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Memoirs of a Sea Scout: Entry 013

I've never missed my bed so much in my life. Not even when I went for a week long holiday with my family. Now I know how's it like to be physically and mentally drained. It feels like torture although it was just slightly more than 12 hours. I thought Leadership Training Camp was about harnessing your leadership qualities and how to be a better leader. I guess I couldn't be farther from the truth. But I did learn a lot of things from that experience.

I learned some scouting knowledge and leadership skills I won't get to learn anywhere else. I learned about the troop and patrol systems and the importance of each office bearers. I got to know more about the troop than I could by just attending troop meetings. I learned to use the boatswain. I'm just Form 1 and I get to use the boatswain!!! Woohoo! The exchanging of saliva was disgusting though. Blek!

I understand why LTC was organised before TTO now. It was quite appropriate to have it just before TTO. To give the new leaders a new sense of belonging to the troop. A renewed sense of responsibility. To keep the scouting flame burning inside and the troop flag flying higher. I couldn't be more proud to be a sea scout after that experience. It was really tough training but still I managed to go through it all. Maybe it's what separates the man from the boys. Maybe I'm special after all.

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