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Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Events Before The Camp

Before we continue to follow the misadventures of our favourite (some say imaginary) sea scout, let's recap on the events that have transpired since the last round-up.

We have realised by now that the surprise camp he attended which was the Leadership Training Camp (LTC) was not the camp that he ran away from. In Entry 012, he had just come back from the camp which was followed by Troop Takeover (TTO) and was all tired out. It was a camp that was totally not what he thought it was to be. Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

In Entry 013, we discovered that it was a good thing after all. Although it felt like torture, he realised the importance of Leadership Training Camp and why it was organised so close to the Troop Takeover. He realised that the things he experienced and learned during the camp were something unique and couldn't be learned from anywhere else. He really appreciated the fact that he was one of the chosen ones for the camp. The knowledge and experience gained were truly invaluable especially the chance to use the boatswain (and exchange of saliva in the process)!

Entry 014 was a pretty mysterious one. Who was he referring to? It seems as if there was a visitor during the camp and he seems to be quite well-known. At least that was what our favourite sea scout thought as he could very easily walk in and out of the camp anytime of the day and the EXCOs seem to be attracted to him like a moth to a flame. Who exactly is this fella?

We were introduced to canoeing in Entry 015. It is an activity that our favourite sea scout liked so much he just couldn't wait to go back to PKSA again. He gave us an insight of what canoeing is about and what they were taught throughout the session.

In Entry 016, we learned that he went on a 6km journey and the tasks he had to do during and after the journey. He had also given much thought of doing the 40km journey in the future but vowed not to follow the footsteps of certain "legendary sea scouts" whom he claimed cheated in their attempt to complete their journey.

We saw the cheeky side of our favourite sea scout in Entry 017 whereby he teased and joked about a teacher who was pregnant yet again. However, he later realised that he shouldn't be doing such a thing especially when he wanted to ask her expert opinion and help for his patrol's sculpture. Then again, he went back to his old ways after obtaining the information he needed from her.

In Entry 018, we learned that he had been staying over at his PL's house for many weeks now. He revealed that his PL promised he could keep the best sculpture trophy if they won. That would probably be the reason why he's putting so much effort into the sculpture. He also provided an insight of how it was like staying over at his PL's house. Unfortunately, he discovered that his PL had a tendency of farting into his members' face to keep them awake.

Our favourite sea scout has turned into a zombie in Entry 019. They've been working more hours each day as it got closer to the camp choosing to work at night as it was cooler and more peaceful at night. The camp seems to be just around the corner.

In the latest entry, our scout revealed that it was already the day before the camp and there were still many tasks yet to be completed! They've hardly slept for the past few nights and they definitely won't be sleeping tonight if they don't want to look like idiots turning up for the camp with incomplete competitions. He made a good point regarding time management which our scouts unfortunately lack. He also brought up an interesting discussion regarding the reduction of competitions and the lack of members in the troop.

At the end of that entry, he seems to be looking forward to the camp very much and we are very much interested to know what happens next. He had waited for this camp for far too long and so have the faithful followers of this series. What interesting events will transpire during the camp? Will this turn out to be the camp he ran away from as vividly portrayed in the Introduction? It definitely fits the description but we will only know with the release of the upcoming entries. If this is to be the camp he so fatefully escapes from, it definitely didn't tell right up to the very eve of the camp as his spirits were still very high.

Who is that person mentioned in that mysterious Entry 014 and what role has he to play in the upcoming entries? We've not heard about his friends who abandoned him and the troop since he chose to stay with the troop. Is that the last we've heard of them or will they make an appearance soon? What is the significance of the new word he learned on his very first day in PFS? Does it have any relevance to the upcoming events?

Yet again we ask ourselves, is this just a work of fiction or did all of this really happen? Some have already claimed the sea scout in this series is just imaginary but some others are ready to vouch that certain events in this series really happened! What we all really want to know is, if the sea scout and this journal is real, who is he and did he survive jumping into the chasm?

All I can say is, all of these questions will be answered in due time. Stay tuned!

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