Novelty (Ying & Yang one)
Best Banner : Novelty
Best Model Ancient Ship : Quixotic (Scouts din touch 1)
Best Float : Quixotic (Wat the...take so many challenge trophy)
Best Tower & Gateway : Morpheus
Best Silent & Fancy Drilling : Infekted
Best Modern Cooking : Infekted (5 years in a row =.=)
Best Sketch : Quixotic (FoFo xD)
Best Dance : Novelty (Really ?!?)
Best Cosplay : Infekted
Best Advertisement : Infekted
Best Patrol Leader : PL Shaun Oh Thean Wei (OMG 4 Challenge Trohpy)
Best Patrol Second : PS Li Ann (CGL)
Best Guide : Koe Shu Wern (CLS)
Best Scout (Junior) : Jason Teoh (=.="""")
Best Scout (Senior) : Chuan Teik Min (XD)
Most Spirited Patrol : Novelty

There are the results for CTC 2008.

p.s. The grammy award for Most Outstanding 100 Plus seller goes to Matthew Ng ( Clap Clap )
p.s. I (atl chong) miss everyone.

Combined Training Camp 2008

The much awaited camp of the year is here ! Our very own 8th Georgetown South's

CTC 2008 : Delonix Regia

The preparations and precamp begins this Tuesday, 9th December 2006 on Penang Free School grounds.

Date : 9th and 10th of December 2008 (Tuesday)

Venue : PFS field in front of Scout Den

Time : 0800 hrs - 1900 hrs


The Selection Day will start at 12 pm / 1200 hrs and finish at 6 pm due to some activity held at the youth park. Participants are advised to be there an hour earlier for preparations. PUNCTUALITY is strictly observed. I hope that everyone are ready for this event.

CTC 08 Camp Office Bearers

Camp Chief - TL Adrian Chuah
Asst. Camp Chief - ASM Sim Kwang Yeung
- ASM Matthew Ng
- ASM Lim Teik Hong
Secretary - TL Adrian Chuah
Asst. Secretary - Sarah Teh
Treasurer - ATL Chong Kam Zhern
Asst. Treasurer - Jessie Cheah
Quartermaster - ATL Ong Siew Chai
Asst. Quartermaster - Chua Su Jen
First Aider - ATL Chong Kam Zhern
Asst. First Aider - Alicia Khoo
Photographer - Maggie Saw
Asst. Photographer - Chan Tzee Yun
Security Officer - TL Adrian Chuah
Public Duty Coordinator - ASM Sim Kwang Yeung
Asst . P.D.C - Jamie Foo
Discipline Master - ASM Matthew Ng
Discipline Mistress - Niroshiny
- Christine Ng
Cleanliness Master - ASM Lim Teik Hong
Cleanliness Mistress - Myra Goon
- Lim Tze Bei
- Christine Lau
Camp Programmer - ASM Matthew Ng
Asst. Camp Programmer - Wee Ee Yan
Camp Webmaster - ATL Chong Kam Zhern

Selection Day 2008

Sorry for the late post because there has been some difficulties for getting the permission for the place. Anyway , Selection Day for CTC 08 will be held on the 1st Dec 2008 , Monday. It starts from 10 to 5 pm. This event will be held at Youth Park. This event will be an open one.
So , everyone is welcomed to come and have a glimpse of some sketches , dances and advertisements. Hope every patrol is ready for this event.

The attire for scouts are Full Mufti and for the rangers/guides are the 2nd Uniform

-Combine Training Camp 08-


I guess everyone is still busy with exams. But some are already thinking of the holidays and maybe CTC as well? Anyway , there will be a meeting for all scouts after the form 4's finish their exam which is on the 11th of November 2008. This meeting is important as there will be crucial matters to discuss. So , all scouts from Form 1 to 4 please attend this meeting. No excuses.
Date : 11th November 2008 , Tuesday
Time : 1500 hrs - 1700 hrs
Venue : Meet at 8th south table first
Fssu is not needed. Again , this is a very important meeting.

Attendance is compulsory.

For those sitting for exams (SPM & STPM) , wish you all the best and may the force be with you.

