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Penang Scouts Association To Form Special Task Force

Story taken from The Star:
Scouts to form task force

THE Penang Scouts Association will form a special task force and scout affairs committee by the end of the year to provide voluntary service and promote scouting.

It will comprise about 200 selected scouts who will be trained to respond immediately to emergency situations.

Penang State Scout Commissioner Haji Zulkafli Kamaruddin said the association was in the midst of improving its administration and the task force and committee were its first step to achieving the aim.

The number of scouts in the state had dropped badly and scouts were not active as before, he said.

Results of the Cross Country 2006

The morning started of badly. When i arrived in school, it was drizzling and i thought the cross country was canceled (which was wad everyone was hoping for). But of course Miss Coco Lee said we as Frees shall not be afraid of the rain and the race shall go on. We went and line up in our respective houses and this years event was a little bit different. It started of with the Aerobic Exercise/ Dance and the students as well as the teachers had loads of fun. Than the cross country started of with the girls, followed by class 3, class 2 and then class 1. The rain of course didnt dampened the spirit of Frees as students *ran* or u can call it walk. Lolx. Later after that was the prize giving ceremony. Guess who came up top this year in the cross country??
1. Pinhorn
2. Wu Lien Teh
3. Hargreaves
4. Hamilton
5. Cheeseman
6. Tunku Putra

Troop Office Bearers 2006

The new troop office bearers of year 2006 have been announced. Below are some of the positions filled by the new Prob. Ventures:
Honorary Secretary: Prob.VS Aric Oon Wei Sheng
Honorary Treasurer: Prob. VS Kelvin Lim Wei Kheng
Quartermaster: Prob. VS Jeffrey Lee Jiajian
Badgework Secretary: Prob. VS Warren Loh Yu-Shen
The full list can be found here.


Cross Country

The Penang Free School Cross Country is here~!! Wooohoo. This is the time where PFS students represent their respective sport houses to earn points for the Overall Throphy for sports. Now the house which is leading is Pinhorn, followed by Wu Lien Teh and Hargreaves, then Cheeseman and Hamilton, and surprisingly the last place this year is Tunku Putra. The marks were collected from the Additional Sports which was held 2 days ago. Details of the cross counrty are as follow:
Date: 24th of March 2006
Time: 0730hrs - 1200hrs
Start: Penang Free School Field
Ends: Penang Free School Field
*Attendance is compulsory. Those who fail to attend or is absent without a reasonable reason shall face the Senior Assistant of Cocuriculum Coco Lee Ewe Lim, she shall pulas ur ear~!! Lolx.*

Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Entry 001

It was my first day in PFS. My heart beat got faster and faster each second I got closer to the Grand Old Lady. I got out of dad's car and walked up to a bunch of ex-primary schoolmates of mine. I was so glad to see them as I did not like one bit the feeling of being alone. We entered the halls of the well-known school in Penang island. It was very humid in the hall as hundreds of students crammed in there for the first assembly of the year. It was long, but interesting. The principal was an interesting person as he seemed very friendly. I walked in shyly as I entered my first class which was History. It was rather amusing when the students payed so much attention to the teacher not because of her lessons but because of her figure, lol. The students went on a rampage when the bell for recess rang. There was a huge variety of local hawker food sold cheap in the school canteen. I ate to my hearts desire. During recess, there was a few seniors that persuaded my friends and I to join their scout troop. There were 3 scout groups which is 1st Georgetown South, 7th Georgetown South, and 8th Georgetown South. Apparently, 8th Georgetown South was the only sea scout troop in Penang. I grew an interest for this special scout troop. Because of that, I decided to join the 8th Georgetown South Sea Scout Group and I managed to persuade some of my friends as well. After school ended, I got up my school bus and head straight for home. I learned a new word as well, 'pak chiu cheng'. Hmm....wonder what it means.

This is the first entry reproduced from the journal of the sea scout that ran away from camp. If you have not read the prologue, you can find it here. More entries will follow soon.

