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Our History

Lord Baden-PowellThe scouting movement was introduced to Penang Free School on the 27th of March 1915, seven years after the founding of the movement by Lord Baden-Powell. A troop comprising of two patrols was formed under Mr. H. R. Cheeseman as the Scouter-in-charge. Activities in these early days were very wide, ranging from carpentry to ju-jitsu. The scouts had a tour round the Malayan Peninsula in 1918 and stirred up great interest in scouting among the boys there.

Under Mr. Cheeseman, scouting in the school went hand-in-hand with the School Cadet Corps. The two organisations were so close that a ruling was passed by which all cadets who had passed the 2nd Class Badge tests and all scouts over 5 feet tall had to join the Cadet Corps. Naturally, the cadets benefited from this.

However, in 1925, the situation changed. Scouts and cadets were separated and scouting progressed rapidly. Soon, First Class scouts, the first on the island, were produced. There was also a Wolf Club pack since Penang Free School was not yet solely a secondary school.

When it was decreed that students had to join one of the three major school activities, the number of scouts increased tremendously. Thus, it was decided that each house in the school should have a Scout Troop of its own. Around this time (1934), the school scouts together with other Scouts of Penang put up a grand display on the occasion of B-P's visit to the island. Our scouts put up a magnificent acanthi rope bridge.

King ScoutsScouting in the school at this time was very strong. There were about 300 scouts with 66 scouts holding the King's Scout Award, the highest award in scouting. During the Japanese Occupation, two of our scouts proved their bravery and were awarded the Gilt Cross after the war. Scouting was prohibited during these years. Free School scouts dominated the Scouting scene in the post war years. The Patrol Leaders Parliament established in 1948 had leaders who were all from the school.

1957, the House Troops were dissolved and replaced by the present three prestigious groups. The first group was the 1st Georgetown (South) followed by the establishment of 7th Georgetown (South) and 8th Georgetown (South) to cope with the increasing number of scouts.

8th Georgetown (South) was registered under the Georgetown (South) Local Association of Scouts which is responsible for all scouting groups in the southern district of Penang Island and hence a member of the Malaysian Association of Scouts.

Combined Training CampDuring the last few years, efforts have been made to bring together the 3 Scout Groups of the school. The PFS Combined Scout Council was formed to coordinate Scouting in the school. The 1st Camporee was held in 1973 and the 2nd Camporee in 1977. Some outstanding fund raising projects by our scouts including Pestaria '75 Food & Funfair and Cyclethon '77. As a result of these and other fund raising efforts, the scouts in PFS have finally achieved their dream of having their own Scout Den.