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Scout Car Idea Turned Tourist Attraction

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Our lose, somebody else's gain. The stalled Scout Car Grand Prix (can't even recall when was the last one) could very well have made the same headlines like this article here but like always, many lacked the foresight to see its potential.
Club to introduce new sport to M'sians

IN conjunction with Visit Malaysia 2007, the Penang Turf Club (PTC) will be introducing pedal car racing in Malaysia and the inaugural event is set to take place in Penang on August 19.

Themed 1st Malaysian Pedal Car Race, the PTC hopes that the introduction of this environmental-friendly sport will instil in Malaysians, especially schoolchildren, love and concern for the environment. [...]

For this inaugural event, the PTC has commissioned a local engineer to build 12 professional cars based on British specifications.

The PTC Penang Pedal Car Race 2007 is an eight-lap relay team competition with 10 cars on the grid and two cars acting as back-up in the event of an accident.

Each team will have four crew members and each member will have to pedal for two laps.

Each lap will cover about 1.1km and the route of the competition will see participants passing by several landmarks in Penang like St George’s Church, Fort Cornwallis and the Jubilee Clock Tower at the Downing Street/Light Street roundabout, the Esplanade, King Edward Place and Beach Street. The race will start and end at the state legislative assembly building in Light Street.

A pole position in the Penang Pedal Car Race 2007 is vital and in this case, each rider will have to do battle in the practice session before the main race to secure a good position. [...]
Those who saw its potential were labeled ludicrous and the idea outlandish by the very people who were too lazy and nonchalant to entertain the idea. Our scouts today has become complacent and contented with whatever small 'achievements' and 'standards' they've achieved. Hardly anymore breaking down barriers, reaching new highs, challenging greater obstacles. Always seeking the easy way out. That's the problem with our scouts today. They've become accommodative to mistakes and weaknesses. They've become receptive to mediocrity. They've become the pansies Red Crescent Society.

It could have been a cash cow and good PR exercise for the three scouting groups of PFS but now it will end up as somebody else's. At the very least, we all know the Scout Car Grand Prix existed way before the "1st Malaysian Pedal Car Race". Working race cars built by boy scouts, not engineers and we have pictures as documentation. That they can't take away from us.

Canoe Expedition

Penang Canoe Association is organising a Round Penang Island Canoe Expedition for the public from tomorrow to Sunday. The association will also be conducting trials for those interested in representing Penang in canoeing in Sukma 2008. Participants must be below 21 years and training will be provided. School children 16 years and above are encouraged to apply for long-term training. For details, call Girlie at 012-4991141 or call at the Penang Water Sports Recreation Centre, Tanjung Bungah.

Exceptional Scout Despite Disabilities

Just puts to shame some of the panzies that complains about the "hardship" of scouting through the years. If someone with disabilities aspires to be more involved, I don't see why able-bodied scouts should walk towards the other direction.
Disability no barrier for this brave scout

Disabled Scout

After having been an active member of the scout movement at home and winning honours, Bukhori Ali, 18, has now set his sights on the World Scout Jamboree in London starting on July 27.

Bukhori, who was born with deformed hands and legs, is worried that he may not be able to make it as his father, who works as a farmer, cannot afford to finance his trip.

The Form Six student, who has been active in the scout movement since his primary school days, said he hoped to get a sponsor to enable him to join the jamboree as his father, Ali Salleh, 50, only earns about RM400 a month.
What's your take on this?


...a bountiful Year of the Boar for all
...the monthly test didn't result in any casualties
...desirable results for those receiving SPM results tomorrow
...acceptable outcome for those awaiting STPM results on Thursday

Happy school holidays.