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Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Entry 021

Crap! What's with this traffic jam? We're so gonna be late. I don't think I'm ready to start the camp doing push-ups. God knows how many push-ups I have to do for the whole duration of the camp? If I could, I would jump off this lorry so I can run towards the campsite. Unfortunately, I've to be at the back of this lorry to ensure the competitions don't topple over and ruin all our hard work.

Come to think of it, it is quite cool riding at the back of the lorry with the wind blowing in your face. That is if it is moving. Now that it is crawling like a snail, I'm choking from all the toxic fumes! Horns blaring from all sides isn't quite the symphony you look forward to so early in the morning.

It is just a few bends ahead. I hope we can make it in time. Even if we don't, I hope the EXCOs will show some leniency due to the unexpected traffic jam, however unlikely that may be. Man, this is really no way to start a camp. Get moving already, people! I've a camp to attend!!!

The Saga Continues

Long have we awaited for the next installment of Memoirs of a Sea Scout. In fact, the last we heard of our favourite sea scout was way back in 2008! What was the cause of this hiatus? Was it a court injunction stopping the release of more details from the recovered journal belonging to the mysterious sea scout? Why is this matter being brought up again after such a long time? Is it due to the mysterious sea scout finally ending his schooling life that more details from the journal can be revealed now without much detriment to him?

Has this anything to do with the world coming to an end on 21st December 2012? Is it possible that the webmasters aren't afraid of any litigation brought forward to them since it will soon be the end of days that they have thrown caution to the wind and decided to reveal all instead? Has the sea scout himself finally given his blessing to this series?

It all doesn't really matter now, does it? As long as new entries will be coming up from now on. How long do we have to wait for the next installment, you ask? Not long at all. The next entry will be released on...


Does this number sequence have any significance to the story at all? Could it be the sea scout's birthday even? Stop asking so many questions and go update yourself on where we left off before the much awaited release tomorrow! What better way than to read from the very beginning, right? It all began with the introduction to our mysterious sea scout...and the saga continues TOMORROW! Are you guys excited?

AGM 2012

AGM is around the corner . Attendance is compulsory for all sea scouts of all form. The members of the Court of Honor will be elected and a new roll call will be imposed for the term 2012/2013. Hence , all probationary leaders please be prepared for the worst and hope for the best .

Further details are as follows :
Date : 18 August 2012
Time : 0800 hours - 1300 hours
Venue : UMP
Attire : FSSU (Full Sea Scout Uniform)
Patrol On Duty : Beaver , please remember to do the necessary preparation .

TTO (Troop Take Over)

Here are the results for the Troop Take Over (TTO) 2012

Elected probationary leaders
Prob. ATL : 
Ivan Khoo
Roshinvder Singh

Prob. SPL :
Lim Boon Yeong

Prob. SPS :
Chew Chin Chai

Prob. PL :
Joel Lim (Beaver)
Chen Yu Xiang (Otter)
Lim Chin Hai (Dolphin)

Prob. PS : 
Muhsin Kaamil (Otter)
Sean Tye Tze Wei (Beaver)
Richard Ho Wei Xuan (Dolphin)

Congratulations to all the newly elected probationary leaders . Please do prove yourself that you deserve post especially during ASSTC 2012 which is just around the corner. Change your bad attitude and be committed to the troop as well . Always do remember , this is only your probationary period therefore anything can happen . Good Luck.

Here are the trophies given out too for the term 2011/2012:

Best Patrol : Beaver
Best Venture Unit Leader : VUL Lee Zhi Hoong
Best Venture Unit Second : VUS Ryan Koay
Best Patrol Leader : PL Lim Boon Yeong
Best Junior Scout : JS Joel Lim


Hey everyone ! There will be something new in our uniform now . Please do refer to this previous post for further details .

This badge is compulsory and have to be worn by next wednesday (27th June 2012) . You guys can get the badges in the SCOUTS HQ which is located opposite the STATE MOSQUE if you guys happen not to know .

I bet it will suit our white uniform perfectly ! So why wait ?! Get your lazy ass up and get the badge before you-know-what happens .

Sports day 2012

The 80th Annual Sports Day of Penang Free School is just this Saturday !
Will Wu Lien Teh remain as the champions after holding the trophy for the last 7 years ? Or will Sirajuddin defeat Wu Lien Teh this year ? Like how Manchester City trashed Manchester United in the Barclays Premier League . Stay tuned to find out more ! All the best to every house .

