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CGL gathering and campfire

Well , our troop have just participated for CGL's gathering and campfire .
Their gathering was held in the afternoon and the campfire was held at night on the day itself .
For the gathering , we manage to grab the Best Backwoodsman trophy .
Just FYI , it was only the first time we tried backwoodsman and we won !
Maybe it was only beginners luck ?
For the campfire night , we did not only got the Best Traditional Dance trophy but also the BEST CAMPFIRE NIGHT !
Thats it for this post
Here are the pictures of the dancers

A picture worth a thousand words.

The modern dancers
The traditional dancers
Had a hard time explaining to the EXCO

Some sick beats

I never asked you guys to be Jabbawockeez wannabees but they have some sick beats for dances you might want to use in performances instead of sticking to those KPOP crap all the time.Trust me on this .

Beats can be downloaded here