Combined Meeting 2008

Combined Meeting 2008 has finally arrived. This is the time whereby scouts get to meet our sister guides/rangers for Combined Training Camp 2008 . Attendance is strictly compulsory for all Form 1 , 2 , 3 and 4s. PL & PS Meeting will be held before Combined Meeting. Details of the events are as follows :-
PL & PS Meeting
Date : 11 October 2008
Time : 0900 hrs - 1100 hrs
Venue : Meet at UMP
Attire : Full Uniform for both scouts and guides

Combined Meeting
Date : 11 October 2008
Time : 1200hrs - 1400 hrs
Venue : Meet at UMP
Attire : Full Uniform for both scouts and guides
*PL & PS Meeting was rescheduled to ease the burden of our fellow scouts and guides.

-Combined Training Camp 08-

PL & PS Meeting

The PL & PS meeting for CTC 2008 will be held on the following Wednesday after the Hari Raya holidays . At this particular meeting , the circular for CTC 2008 will be given out. Attendance is COMPULSORY for all PL , PS and Exco members of their respective schools. Details for the meeting are as follows :-
Date : 8 Oct 2008
Time : 1500 hrs - 1800 hrs
Venue : Penang Free School ( class 5G )
Attire : Top Mufti
To those sister guides/rangers , u will all be escorted to the class by our very own sea scouts.

-Combined Training Camp 08-

IPC Backwoodsman Late Cancelation

This event was canceled because it is reported that many scouts could not make it , especially the PL's. For those who did not know that it was canceled , sorry for the inconvenience caused.

IPC Knots Chart

After one year hiatus, Inter Patrol Competition is back on our schedule. This week, we will have the Knots Chart Competition. This is the time where scouts from each patrol show their talent and express their knowledge in knots. So, fellow scouts, be ready to witness the competitive event of the IPC 2008. Details of the event are as follows :
Date : 16th August 2008
Time : 0800 hrs - 1200 hrs
Venue : Usual Meeting Place (UMP)
Attire : Full Sea Scout Uniform
Patrol on Duty : Dolphin
Attendance is compulsory for all competing patrols. Please be prepared. No knots are to be prepared before hand.

Post AGM 2008

As the AGM 2008 draws to a close, the outgoing Executive Committee of the troop elected the next batch of leaders to carry the troop on their shoulders. After the next troop office bearers are announced, it was finally the time to announce the new group of leaders. It was an intensifying moment as the junior Patrol Leaders and Patrol Seconds are announced. Then , TL Andrew Ng chooses to voice out the new Troop Leader for the term 08/09 first. It was a awkward moment because the new TL is usually announced at the very last. Newly elected TL , Adrian Chuah gave his speech and then it was time for the ATL's to be chosen. First was Prob. ATL Ong Siew Chai. He too gave his long awaited speech. Finally it was time for the second ATL to be chosen. It was a moment of mixed emotions when Prob. VUL Chuan Teik Min was elected as the VUL for this term. It was a shocking and awful moment as he gave his speech. Right after that , Prob. VUL Chong Kam Zhern was announced as the second ATL . He too was in mixed emotions as he began his speech. He gave his sympathies to the one that should have deserved the post more than he did. The event was inevitable as it an emotional moment for some scouts in the troop. But whatever happens, the troop will stand strong and these scouts will always be united and their bonds will never be broken.

AGM 2008

The long awaited event has arrived , the Annual General Meeting 2008. On this auspicious day, the probationary leaders will be either promoted or demoted depending on their performance during ASSTC 2008. All scouts are to be present during AGM 2008. Those who fail to attend will be given warning or dismissal letters. Attendance is COMPULSORY for all scouts from Form 1 to 6. Details of the event are as follows :
Date : 9th of August 2008 (Saturday)
Time : 1300 hrs - 1530hrs / 1.00 p.m. to 3.30 p.m.
Venue : Be at the UMP at 1300 hrs. Then we proceed to the Lecture Hall
Attire : Full Sea Scout Uniform
Patrol on duty : Beaver
All scouts are to be at the UMP by 12.50 p.m.

ASSTC 2008 Results

ASSTC 2008 has drawn to a close. To those who won please strive harder and to those who didn't win , strive even harder next time around. It was also a hard earn experienced for the newcomers.
Here are the new winners for this year.
Best Overall Champion : Dolphin
Best Drilling : Otter
Best Iron Chef : Venture
Best Mascot : Dolphin
Best Miniature Gadget : Dolphin
Best Flag and Flagpole : Beaver
Best Logbook : Dolphin
Best Campnite : Venture
Most Spirited Patrol : Beaver
Most Outstanding Patrol Leader : Malcolm Tan
Most Outstanding Patrol Second : Alex Lee
Most Outstanding Sea Scout (Junior) : Nachiappan
Most Outstanding Sea Scout (Senior) : Paul Chen
Here are the camp photos.