To all the scouts , there will be duties during the sports day . Those who are involved in any field event are excluded . However , marchers must change to their FSSU as soon as the marching ends .

Further details are as follows :
Date : 23rd June 2012
Time : 1400hours - 1900hours
Venue : Meet at UMP
Attire : FSSU

Raptai Sukan

To those who are not involved for sports day , please bring your mufti and scout longs tomorrow !
Meet at UMP by 7.30am sharp .

Reviving the Scout Car Grand Prix

The Scout Car Grand Prix or as known as Soap Box Derby is a pedal race which was first introduced by the Penang Free School B-P Guild in 1969 . It was then taken over by the PFS Rover Scout Screw and the Combined Scouts Council to inherit this event.
Here's one of them !
In 1972 , over 30 scout groups and 14 guides & rangers companies participated in this successful event. There, they've manage to present 11 scouts cars which were engineered with only scrap materials and spare parts of a bicycle. In some of cars, there were even up to 9 gears and I’m still wondering how on earth could they do that because it was an astonishing achievement . In 1974 , the forth scout car grand prix took place in Gurney Drive which attracted numerous crowds and tourist which made this event very well known. That venue was the perfect spot due to the long straight road with minimal traffic till Gurney Plaza was built. From there, everything has changed .

For a more detailed history , click here.
Most ingeniously built scout car
However , after the year 2002 this prestigious event was called to a halt . Why ? Dont bother asking me , Im still figuring out what had happened. Some said , its all thanks to the the new Gurney Plaza .

Then recently , our new principal En Jalil Bin Saad who's also an ex-free decided to revive the Soap Box Derby. He suggested that this event will be held during Co-Curriculum day, if we don't have enough participating schools. Few weeks back , Mr Lye Poh Chye from 1st Georgetown South called all the representatives from each troop to the teacher's canteen to discuss about this matter and have decided to have a workshop regarding how to build this scout car . He even suggested that we should track back to the ex-scouts who might still be having one of the cars to ease our burden. Not forgetting , everyone here is welcomed to help us out as we dont have a blue print or any idea how construct an awesome car .

Excited for this event? May this be the most anticipated activity for us scouts, sea scouts and also to the sister guides who MIGHT be reading this ! 

For more pictures , click here

TTO and 6km/8km Journey

TTO and 6km/8km journey which was suppose to be held this Sunday will be postponed due to the very poor attendance. The dates for these activity will be posted in the near future and I hope this sickening problem will not repeat ever again before stern actions are taken on every single one .

Please do remember , if any activities held were to clash with your family event , I hope you guys will just sacrifice for once instead of just writing a pointless letter to excuse yourself. As the old says ,A team will always appreciate a great individual ifhe's willing to sacrifice for the group . By the way, these activities are only held once annually and Im pretty sure the troop isn't asking much from you guys. Last but not least , TUITIONS are not an excuse to relieve yourselves from any activities.

Signing out ,
Jason .

Dance videos!

Here are the 2 dances for both CGL and PCGHS campfire .
All choreographed by ASSL POR KAI YANN !
Million thanks to you, sir !
PCGHS dance (21st April 2012)

CGL dance (31st March 2012)

Sad to see that the choreographer himself couldnt make it for CGL's campfire due to his prefects duty . 
Even though he couldnt make it , he still didnt let us down ! Instead , he ensure our dance is completed as promised . Thats the kind of scouts we need in the troop more ! 

6km & 8km Journey

To obtain your usaha and maju badge , 6km and 8km journey are one of the requirements required respectively. So,the form 1s should be prepared for 6km . As for the form 2s and form 3s , you guys should be prepared for 8km as well . Details are as follows :

Date : 27th May 2012
Time : 1100hours - 1400hours
Venue : UMP
Attire : Full Sea Scout Uniform

Troop Take Over 2012

One of the most anticipated event of the term is here. Troop Take Over is the time where probationary leaders and assistant leaders will be elected to lead the troop for the next term. They will be under strict evaluation under a period of 3 months or so. Then , the truly deserved ones will only be promoted to a permanent post. Attendance is COMPULSORY for ALL scouts from all forms. Scouts that could not attend this activity will be given a warning letter unless a valid reason is given. Details are as follows.
Date : 27th May 2012
Time : 1400 hrs - 1600 hrs
Venue : Usual Meeting Place ( UMP )
Attire : Full Sea Scout Uniform

PCGHS Campfire

Time doesn't wait as the troop has already participated 3 campfire & gatherings already .
For the annual PCGHS campfire which was held on 21st of April , 15 of our seniors scouts have participated and have put their very best effort into it .

