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Gatherings and campfires 2012

Ahoy sea scouts !
Just to inform you guys, up to date that there'll be 2 campfires and 1 gatherings this year.

CGL Campfire
- 31st March
- RM35
- The Dawn Of The Pirates

SGGS Gathering
- 7th April
- RM30
- The Rebirth Of Aliens

PCGHS Campfire
- 21st April
-Age Of The Olympians
So guys please get ready and prepare yourselves for one of the most fun scouting activities you can ever encounter in your scouting life

Patrol List 2012

Here's the patrol list for the year of 2012 .
Not forgetting , lets congratulate our amazing sea scouts who had managed to recruit 20 form1s . 8th south ..... Tepuk Komando !

Venture Patrol : Gyrados
VUL Lee Zhi Hoong
VUS Ryan Koay
Joshua Chan
Khoo Boo Yen

Venture Patrol : Chimera
VUL Arthur Yeow
VUS Ch'ng Wei Sheng
Lim Boon Leong
Chan Kok Seng
Ho Hee Xian

Senior Patrol
SPL Ivan Khoo
SPS Roshvinder Singh
Jonathan Kow Eng Tat

Junior Patrol : Otter
PL Sheikh Hanif
Chen Yu Xiang
Syed Ahmad Amri
Ammar Yasir
Mohammad Firdaus
Lim Shu Zhe Dylan
Mohd.Faizul Aman
Arveen Raj

Junior Patrol : Dolphin
PL Lim Boon Yeong
PS Erik Arthur Mitchell
Fuad Ahmad
Joel Lim Chia Liang
Lim Chin Hai
Syazril Izaidi
Jameel Assan
Muhd Fair

Junior Patrol : Beaver
PL Chew Chin Chai
Richard Ho
Muhsin Kaamil
Sean Tye
Muhd Khairin Iman
Jack Ian
Shaarvin Raj
Derric Lim
Muhammad Shafizi
Choon Kye Yen

Keahlian Test

There will be a meeting on this coming Saturday to repair the scout den and to the recruits, you all will be taking your Keahlian Test .

TIME : 9am-12pm
(To those who have not bought(RM15) / had their mufti , please contact ATL Nachiappan or ATL Heymen asap)