-Gathering Meeting 2006-

As we all know, Convent Green Lane gathering is just around the corner. The meeting is held at venture scout Jeffrey Lee's house . Firstly, attendance is strictly COMPULSORY for all sea scouts from form 2 to form 4. Those who are unable to attend the meeting MUST inform one of the form 4's and give a reasonable reason why u are unable to attend. Those who did not attend the meeting without giving a reason will be severely dealt with. Form 1's who are interested to learn new things and delve deeper into the scouting world please inform us if you are willing to come and contribute to the troop. Those who have no transport please find someone who can provide transport for you or use public transportation such as buses. If you find any difficulties in attending the meeting please inform one of the venture scouts. If you dont know where the meeting place is or what time to go you may contact us. Our numbers are as stated below. We would like to see better attendance and cooperation during meetings and more dedication to the troop in the future.


VS Jeffrey Lee: 012-5131628
VS Aric Oon: 017-4031518
VS Kelvin Lim: 012-4318561
VS Warren Loh: 012-5396069
VS Moy Wei Sern: 016-4566496
VS Lau Ka-Yin: 012-4929210

SPM and STPM Results Out This Week

Here's wishing all those who will be collecting their results this week, a huge GOOD LUCK!!! All the best in your future undertakings. :)

Come on guys~ Rock Da House~!!

After the relaunch of 08online Version2 with the theme Simplicity, i realise how come so quiet??? Hmmmz, i would like to stress that having our official website is not because 1st and 7th Georgetown (South) has one but its aimed not just to keep former and present sea scouts updated but for the former and present sea scouts communicate and interact with each other. I am sure there are some present sea scouts would like to enquire on certain stuff bout the troop in the past and is willing to learn more knowledge and would like to know wad kind of scouting actvities which was organize in the past. There are sure some sea scouts which are wanting to share their personal sea scouting experience aka ur memoirs, lolx. We would also wan ur point of view and suggestion on the website and the welfare of the troop. So wad are u guys waiting for?? Come on and rock 08online~!!

*Dont Just Ride The Waves, Create The Waves, Tsunami~!!*
*08online - Be The First To Know*

-Upcoming Activities 2006-

Well, just to keep ya guys updated on the coming activites which are gonna be organised or participated by 8th Georgetown (South) in the weeks to come. It's gonna be a hectic schedule indeed. Among them are:
Convent Greenlane Gathering - 8th April 2006
Convent Lights Street Gathering - 15th April 2006
Penang Chinese Girls High School Campfire - 22nd April 2006
Leadership Training Camp*
Troop Take Over*

*date yet to be confirmed
Will keep you guys updated on the latest developments...

-Pantai Kerachut Hike and Camp 2006-

The 8th Georgetown South Sea Scout Group is organizing the 'Pantai Kerachut Hike and Camp' which is held annually for all junior recruits. In the year 2006, we are having our PKHC during the end of March. Finally its time to take a break and retreat to our so-called second home which is in Pantai Kerachut. There will be lots of fun activities that will be held throughout the camp. For the juniors, it is a time to test out your newly learnt scouting skills and your leadership qualities. Attendance is compulsary for all Sea Scouts from form 1 to form 4. Remember, its the experience that counts. The time and venue is as stated below.
Date: 31st March - 2nd April 2006
Venue: Muka Head National Park
Attire: Top Mufti
Time: 1500 hours(Meet at Usual Meeting Place [UMP])
Dismissal: 1500hours(Penang Free School)
Fees: RM15 per head(Bus fare and other expenses)
Ex-Scouts are welcomed to come along.


Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Introduction

It's way past midnight and I'm still wide awake. What am I doing awake at this ungodly hour in the middle of nowhere? Where am I going? I do not know the answer to that but this I know - I must keep on running. I can hear my own panting, magnified through the eerie stillness of the night. Exhaustion is overwhelming my legs but I must keep on running. The events of the past two days have drained all the energy from my body but I must keep on running. I can already hear the footsteps of the chasing pack right behind me. I've come so far, I must not give up now. I must keep on running. I'm running from the Annual Training Camp.