If you would like to view them in larger resolution, you can find them here. Have fun viewing them.

Transparent Canoe-Kayak

Introducing the transparent canoe-kayak!

This kayak-canoe hybrid has a transparent polymer hull that offers paddlers an underwater vista of aquatic wildlife and waterscapes unavailable in conventional boats. Seating two people, the sturdy canoe hull is made of the same durable material found in the cockpit canopies of supersonic fighter jets. Easy to maneuver, the wide canoe displaces a greater amount of water for more surface stability, and the paddlers sit lower to the deck, resulting in better balance. Adjustable seats allow paddlers of different heights to personalise their leg room. With a lightweight anodised aluminum frame, it can be easily stored or transported to and from the water. Includes two double-headed paddles, a water bailer, and two flotation devices.

What's more, it comes with a lifetime guarantee! Pricing? You've do dig deep to get one though. It will set you back as much as US$1,600! That's about RM5,000!!! I'll probably stick to my trusty old canoes, thank you very much!

ASSTC 2008

It's the middle of the year already. I'm sure everyone has been asking when is ASSTC going to be held. Well , your answers are here. I'm sure every patrol started their meetings already. This will be a busy month for all patrols . So , put in all your effort to help your patrol win the Best Overall trophy. Details of the camp are as follows.
Date : 1st-3rd of August 2008
Report In : 1500 hrs (1st)
Dismissal : 1600 hrs (3rd)
Venue : Penang Free School field
Attire : FSSU
Camp Fees : RM 25
Leaders , please plan your camp properly. Do not overspend. I wish you all good luck in your build-up to the camp.

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships"
*asstc has been postponed to the corrected date above due to unavoidable circumstances

Fewer Boy Scouts Not Only A PFS Dilemma

It's good to know that the Penang Free School scouts are not the only ones facing dwindling numbers in membership as portrayed by Bulbir Singh in a letter to The Star recently. In response, Jonathan Cheah has suggested reviving teachers' interest in scouting.

6km & 8 km Journey

6km and 8km journey is part of the usaha and maju badgework requirements. So , form 1's and form 2's be prepared for this journey. Details are as follows.
Date : 14 June 2008
Time : 0830 hrs - 1330 hrs
Venue : UMP
Attire : FSSU
Attendance is compulsory for form 1-4. Actions will be taken if any scouts are unable to turn up without a valid reason.

Kinta Scouts Build 40m Tower

Shiang Yang 219th Kinta Open Troop Malaysian Book of Records 40m Tower

Another group of scouts have set a new record in the Malaysian Book of Records by constructing a 40m tower only with their bare hands without the use of any machinery. They were also the same people who built the 5-storey tower last year.

TTO 2008 results

The highly anticipated Troop Take Over 2008 is over. The new batch of Probationary Leaders are elected. This is also the time where the form 2's get their very first posts and lead their patrol during this year's ASSTC. Congratulations to the newly elected Prob. leaders. The others that did not obtain any posts , please strive harder as this is only a probationary period. The list of Prob. leaders are as follows.
Prob. ATL :
Adrian Chuah
Ong Siew Chai

Prob. VUL :
Chuan Teik Min
Chong Kam Zhern

Prob. VUS :
Edwin Tan
Shaun Oh

Prob. SPL :
Cason Chong
Chew Chin Quan

Prob. SPS :
Por Kai Yann
Lim Wei Jin

Prob. PL :
Alvin Tan (Dolphin)
Malcolm Tan (Beaver)
Jorawal Singh (Otter)

Prob. PS :
Khaw Jian Zhen (Dolphin)
Jun Ting (Beaver)
Alex Lee (Otter)

"Being busy does not always mean real work. The object of all work is production or accomplishment and to either of these ends there must be forethought, system, planning, intelligence, and honest purpose, as well as perspiration. Seeming to do is not doing."

