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PFS 74th Annual Sports Day Report

Penang Free School 74th Annual Sports Day has been a success thanks to the teachers and students which organise or help directly or indirectly. As early as 7am we could see students and house teachers at the school field decorating their tents. The tent which i find most attractive was Pinhorn and Cheeseman (thanks the scouting skills and camp banners). Even the form6 students which was having their Muet exam on the same day was down there helping out.

Lets Talk

Ahoy mates, there will be a General Meeting held this Saturday before the Sports Day. The meeting is aimed to discuss certain matters and resolve problems concerning the Troop. Furthermore, it is meant to improve the condition of the Troop. This are some of the topics that will be discuss. Topics such as the survival of the Troop, future plannings and upcoming activities, discuss ways to improve the condition of the Troop, fix the image of the Troop to the public, changing the mindset on how scouting is now to the mindset on the real path of scouting which is gaining knowledge and learn to socialise and make new friends, etc etc.
Date: 29th April 2006
Time: 1000hrs to 1300hrs
Venue: Scout Den
Attire: Full Sea Scout Uniform (FSSU)
Attendance is compulsory to all Sea Scouts from Form1 to Form4. Serious action will be taken to those which fail to attend this meeting and will be dealt with severely.
Those Ex Sea Scouts interested are invited to attend.
Any suggestions can be mailed to me here, or u may post ur comments.

PFS Sports Day

One of the most important event in the Penang Free School calendar has arrived, *the most important is of course the Speech Day aka Founders Day which falls on the 21st October*. Its none other than the Sports Day. It seems like Pinhorn is going to win the Overall Champion this year as they seem unstopable, unless something unexpected happens of course.
Venue: Penang Free School Field
Date: 29th April 2006
Time: 1400hrs - 1800hrs
All are welcome to visit the Sports Day. Attendance is compulsory for all students, got free Milo`!! As the PFS saying goes:

*Penang Free School, School For Scholars, Sportsmen and Gentlemen*

Leadership Training Camp 2006

Heyyas~as you all know, LTC (leadership training camp) is held yearly for junior sea scouts (Form2 and 3) to train up their leadership qualities and bring out the true sea scout in them. Circular briefing will be given out on Monday, 24th of April 2006.
Date:29th April 2006
Venue:Penang Free School Field
Time:1300 hours(29th April)-1300 hours(30th April)
Attire:Full Sea Scout Uniform
Attendance for Form 2's and 3's are strictly COMPULSORY.

"A herd of sheep being led by a lion is better than a pride of lions being led by a sheep"

6 Kilometre & 8 Kilometre Journey

As some of u all noticed, the 6km and 8km journey is a bit late this year, but as the saying goes *better late than never*. So the Juniors better be prepared to face the challenges in the asignments as your journery is about to begin. If any of u all see our Men In White this Saturday roaming around Penang Island, they gotta be from 8th Georgetown South, so stay away from them as they have the License to Kill, oopz, jus jokin~
Date: 15th April 2006
Starts: 0830hrs (UMP)
Dismissal: 1400hrs (UMP)
Attire: Full Sea Scout Uniform (FSSU)
Flag Duty: Beaver
Please behave well during the journey as u all are wearing your Full Sea Scout Uniform, so be proud of it and show a good image to the public as we are sea scouts from 8th Georgetown South and we are part of the scouting movement in Penang Free School. I would like to wish best of luck to the Juniors and have fun during the journey and to the Prob Ventures, be sure to ensure the safety of our juniors.

*Journey Of A Thousand Miles Starts With A Single Step*

Kerachut 06

The 3 day 2 night Pantai Kerachut Hike And Camp has finally come to an end.We would like to thank all those that attented and visited the camp.The results are as followed.
Best Sandcastle: Dolphin Patrol
Best Patrol: Manta Patrol
Best Campsite: Dolphin Patrol
Best Recruit: Cason Chong
Best Overall: Beaver Patrol
For those who tried their best gud job.For those who didn't , buck up and try harder because nothing is impossible.

The Fall of One Empire Leads to The Rise Of The New Empire

Huh?? Whats does the title means?? Its just a title just to catch ur attention thats all. Just writing this to inform u guys on the new Principal of Penang Free School. Woohoo~ Lets celebrate, new HM at last. The outgoing HM, Mr Haji Mohd Yusof bin Omar has been transfered to SMK Sg Acheh after serving in PFS for about 1 year 7 months only. This is some information i have obtained from his farewell speech. Penang Free School is the 12th school he has served in total of 27 years of teaching. He claims he has visited over 200 schools in Malaysia, which is a great big deal for him. When he first stepped into PFS, in his opening speech, he said he will be in this school for not long and its true, as he has left already. Every school he has been, he said he has always stressed that self discipline is very important.