Congratulations to them even though they've only managed to grab the 1st Runner up and Best Supporter trophy .
What can we expect ? There's approximately 10 participating schools and we got SECOND PLACING.
Moreover , the overall champions were MBS ROVERS which included BOY & GIRL Scouts . That's a hell of an advantage for them.

Since when we're PFS 8TH ??

It seems to be a very unique pattern about our troop winning the trophies in this campfire as you can see the pattern here :

2008 - 2nd runner up
2009 - 1st runner up
2010 - Overall Champion
2011 - 2nd runner up
2012  - 1st runner up
2013 - Overall champion ??? I doubt that =P

To the upcoming leaders , please put your very best effort for your future despite the current condition of the troop is much poorer than other rival schools . Make a change and you'll definitely never regret for what you have done .

Their booklets and metal badges 
P/s : Someone from somewhere please flood the chatbox before all DOWN 20 ! Thanks =D

CGL campfire and gathering

CGL Gathering and Campfire have just passed and once again congratulations to the scouts for grabbing the Overall Champion this year !
Not forgetting , they've managed to win the Best Miniature , Best Dance and Best Field Decoration too.

Though , people might say that the number of participating schools are very small but we know that the competition there was though ! So close your ears for once and just be happy for what we've achieved .
Ryan just being himself 

And now we shall do our best in PCGHS campfire which will be quite a bloody battle because there'll be a lot of schools participating all over Penang . Good Luck Sea Scouts !

Gatherings and campfires 2012

Ahoy sea scouts !
Just to inform you guys, up to date that there'll be 2 campfires and 1 gatherings this year.

CGL Campfire
- 31st March
- RM35
- The Dawn Of The Pirates

SGGS Gathering
- 7th April
- RM30
- The Rebirth Of Aliens

PCGHS Campfire
- 21st April
-Age Of The Olympians
So guys please get ready and prepare yourselves for one of the most fun scouting activities you can ever encounter in your scouting life

Patrol List 2012

Here's the patrol list for the year of 2012 .
Not forgetting , lets congratulate our amazing sea scouts who had managed to recruit 20 form1s . 8th south ..... Tepuk Komando !

Venture Patrol : Gyrados
VUL Lee Zhi Hoong
VUS Ryan Koay
Joshua Chan
Khoo Boo Yen

Venture Patrol : Chimera
VUL Arthur Yeow
VUS Ch'ng Wei Sheng
Lim Boon Leong
Chan Kok Seng
Ho Hee Xian

Senior Patrol
SPL Ivan Khoo
SPS Roshvinder Singh
Jonathan Kow Eng Tat

Junior Patrol : Otter
PL Sheikh Hanif
Chen Yu Xiang
Syed Ahmad Amri
Ammar Yasir
Mohammad Firdaus
Lim Shu Zhe Dylan
Mohd.Faizul Aman
Arveen Raj

Junior Patrol : Dolphin
PL Lim Boon Yeong
PS Erik Arthur Mitchell
Fuad Ahmad
Joel Lim Chia Liang
Lim Chin Hai
Syazril Izaidi
Jameel Assan
Muhd Fair

Junior Patrol : Beaver
PL Chew Chin Chai
Richard Ho
Muhsin Kaamil
Sean Tye
Muhd Khairin Iman
Jack Ian
Shaarvin Raj
Derric Lim
Muhammad Shafizi
Choon Kye Yen

Keahlian Test

There will be a meeting on this coming Saturday to repair the scout den and to the recruits, you all will be taking your Keahlian Test .

TIME : 9am-12pm
(To those who have not bought(RM15) / had their mufti , please contact ATL Nachiappan or ATL Heymen asap)

Recruitment Drive 2012

Recruitment Drive 2012 has just passed and it seemed to be a success .
Good job guys ! You are the best .
Here's a picture of our site .
With best wishes, we'll have lots of members this year .

Not forgetting , Happy Chinese New Year Sea Scouts of Penang Free School !
May we strike victory in our upcoming gatherings and campfires .