Troop Take Over 2008

One of the most anticipated event of the term is here. Troop Take Over is the time where probationary leaders and assistant leaders will be elected to lead the troop for the next term. They will be under strict evaluation under a period of 3 months or so. Then , the truly deserved ones will only be promoted to a permanent post. Attendance is COMPULSORY for ALL scouts from all forms. Scouts that could not attend this activity will be given a warning letter unless a valid reason is given. Details are as follows.
Date : 24 May 2008
Time : 0800 hrs - 1030 hrs
Venue : Usual Meeting Place ( UMP )
Attire : Full Sea Scout Uniform
*sorry for the late post due to the exams

Say What?!? Part 006

Say What?!? Part 006

Sometimes just looking at Simon Loh is enough to get a rush of endorphins. His silly face is good enough to make you laugh out loud, either with him or at him. This photo is another classic Simon Loh moment. In this sixth installment of the caption-making-just-for-fun-only what-you-call-it-thingy, put the words into this joker's mouth.

Fold Your Shirts In Two Seconds

The technique shown in this video would prove useful for Morning Inspection layouts. Think of all the time you could save and how nicely the shirts will be folded.

Isn't it time all of you scouts master this for upcoming camps?

PCGHS Campfire

PCGHS campfire was held on the 26 April 08. 15 senior and venture scouts attended the campfire. They went there with high hopes to win the best overall trophy. They gave their best performance for the year. The items that was performed are an advertisement , a sketch , 3 dances and 2 for singing , which comes to a total of 7 items. The most items came from our troop that night. The performance was good enough to grab the overall. Unfortunately, they only manage to get 3rd placing. Frustration and anger was clearly shown through all their faces. As some said that the result was 'unfair' and 'biased' , but nothing that they have said would change the result. TL Andrew Ng performed exceptionally well that night. He himself was left devastated and disappointed after the result was announced. They went there with the hunger for the best overall trophy but ended up far from their expectations. In their hearts , they knew they were champions , but they weren't rewarded so.

How To Make Fire Without Matches Or Lighter

Don't you think that's a really interesting concept? However, I don't think we'll be seeing this method being used by our sea scouts in any camps or Backwoodsman Cooking anytime soon. :P

Think You're Good With Chicken Wire?

Well, think again! Meet the master of chicken wires and his work of art.

Dame Edna Chicken Wire Sculpture by Ivan Lovatt
Dame Edna

Albert Einstein Chicken Wire Sculpture by Ivan Lovatt
Albert Einstein

Amazing isn't it that he's making a living out of molding chicken wires. Any scout thinking of walking down the same path as him? :P

How To Tie The Ultimate Impossible Knot

Do you guys recognise the knots used in the video? It's none other than the Fisherman's knot.

The Fisherman's knot is a bend knot that can be almost impossible to untie. An even stronger knot than that is the double Fisherman's knot. So if you have a friend that's always pulling pranks on you, tie their shoelaces together with this knot. If you're really planning to go overboard with the prank, you may even consider the triple Fisherman's knot! :P

Say What?!? Part 005

Say What?!? Part 005

After being convincingly beaten by Daniel Phoon in the "most popular search query to land in 08online" match-up, former ATL Bernard Tan is making a comeback with this photo. In this fifth installment of the caption-making-just-for-fun-only what-you-call-it-thingy, put the words into this entau-wannabe.

Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Events Before The Camp

Before we continue to follow the misadventures of our favourite (some say imaginary) sea scout, let's recap on the events that have transpired since the last round-up.

We have realised by now that the surprise camp he attended which was the Leadership Training Camp (LTC) was not the camp that he ran away from. In Entry 012, he had just come back from the camp which was followed by Troop Takeover (TTO) and was all tired out. It was a camp that was totally not what he thought it was to be. Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Member Blogs

Attention all former and current sea scouts!

With increasing adoption of blogs and the new media by the masses, it is only natural that our members will take up blogging too. For a matter of fact, we have many members who have embraced blogging. However, we have no official records of such member blogs except if they have left their blog URL in the small talk or comment section of this blog.

Of course, there would be those who still do not have blogs of their own. So, to encourage those who have not started their own blogs to start one and also to support those who already have their own to continue updating theirs, we are compiling the blogs of all our mighty sea scouts, both current and former.

If you would like your blog to be included in the list, just leave a comment of your name and your blog URL. It would be nice if you could link back to this blog although that is not a prerequisite for your blog to be listed. If you know of any member blogs yet to be included in the list, you can also leave a comment on behalf of them.

Remember, the main idea is to list as many member blogs as possible. It doesn't matter if it's hosted on Blogger, Wordpress, Xanga, Friendster or your own server, as long as you are or were a mighty sea scout of Penang Free School and have a blog of your own, we want to know about it.