Commemorative Wallpapers

08online Wallpapers 08online Wallpapers

In conjuction with the relaunch of 08online, we have commemorative wallpapers available for download. It represents the new theme that 08online would like to project - SIMPLICITY. You can choose from two flavours (white and black) and they are available in four of the most common screen resolutions used to view 08online since its launch some seven months ago. Follow this link to download them.

So What Else Is New?

Apart from the minor facelift for 08online, there are also some new features and content that we would like to introduce. This is part of our ongoing efforts to improve this website to serve you better. As you can see, the navigational links are now properly organised on the right sidebar, divided into various categories. You can also browse through our archives now and find that old post you've always been looking for. The download section will also be updated with new content for you to download now and then.

As you will have come to realise, we have a new content called "Memoirs of a Sea Scout". It's a totally fictional series with entries written by various contributors describing the journey and scouting experience of one particular sea scout. Please remember it is fictional and for entertainment purposes only and shoul not be taken as the truth or whatsoever. The introduction entry might seem a solemn one but future entries will be promisingly on the lighter side. If you are interested in contributing an entry of your own, even if it is only one, send it to 8thsouth+memoirs[at]gmail[dot]com.

We are also working on integrating 08online with the Troop's Yahoo! Groups for notification of updates on this site. Through the integration, anyone on the mailing list of the 8thsouth Yahoo! Groups will receive an email notification whenever this site is updated. Of course, the best way to keep track of this website is still through RSS subscriptions.

Hope you like the minor changes to 08online.

Introducing 08online.v2 - Simplicity

In conjuction with the appointment of our new webmaster - Kelvin Lim, we've decided to relaunch 08online and give it a slight makeover. We would now like to present to you a neater and cleaner look for 08online surrounding the theme - SIMPLICITY. From the funky retro look of the first 08online, we've come to a more organised and zen look that is hopefully more appealing to a broader group of people. The new 08online might seem leaner but the new webmaster has some plans up his sleeves to make it a meaner website than before. Kelvin was part of the development team when 08online was created, so we know we are in good hands here. Hope you'll enjoy your new experience on 08online with our new webmaster. Best wishes to him for the year ahead.

Thank You, Daniel Phoon!

Daniel Phoon Daniel Phoon Daniel Phoon

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the outgoing webmaster Daniel Phoon for doing a good job in maintaining the Troop website and keeping former and present sea scouts updated with the happenings in the Troop as well as the school. We hope the new webmaster will be as dedicated if not more than him in performing his duties.

Farewell Guys, Adiios, Sayonara~!!

Farewell? Wads happening?? Hahahazz. Well, i guess this will be my last official post, i will still be posting but not that frequent, the guy which is gonna succeed me will be Prob Venture Scout Kelvin Lim or some of u all know him as otak square aka unknownbreaker, oopzz, jus jk Kel.

Well, being the webmaster made me realise there are still people who are already out from school but are still devoted to the troop by contributing in many ways. This is one of the reasons this website is so important and useful, to get the information about the troop out to them however far they are from us and the website also keeps former and present sea scouts updated on the matters and upcoming activities concerning the Grand Old Lady.

First Assessment Test

The First Assessment Test or commonly known as the Ujian Prestasi 1 is just round the corner. It will be from the 6th till 8th of March for the form1, form2 and form3 while for the form4 and form5 will be on the 6th till 9th of March and for the form6 will be on the 6th and 7th of March. So all Sea Scouts better dont playplay already, go study~!! After the exam, there is gonna be a 1week break. Hooorayy~!!

Wishing good luck to all Sea Scouts taking their test and make the troop proud.

A reminder to all Juniors, Be Prepared for the Pantai Kerachut Hike and Camp.