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Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Entry 011

I just got selected for a special camp. For me, I think it is special cos only selected people can go for the camp. So means I am special. Hehehe. Also, no one knew there was going to be a camp just before Troop Takeover. Everyone thought next meeting will be TTO but they just announce last minute will have camp just before that. The camp is called Leadership Training Camp (LTC).

I'm very excited cos I can learn a lot of leadership things during the camp. To attend leadership training courses is not cheap. Now I can go for just a few ringgit and you have to be selected to go for the camp. Am I considered special since only a few Form 1 scouts like me are selected for the camp? What will I learn from this camp? What can I learn from less than 24 hours since the camp is just slightly more than 12 hours?

Whatever it is, I'm very excited, not just cos I'm one of the few selected but also cos I get to attend another camp. A special camp. A Leadership Training Camp.

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