Sggs Gathering

Attention all brothers of the sea scout group. There will be a gathering organised and held at St. George's Girls School. Details are as follows
Date : 12 April 2008
Time : 1000 hours to 1400 hours
Venue : St. George's Girls School
Attire : Full Sea Scout Uniform
Fee : RM15 (lunch and participation fee)
So , fellow first and second formers , please attend this gathering not because it is held annually but it is also a first time valuable experience for some of you especially the form 1's. This is a chance not to be missed. After this gathering , we will head back to school for our sports day D-formation (if you have no idea what this is , you will know soon). It will end at around 6. ATTENDANCE IS STRICTLY COMPULSORY FOR ALL FORM 1's , 2's, 3's and 4's. SEVERE ACTIONS WILL BE TAKEN IF ONE IS NOT TO ATTEND WITHOUT ANY CONSENT FROM THE TROOP LEADER.

Penang Free School Scouts In Peril

It is a horrible time to be a scout in Penang Free School. If what is reported in a recent top-level meeting between the school administrators is to be believed, the scouts in Penang Free School may as well just close shop and join the Boys Brigade or some other sissy organisation. Scouting in Penang Free School as we know it will cease to exist.

Upcoming Events

As we all know that these few months is a gathering season. To all form 1's , this are some events not to be missed as you can make new friends and gain some experience in your scouting life. These are some of the events taking place soon.
22/3/08 - MBS Gathering
12/4/08 - SGGS Gathering
Please be ready for these events and detail will soon be given. Try to make sure there isn't any plans during these days. Any changes will be informed as soon as possible.

Ujian Prestasi 1 (2008)

Our school's first performance test ( UP1) will be on from Monday( 3/3/08) to Wednesday (5/3/08). You guys better study for your test, especially the form 4's and 5's.

Anyway, GOOD LUCK to all of you and do your best! ^__^

meeting on Wednesday (5/3/08) will be ON

Canoeing Session

The 8th Georgetown (South) Sea Scout Group will be holding a Canoeing Session for the first formers. This activity is held to foster a closer relationship between fellow scouts and to let sea scouts to experience the joy of canoeing. Particulars of the activity are shown below.
Date : 16th February 2008
Time : 0900 hrs - 1400 hrs
Venue : Tanjung Bungah Water Sports Centre (Mar Vista)
Attire : Top Mufti ( for those without mufti , please wear ideal clothes for this activity e.g. PJ T-shirt
Fees : RM 10.00 ( bus included )
Attendance is strictly compulsory for all Sea Scouts from Form 1 , 2 , 3 and 4. Action will be taken for those who fail to turn up without a valid reason.

Happy Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year for the year 2008 is just around the corner. We , the 8th Georgetown South Sea Scouts would like to wish you all a very Happy Chinese New Year. Wishing you a prosperous and healthy Chinese New Year. For those who are driving , please drive safely and be careful at all times.

From all of our scouts in 8th GTS , we would again like to wish you Happy Chinese New Year and Gong Xi Fa Cai!!

Yours sincerely,
8th GT(S)
Sea Scout Group

Results Of Pantai Kerachut 2008

The 3 days 2 nights Pantai Kerachut Hike and Camp has come to an end. We were all quite tired especially the form 1's and 2's who did their best in this camp. The Form 1's showed great interest in scouting meanwhile the Form 2's showed their leadership capabilities during this camp. All patrols competed fiercely and healthily. Who won Best Recruit?? Who won Best Overall?? Check out below to find out!
Best Sandcastle : Otter Patrol
Best Campfire : Beaver Patrol
Best Patrol Leader : Malcolm Tan (Beaver)
Best Recruit : Ryan Koay (Beaver)
Best Overall : Otter Patrol
Congratulations to those who won. Those who didn't win don't be sad , try harder next time and never give up.

Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Entry 020

The camp is tomorrow and we still have so many things to settle. Many things still need to be put together since we've worked on each part separately. It's going to be another long night tonight. We've not slept for the past few days, only taking very short naps now and then so we can complete our work.

Could we have avoided this situation if we had not taken our own sweet time preparing for the camp? Would it have made any difference if there weren't so many competitions? Would the situation be any better if we had more members? The reality is, it doesn't really matter. It is really up to us to make do with what we have.

