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Combined Training Camp 2005

There has been slight changes for the combined training camp 05 details.
Date :17th -20th December 2005
Venue :Coronation Camping Grounds
Report In :0800hrs (17th December 2005)
Dismissal :1730hrs (20th December 2005)
Attire :FSSU
Camp Fees :RM30(guides/rangers)
Pre-camp :16th December 2005

The slight changes were made due to certain problems.Our original date was actually 16-19dec,all of a sudden,Mr. Ong Beng Soon told us tht he used our date for a national camp named Goodwill Camp which includes scouts from other countries such as singapore,thailand,etc.We had no other choice but to shift our camp venue to PFS field .After some preparations were made , he told us that he postponed his camp.in the end , we used coronation as our school field is not a suitable place for camping.
For this year, there will be only one day precamp as the new rules were stated only 5 days are allowed to use coronation.So,PL's are allowed to prepare their platforms before hand.
Exco's of 8GTS would like to wish those form 5 and upper 6 sea scouts all the best in their SPM and STPM.


Selection Day Results

Dance :Blaze Patrol [PL Warren Loh],Fusion Patrol [PL Aric Oon],Traxex Patrol [PL Moy Wei Sern}
Xothique Patrol [PL Jeffrey Lee] ,Zeuryx Patrol [PL Kelvin Lim] ,Sapphire Patrol [PL Daniel Phoon}

Sketch :Fusion Patrol, Zeuryx Patrol, Xothique Patrol

Advertisement :Blaze Patrol , Fusion Patrol , Zeuryx Patrol

Congratulations to those patrols which did really well and to the rest ,it's still not over,it's just the begining.So, don't give up and strive till the last second.Overall, each patrol has at least one item selected for campfire but there's still room for improvement.
Now...there's only one month left to CTC 2005.PL's plan your meetings wisely and good luck.

Sea Scouts going bald???

I was jus browsing through the Friendster bulletin board and I read an interesting article posted in it. So wad do u guys think?? Post your comments. (sorry for the bad English its jus a copy and paste article from friendster)

School students: ever since Mr.Latif recovered from his stroke, he has been getting worse than ever. Now, he and his "discipline" board are pushing for all free school boys to have their hair cut short, n I mean REALLY short... like 1.5cm. This is a violation of human rights. No one has the right to force others to cut their hair like that as long as our hair is according to regulation. I would like to see the teachers themselves with crew-cut hairstyles. lol.

Selection Day

The selection day for ctc 05 will be on the 16th of november 2005 at youth park.It starts from 9-5pm.The campfire competition consists of sketch,dance and advertistment.Duration for sketch and advertistment is around 6-10 minutes....for the dance,it has to be around 10 minutes.This selection day will be an open one.Those interested to come for the selection day pls do so.Currently,there's roughly 2 weeks to selection day....Good luck