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Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Entry 016

We had our 6km and 8km journeys recently. It was really fun. Walking around in our full sea scout uniform (FSSU) and everyone looking at us. Makes me feel so proud to wear my white uniform.

We had to draw maps of the routes we used. Sometimes we have to take pictures of certain landmarks and sometimes we have to take signatures or chops from certain places like hospitals, police stations or schools as proof of our journey. Then we have to put it all in a logbook.

I think 6km and 8km is still no problem. The 40km journey I think will be much more difficult. Maybe that's why the legendary sea scouts cheated on their expedition. But given the chance, I will give the 40km a try. I know it will be tough but at least when I complete it I can confidently say I truly deserve the achievement, right? Maybe I'm stupid to think this way but I think they were the stupid ones for not giving it a try. At least then they will truly be legendary sea scouts.

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