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PGCHS Campfire 2010

Congrats to our troop on winning PCGHS Campfire Overall. Its about time our troop won something big in gatherings .

Good Job .

Morning Colours

I think most of you guys would know what is Morning Colours . 'OH, that is the time where we blo in front of the flag ' . Do you know what is the real purpose we carry out Morning Colours ? Why is it only our troop performs it and 1GTS & 7GTS doesnt?

I copied this from somewhere.

Sports Day Results

Wu Lien Teh on rampage again?

Wu Lien Teh and Tunku Putra have a difference of 137 points !

Sports Day 2010

Date : Tomorrow (10 April 2010)

Venue : School Field

Time:1.30 to 6.00 pm

Duty :Same as every year .

All members from form 1 - 4 are required to be there with FSSU .

For further information call your leaders.

Hopefully Wu Lien Teh godlike streak ends tomorrow=)

Troop's Current Condition

Its Andrew here using Chong's account . It has been ages since I wrote something here. There are some stuff I would like to voice out about our troop and suggest ways how newly appointed leaders and members are able to repair the troop .For some reasons, ideas keep swarming into my brain after I left the troop.

Scout Car Grand Prix Makes Comeback

It may come as a surprise to many of you but the much anticipated return of the prestigious Scout Car Grand Prix could very much be just around the corner with the help of a few very successful and dedicated former Penang Free School scouts.