Pantai Kerachut Hike and Camp

The 8th Georgetown South Sea Scout Group will be organizing the Pantai Kerachut Hike and Camp. This camp is held specially for the new recruits of our troop. Many fun activities will be held there. This is the chance for you guys to take a closer look at the nature of our beloved Penang National Park. Attendance is compulsory for all form 1's to 4's . Details of the camp are stated below.
Date : 25 January 2008 - 27 January 2008
Venue : Pantai Kerachut , Penang National Park
(Teluk Bahang)
Time : 1500 hrs (meet at UMP[usual meeting place])
Dismissal : 1400 hrs (Penang Free School)
Attire : Top Mufti
Fees : RM25 per head (bus fare, trophies,
food for bbq , etc. )
"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships"

Cleaning of the Scout's Den

As we all know our Scout's Den is in a very messy state. The festive season is just around the corner. The Scout's Den has to be cleaned up before Chinese New Year because the school is going to give it a new look.

Yes it is going to be renovated very soon. So, all form 2's , 3's and 4's , PLEASE turn up and help us to clean the mess. Your help will be kindly appreciated. Free drinks will be provided by me ^_^
Date : yet to be confirmed
Time : 3.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. / 1500 hrs to 1800 hrs
Venue : Scout's Den
"Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved."

Patrol List 2008

All of our hard work during Recruitment Drive has finally paid off. And now its time to unleash our patrol list. We have successfully recruited a total of 16 first formers this year. Although its not a large number , we must be satisfied of what we had achieved so far. So , here is patrol list for the year 2008.
Otter Patrol
PL Cason Chong
PS Daniel Quah
Yeoh Beng Hai
Malcolm Tan
Jorawal Singh
Raaj Priti
Jason Teoh
Aaron Chew
Heymen Naidu

Beaver Patrol
PL Por Kai Yann
PS Low Ken Hoe
Alvin Tan
Khaw Jian Zen
Thor Jun Ting
Kevin Lee
Adrian Wong
Ch’ng Wei Sheng
Joshua Chan
Hee Xian

Dolphin Patrol
PL Chew Chin Quan
PS Benjamin Han
Alex Lee
Shaikh Uqhaili
Chai Cheah Tzun
Lee Zhi Hoong
Mohd. Syahir
Ryan Koay
Azaharil Azri

Senior Patrol
SPL Adrian Chuah
SPS Chong Kam Zhern
Ong Siew Chai
Chuan Teik Min
Shaun Oh
Paul Chen
Keshav Indran
Koh Cheng Huat
Tan Soon Seng
Edwin Tan
Gavin Teoh

Venture Unit
VUL Lee Jang Heng
VUS Royce Tan
VS Jonathan
VS Chan
VS Alfiq

Aftermath Of Recruitment Drive 2008

Create polls and vote for free. dPolls.com

So, after days of hardwork recruiting members which culminated with the successful Recruitment Drive 2008, it's time to reflect on the success of the troop's efforts in relations to the other uniformed bodies. It is still a little too early to predict how many recruits we will be able to add to the troop membership but we can decide now the most impressive station this year. So, cast your vote above for the most impressive station at Recruitment Drive 2008!

A Good Or A Bad Year Ahead?

We have stepped into the year 2008. We should all strive hard to produce a better future for ourselves and others. Here is an article I have came across when i was reading The Star on the 9th of Jan 08. Is it something 'Good' or 'Bad' going to happen?? . Click here to find out!!!

"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment."

Fun Time

Hello first formers! Welcome to Penang Free School. Congratulations for getting straight A’s in your UPSR examination. We are the 8th Georgetown South Sea Scout Group. We will be having a FUN TIME for all of you to enjoy yourselves. Every first former is welcomed to come. Details of the activity are stated below.
Date: 9th January 2008
Time: 1530 hrs to 1800 hrs / 3.30 p.m. to 6.00 p.m.
Venue: School Field
Attire: Casual wear (for first formers only)
Top Mufti (all scouts)
Attendance is COMPULSORY for all form 2's , 3's and 4's . Strict action will be taken against those who are absent without any reasonable excuse.

Recruitment Drive 2008

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!! Well, school has just re-opened and congratulations to all form 1 's that managed to get a spot in Free School. This means that Recruitment Drive a.k.a road show will be held again as usual. Details of the following event:-
Date :12 Jan 2008
Attire :Full Sea Scout Uniform
Venue :Penang Free School Field
Good Luck to all 8GTS members in your recruiting and keep our troop standing !