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The Selection Day will start at 12 pm / 1200 hrs and finish at 6 pm due to some activity held at the youth park. Participants are advised to be there an hour earlier for preparations. PUNCTUALITY is strictly observed. I hope that everyone are ready for this event.

CTC 08 Camp Office Bearers

Camp Chief - TL Adrian Chuah
Asst. Camp Chief - ASM Sim Kwang Yeung
- ASM Matthew Ng
- ASM Lim Teik Hong
Secretary - TL Adrian Chuah
Asst. Secretary - Sarah Teh
Treasurer - ATL Chong Kam Zhern
Asst. Treasurer - Jessie Cheah
Quartermaster - ATL Ong Siew Chai
Asst. Quartermaster - Chua Su Jen
First Aider - ATL Chong Kam Zhern
Asst. First Aider - Alicia Khoo
Photographer - Maggie Saw
Asst. Photographer - Chan Tzee Yun
Security Officer - TL Adrian Chuah
Public Duty Coordinator - ASM Sim Kwang Yeung
Asst . P.D.C - Jamie Foo
Discipline Master - ASM Matthew Ng
Discipline Mistress - Niroshiny
- Christine Ng
Cleanliness Master - ASM Lim Teik Hong
Cleanliness Mistress - Myra Goon
- Lim Tze Bei
- Christine Lau
Camp Programmer - ASM Matthew Ng
Asst. Camp Programmer - Wee Ee Yan
Camp Webmaster - ATL Chong Kam Zhern

Selection Day 2008

Sorry for the late post because there has been some difficulties for getting the permission for the place. Anyway , Selection Day for CTC 08 will be held on the 1st Dec 2008 , Monday. It starts from 10 to 5 pm. This event will be held at Youth Park. This event will be an open one.
So , everyone is welcomed to come and have a glimpse of some sketches , dances and advertisements. Hope every patrol is ready for this event.

The attire for scouts are Full Mufti and for the rangers/guides are the 2nd Uniform

-Combine Training Camp 08-